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Top VPN Services

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With a VPN service, you can enjoy online anonymity and secured browsing without restrictions! A VPN can mask your identity while browsing through the internet, protect your online privacy, and maintain your data security. Sign up to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions on Top VPN Services

Where can I use VPN services?

Many people use VPN services for different purposes. The top VPN services today allow you to do the following:Accessing Restricted Content VPN services allow you to access restricted content, such as streaming platforms and different gaming regions. With the best VPN services, you can bypass geo-blocks so you can access any content on the internet around the world. Keeping Online Presence Private One of the things VPN services are known for is keeping your online presence private. If you want to add an extra layer of protection while you’re browsing the internet, then opt for the best VPN services that can provide top-notch security services for you. Keeping Data Safe and Secure When you own a company, you want to make sure that the information that exits and enters your system remains safe and secured. Thanks to the best VPN services, you can rest assured that your company data are encrypted while you transact.  

Are VPN services free?

There are free available VPN services online. However, they do not offer a lot, and some provide fake protection. When investing in VPN services, it’s better to use premium services because they are more reliable and trustworthy.Some “free” VPN services monitor your internet activity and sell all of your information to a third party. Paid VPN services, however, are better and worth the price because they offer all the features that you would want from a VPN service provider.

What are the disadvantages of using a VPN service?

The disadvantages of VPN services include the following:Cost Free VPN services are not reliable and may offer fraudulent VPN services. Instead of protecting you from hackers and other unwanted people, these hackers steal your information and use it to their advantage. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use paid VPN services because they have guaranteed service. However, some subscription plans may be costly, so you may want to look for a plan that will offer the necessary protection you need at an affordable price.Compatibility Not all VPN services are compatible with all devices available on the market. Standard software used today, such as Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS, are compatible with almost all available VPN services on the internet. Other devices that are not listed above have a high chance of not supporting these services.

What can a VPN hide?

You can hide many things with VPN services such as:Browsing HistoryVPN service providers can hide all of your browsing histories. Your activities can always be tracked on the internet. With the use of VPN services, you can conceal your digital footprint, leaving little to no evidence of your browsing history.Your IP AddressMany people take their IP addresses for granted, but your IP address can serve as your online “home address.” The IP address that you currently have is associated with your private information like your name, contact number, and the place you live. With the help of VPN services, you can mask your IP address, keeping you safe from potential attackers who may want to steal your data.Your DevicesWith the use of VPN services, nobody will know the devices that you are using to browse the internet. Hackers usually study your gadgets first so that they know how to react to the countermeasures it can send. However, if you’re using a VPN service, then they will not be able to recognize the type of device you’re using.

Are VPN services illegal?

Most of the available VPN service providers are not illegal in most countries, but it’s better to check your country’s laws before you try and use these services. Using VPN services in some countries gets you penalized. However, if you are just a tourist in the country, then there is a high chance that using a VPN is not illegal.Here are some countries that have banned the use of VPN services:- Venezuela- United Arab Emirates- Uganda- Turkey- Russia- Oman- Iraq- Iran- China- BelarusThese countries have been very strict with the use of VPN services. There is a chance that you can get penalized:- North Korea- Cuba- Egypt- Vietnam- Bahrain- Turkmenistan- Myanmar

What streaming platforms can I access with VPN services?

Accessing streaming platforms with the use of a VPN service has been famous in countries where some of the leading streaming platforms have restrictions. VPN services can help you bypass geo-blocks and let you access different content.Here is a list of some streaming platforms that are available and accessible to most of the VPN services in the market:- Netflix- Hulu- BBC iPlayer- HBO GO- Amazon Prime Video- Showtime- Sling TV

What are the supported devices of VPN?

The compatibility of VPN services in different devices is essential, so you will know if all of your devices can support VPN services. These services also offer simultaneous connection features wherein one account can support multiple connections at the same time.Here are some of the devices that support many VPN services available on the internet:- Windows- macOS- iOS- Android- Amazon Fire TV- Linux- Certain Wi-Fi Routers

Can I upgrade my current VPN subscription plan?

Yes. Most providers allow their users to upgrade their plans anytime, which is a good thing because you might need more features for your online projects or activities. You just need to contact the VPN provider or go to their plans section and automatically upgrade your plan.

Am I allowed to use VPN for torrenting?

Absolutely. Many people make use of the VPN services to change their locations in order to download files or materials that are not available in their region - without getting caught. If you badly need that file, then a VPN service would certainly help.

Do I need to enter my card details just to experience the free trial version?

No, but there are providers that require you to do that. Just look for a provider that offers free trial versions without conditions or requirements. Then, it is up to you if you will continue subscribing or not.

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