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Elementor is a drag-and-drop WordPress theme builder that will allow you to easily build every fundamental part of your WordPress site to create a dynamic and functional theme. With Elementor’s WordPress theme builder, you will have an all-in-one solution for all your site management needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Elementor different?

Elementor gives you a complete website builder solution for WordPress without the hassle of programming. Its features will give you the capacity to visually design website headers, custom post-type templates, and a lot more. The drag-and-drop interface provides flexible styling options to suit your preferred design, giving you an instant live preview of your progress. No more static pages because with Elementor’s theme builder for WordPress, you can now create dynamic and engaging templates and have all your designs blend seamlessly into one place. The software comes with a built-in revision history section where you can track all the changes you’ve made and switch between your revisions to revert back to a previous version.

Can any of the Elementor widgets be placed in a Popup?

Absolutely. You can design and customize your Popup in any way you would like it to be. Widgets, templates, and other elements can be accessed by easily dragging them into your page.

Do you offer a free WordPress theme builder plugin?

Yes, the Elementor website builder is free. It can give you the perfect plugin that you’ll need to achieve the website design you are aiming for. It works with any themes and can help you design any WordPress theme without having to deal with programming.

How does Elementor WordPress theme builder software work?

With the upgraded version of Elementor’s interface, you can easily customize your webpage by simply dragging the widgets according to your intended design. Various design templates are also available for you to choose from. Everything is done directly on the page so you can view in real-time your progress as you go along the process.

Can a personal theme be imported to the software?

Customization is possible with the help of Elementor templates and widgets, but importing and exporting themes as a whole is not possible at the moment. However, importing and exporting every theme part can be done separately.

Is WordPress mobile theme builder setting also available?

Background images and other site elements are automatically device-responsive. If the element doesn’t have a viewport icon changing the element in preview mode will apply the same changes across all other devices.

Do you offer a free trial or demo version for Elementor Pro?

Elementor is not offering any Pro trial versions as of the moment. Although, there's a refund policy that allows you to cancel your purchase and get a refund during the first thirty days.

What happens to previously created pages after upgrading to Pro?

Once the account is upgraded, you can continue right where you left off. There will be no interruptions nor negative changes. You can actually upgrade and enhance further those pages using the Pro features.

Is the WordPress theme builder plugin safe to use?

Elementor takes high regard in creating secured plugins safe from any damaging factors. The team is composed of developers that are professionally trained to construct codes. However, vulnerabilities and other external factors may still happen but rest assured that Elemntor is doing everything to keep its software safe to use.

Does Elementor offer an open source WordPress theme builder framework?

Aside from its innovative drag-and-drop editor, Elementor also supports a full open-source approach in making frameworks. There are endless possibilities to discover and creative potential to unleash with flexible styling options.

Do you offer a WordPress theme builder for free?

Absolutely. You can start designing your own website by signing up to make a free account. Pro plans are available anytime you wish to upgrade and try pro features to upgrade your designs.

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