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Unblock websites effortlessly and enjoy unrestricted internet access wherever you may be in the world. Use a website unblocker to browse the web more securely and privately. Get one now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Website Unblockers

How does a website unblocker for proxy websites work?

Proxy websites are used by people to bypass security filters. A proxy website unblocker uses proxy sites to act as intermediaries between your device and the internet. It helps in hiding your IP address, and browsing blocked websites in your region. Since data goes through proxy servers, none will be traced to you.

Are there operating system requirements when using website unblockers?

Most website unblockers can be installed as browser extensions and mobile applications. Though you can use any type of operating system, most service providers suggest that you update your browser or mobile phone's operating system to get a fully optimized website unblocker experience.

What is the difference between free and paid website unblockers?

Most free website unblockers only offer you essential services like website unblocking and IP hiding. However, you can only get advanced features such as bandwidth throttling prevention, IPTV capability, and unlimited devices in paid plans. Some service providers also offer free services as a trial.

Are website unblockers using my bandwidth?

There are some service providers, especially for free plans, that may use your bandwidth. Since they work as value exchange networks, you can get the website unblocking services for free, but you have to provide a particular system and power amount when your device is not used. 

Do website unblockers switch people's IP addresses?

There are various ways of hiding your IP address. Some service providers route your traffic while others use remote access. However, there are still some who switch IP addresses to route data. It is a simpler way of hiding your IP address, making it common among free website unblocker services. 

Which information should I submit to my service provider when reporting a problem? 

Most service providers have a troubleshooting guide on their website that you can use. If you still can't fix the problem, you will be required to include details such as the platform you're using, the device's operating system, a screenshot of the problem, type of network, and a brief problem description.

Can I uninstall my website unblocker?

Yes, you are free to uninstall your website blocker if you want to. Just open your browser, click your website unblocker's icon, and choose remove. This process will remove the program in your browser. To remove it from your device, just go to your computer's control panel and uninstall the program.

Do people get in trouble using website unblockers?

Yes, there are cases of people getting in trouble for using website unblockers. There are countries that monitor website unblocker unblocked websites to strengthen restrictions. They usually issue warnings to people who use VPN website unblockers. As much as possible, try to avoid sites with these warnings

Does using website unblockers have legal implications?

Generally speaking, using website unblockers does not have legal implications unless you're in a country that strictly bans the internet. Most service providers also take measures to ensure no illegal activities will happen using their services. 

Do I need a VPN website unblocker if I have nothing to hide?

Yes, you still need to use the VPN website unblockers even if you don't have anything to hide. You're not hiding your information just because you want privacy, but to protect yourself from hackers and data breachers who can take your personal and credit information for malicious intent. 

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