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We remove fake reviews to show you the real stars

Get detailed insights from summaries of 8.5 million reviews for you to compare and decide with confidence. See which products rank the highest when fake/paid/suspicious reviews are removed.

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Popular categories

Background Erasers

23 services ranked

27,590 reviews analyzed

Cloud Mining Providers

21 services ranked

9,350 reviews analyzed

Video Watermark Removers

12 services ranked

13,667 reviews analyzed

Website Worth Calculators

30 services ranked

48 reviews analyzed

Internet Radio Hosting

7 services ranked

1,241 reviews analyzed

Rotating Proxies

22 services ranked

3,082 reviews analyzed

SEO Companies

50 services ranked

2,325 reviews analyzed

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CyberAstro logo
TimePassages logo
AstroVed logo
Indastro Vedic Astrology logo

Astrology Sites

5 services ranked

26,272 reviews analyzed

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Placeit logo
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Avatar Makers

3 services ranked

11,298 reviews analyzed

Website Unblockers

28 services ranked

41,545 reviews analyzed

Photo Watermark Removers

10 services ranked

14,469 reviews analyzed

Website Traffic Checkers

28 services ranked

3,675 reviews analyzed

Truely is a lie detector for online reviews.

Our algorithms don’t take sides, don’t play favorites, and get to the truth of the customer experience. Here’s how.

1. Fake review detection

Our first algorithm scans for subtle cues in the wording of a review to decide if it’s real. Only genuine reviews get to go on to the next round.

2. Gathering user experiences

Our second algorithm performs so-called sentiment analysis. It scans for sentences that indicate how people feel about a product.

3. Final product ranking

Our last algorithm weighs many aspects and assigns an overall score, so products and services from the same category can be compared with one another.

“Truely makes it pretty easy for me to determine what I need to look out for when buying a new app.”

“I have yet to be disappointed when buying an app based on Truely’s recommendation.”

“I love to discover new apps on Truely.”

“Grateful for Truely saving me time and frustration when shopping online.”

“Truely’s recommendation engine may not be perfect yet, but it’s a breath of fresh air compared to having to sift through so many deceptive reviews yourself.”

“It’s good to know that the Truely team are constantly improving the product. It feels like there is more information on here every time I visit.”

“So cool that when I want to buy something, I can just go to and see how products compare.”

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