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How Truely works

Our algorithms don’t take sides, don’t play favorites, and get to the truth of the customer experience. Here’s how:

Fake review detection

Our crawlers gather every product review from all review sites We then scan these reviews and flag and remove suspicious ones based on a sophisticated detection algorithm.

Gathering user experiences

We analyze the sentiment and what people liked and disliked about their experience using a particular product.

Final product ranking

We then rank products based on what people loved the most. You get expert level analysis in a couple of minutes without having to leave the site!

8,445,334 Reviews 😲 Analyzed | 2,342,344 Fake reviews 😳 removed

Our mission

Making the internet a little more truthful. False product reviews are a huge problem, and Truely wants to fix that. Our AI analyzes millions of reviews to get at the truth of the customer experience.

The Wisdom of Crowds

Truely was founded on the idea that by sourcing many people’s thoughts and opinions through Artificial Intelligence, we could build something really useful and amazing.

You see, when you get one person’s opinion about a product, it’s just their view. But get the opinions of many — filter out the fake ones — and you get a pretty good estimate of what a product is really like.

Our algorithms are constantly evolving to ever-better articulate this collective wisdom.

We’re a 🎯 mission led company and we’re here to change things