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I have yet to be disappointed when buying a product based on Truely’s recommendation.

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How Truely works

Our algorithms don’t take sides, don’t play favorites, and get to the truth of the customer experience. Here’s how.

1. Fake review detection

Our crawlers gather every product review from all review sites We then scan these reviews and flag and remove suspicious ones based on a sophisticated detection algorithm.

2. Gathering user experiences

We analyze the sentiment and what people liked and disliked about their experience using a particular product.

3. Final product ranking

We then rank products based on what people loved the most. You get expert level analysis in a couple of minutes without having to leave the site!

“Truely’s recommendation engine may not be perfect yet, but it’s a breath of fresh air compared to having to sift through so many deceptive reviews yourself.”

Brandon Sears

Human Resource Manager

“It’s good to know that the Truely team are constantly improving the product. It feels like there is more information on here every time I visit.”

Jacob C. Jones

Landscape Architect

“So cool that when I want to buy something, I can just go to and see how products compare.”

Mary Fields

High School Teacher

“Truely makes it pretty easy for me to determine what I need to look out for when buying a new app.”

Dirk Helmers

Marketing Strategist

“I have yet to be disappointed when buying an app based on Truely’s recommendation.”

Amy Dixon


“Grateful for Truely saving me time and frustration when shopping online.”

Haley Walls

Stay-at-home mum of 3

“I love to discover new apps on Truely.”

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Software Developer