Best WordPress Theme Builders in June 2022

Create awesome websites hassle-free with the help of a WordPress theme builder. Besides having a drag-and-drop feature, you can create hundreds of designs in an instant. Get one today!

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Thrive Themes

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a wordpress theme builder?

Are you looking to customize your wordpress site? Use a wordpress theme builder to create templates you can apply to some or all of your content. Edit your website’s look and choose different layouts for your headers, sidebars, footers, and other website sections. With wordpress theme builder software, you can make your site look more creative and unique.

Why do you need a wordpress theme builder?

Gain control of your site and save time, all while ensuring your site’s pages are consistent. When you use the best wordpress theme builder, you can create your entire site’s structure and easily spot what is missing or what needs to be worked on. Here are some of the reasons to use a wordpress theme builder to design your website.

Customize everything

From footers, headers, blog archive pages to sidebars, you can design everything on your site. The best part is, you don’t even need technical knowledge or coding skills. Get full control of the colors, fonts, typography, and other elements in your site. You can also easily make edits and add updates in the future to keep your site up to date.

Create different designs for different parts

With most themes, you’ll have to stick with the main design on all the pages of your site. With a wordpress theme builder, you can create different designs for the various aspects of your site. Optimize each page to match your content perfectly. If you want to style a different theme for a specific type of post or page, you can do so without altering the theme for your other site pages.

Incorporate dynamic data

If you want to go beyond posting static blog posts or brochures, a wordpress theme builder is a useful tool. You can store custom information that goes beyond the default post or page system. To do this with common themes, you’ll need to have coding knowledge. With a wordpress theme builder, you can create templates for each post type to insert dynamic custom information.

Eliminate bloat

The ever-increasing size of web pages is known as “page bloat.” Heavy pages tend to be slower, which could drive visitors away from your site. With a wordpress theme builder, you can cut down to the basic features and design elements you include. This lets you reduce your page’s bloat compared to what you get from just choosing a premade theme.

Improve marketing

A wordpress theme builder plugin can give you access to design and marketing elements that you’d typically need a separate plugin for. It can serve as an all-in-one solution with built-in access to e-commerce advertising elements. You can easily design pop-ups and forms to match your brand. It lets you introduce your products and services to get more clicks and leads.

Match your brand

Upload your logos, icons, and illustrations so your site theme can match your brand perfectly. A wordpress theme builder gives you the flexibility to customize color schemes and other design elements. You can make your site unique and stand out from others without resorting to custom coding.

Design templates

There’s a lot that goes into building a wordpress site. You want to have a unique design that’s consistent across all your pages. It’s easy to design templates with wordpress theme builders to serve as a framework for your content. Once you’re satisfied, you can apply it across your website so you can have a consistent theme on all your site’s pages.

Improve your site’s performance

Your theme plays an active role in every single page load. This could affect your site’s performance. You wouldn’t want your visitors to get impatient while waiting for your theme to load and leave. A wordpress theme builder has theme optimization options so you can pick out the elements that can make your site well-designed but still lightweight.

Attract more visitors

Web site visitors like going back to sites that have unique and creative designs. Another factor is your page loading speed. If you hit all those points, your visitors will want to keep coming back to your site for more content. They can recommend your site to others, which can lead to new visitors discovering your site.

Save time

If you’re not a skilled coder, there are many wordpress theme builder plugins that you can use. You don’t have to waste time figuring out how to manipulate your site’s source code. Keep your content consistent by creating design templates and applying them to all your pages in just one click. It saves you the time and hassle of having to do everything manually.

What are the core features of wordpress theme builder?

It’s easy to find paid or free wordpress theme builders with unique features. Depending on your site’s needs, you can choose a builder that gives you the functionality you need to create a theme. Many theme builders out there have developed more design improvements over the years. Here are some of the features to consider when choosing a wordpress theme builder.

User-friendly builder

Many tools have intuitive, easy-to-use drag and drop wordpress theme builders. These builders take a visual approach and let you monitor every element of your site from the front end. Seeing how your site looks as you edit it can make customization much more effortless. Even without coding or design skills, you can create professional-looking themes for your website.

Pre-made templates

Not everyone prefers to design every element from scratch. This is why you can use pre-made templates to make your life easier. You can select a design, make a few tweaks here and there, and you’re done. You can also create a custom template, and use it across all your pages, so your designs remain consistent in all the aspects of your site.

Responsive editing

Get full control over how your website will look, even on mobile devices. No one wants to go to a mobile site where you have to scroll horizontally or look at misaligned elements. With a wordpress mobile theme builder, responsive controls let you customize how users view your site on smartphones or tablets and optimize it for a more convenient browsing experience.

Dynamic content integrations

Dynamic content is a web page that changes based on user signals like in-session behavior. With dynamic content integrations, you can adapt your content based on what pages your users visit, products added to the cart, and the time spent on your site. You can find many wordp0ress theme builders that let you customize dynamic content templates to match your theme.

Multi-element customization

Do you want to create a custom header or footer? Control every aspect of your site based on your preferences and brand design. Choosing a premade theme may not give you this type of flexibility. With a wordpress theme builder, you can tweak each element without being locked down to specific user interface conventions.

Advanced code editing

If you’re a developer, you can easily combine an open-source wordpress theme builder’s visual design controls with your custom code. You don’t have to be limited with just dragging and dropping elements. Advanced editing is available in some builders that include syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and other features so you can add your code to any page.

Built-in integrations

It’s such a hassle to have to download separate plugins and software for other website functions. This is why many wordpress theme builders already have e-commerce plugins, email marketing, and other integrations built-in. Your site can have more functionality, with the designs still being consistent with your theme since you’ll be using the same interface.

Display conditions

Choose when and where specific templates get displayed with the advanced display conditions feature. It gives you the flexibility to show or hide content based on different custom rules. This feature is built-in in many wordpress theme builders. It makes sure that your web page’s content is only displayed if a specific condition is satisfied.

Global theme styles

Some wordpress theme builders automatically translate front-end elements for your global audience. You can expand the theme’s localization to cover your entire interface, including all form fields and descriptions. This way, even users who speak and understand different languages can still access and browse around your site.

Budget-friendly pricing

You can compare many wordpress theme builder subscription plans, and you will find that many of them have reasonable cost-effective pricing. You can get a lot of features that can fit your design needs and budget limits. It doesn’t have to take a fortune to create professional-looking themes for your wordpress site.

World-class support

Are you having trouble with your theme? You can quickly contact your wordpress theme builder’s customer support. Expert technicians can assist you with any problem 24/7. Contact them through phone, email, live chat, or by submitting a support ticket. They can also help you with design tips so you can improve the visual appearance of your site.

What are the types of wordpress theme builder?

It’s easy to find a wordpress theme builder online. However, choosing the right type can make all the difference in saving you time and giving you customization options. You can choose among the paid or free wordpress theme builders depending on your preferences and budget limit. Here are some of the types of theme builders to choose from for your site.

Drag and drop WordPress theme builders

As the name suggests, drag and drop wordpress theme builder lets you move around theme elements like text boxes, icons, shapes, and more. This usually has a front-end view where you can see exactly how your site looks to your visitors. You can also upload files like fonts, images, or videos simply by dragging the file into the builder.

Templates-based WordPress theme builders

A templates-based wordpress theme builder saves you the time and effort of crafting a theme from scratch. You can choose among many designs. Whether you’re building a blog, an e-commerce website, or a service website, there are many styles for you. There are also templates for the different elements if you don’t want to spend your time designing those.

Open source WordPress theme builders

An open-source wordpress theme builder lets you access the source code and make changes of your own. It provides more transparency and traceability to the project. You can read and modify the code according to your theme’s needs. You can add your codes to improve your theme’s design and functionality for experienced coders and developers.

Who needs a wordpress theme builder?

If you are looking for the perfect theme for your blog, a wordpress theme builder gives you access to tools that let you design your site. Match your brand and create a unique theme that will drive more visitors to your website. You can also create templates for each post type, so you don’t have to edit your pages and focus more on your content manually.

E-commerce website owners

Online shopping has been on the rise over the years. Stay competitive in this growing industry by customizing your wordpress theme with a theme builder. You can improve your marketing strategies by integrating advertising elements like popups and forms and dynamic content. Create designs that will help your site stand out and drive more customers to visit your site.


Whether you are creating a custom theme for a client or if you just like playing around with code, you can use an open-source theme builder. Experiment and turn ordinary theme templates into dynamic ones by adding your custom CSS, HTML, and other code. You can also combine the visual design controls with your code for a more convenient experience.

Website designers

If you are a designer or freelancer with your website, you can attract more clients by showing off your skills through your site. No one wants to hire a designer with a website that looks boring. Customize each element in your theme so potential clients can see your talent and be impressed even before they start working with you.


Visuals are essential for photographers. You’ll want to present sample photos on your website in an eye-catching manner. Having a well-designed theme on your wordpress site can convince more clients of your talents. You can start building your brand by adding your logo, creating a custom header, and using color combinations to make yourself stand out.

What are the steps in using a wordpress theme builder?
Step 1: Choose a WordPress theme builder

Your choice of wordpress theme builder depends on your customization preferences. If you’re unsure, you can check out wordpress theme builder reviews and read about other people’s experiences. Check the prices and features to know if that particular software will do the job you need and is within your desired budget.

Step 2: Select theme builder templates

After selecting the best theme builder for wordp0ress, you can go ahead and start designing your theme. If you’re unsure, there are hundreds of templates that you can choose from to get inspiration. It can also serve as a framework that you can customize later and add more design or brand elements to complete your website’s theme.

Step 3: Drag and drop elements

Whether you are using a paid or free drag and drop wordpress theme builder, you can usually see the elements on a sidebar or header. You can select the ones you want to incorporate in your design, and just click and move it around. You can also drag and drop documents that you want to upload, like images or font files, to customize your design even more.

Step 4: Preview your pages

Many wordpress theme builders let you create custom templates that you can save. You can later apply these to all your other pages for more convenience. However, it’s still a good idea to check how each page looks to ensure consistency. You can also choose to tweak some elements here and there for particular pages.

Step 5: Save your changes and publish your theme

If you’re not yet finished with your design, you can always save your changes and come back to continue it. Once you're done, you can go ahead and publish your theme to have your site go live. If you want to make changes, you can always go back to your wordpress theme builder and customize more elements, so your site always stays updated.

What is the difference between a wordpress theme and a wordpress theme builder?

Every wordpress site must have a theme installed to function. Depending on what the developer allowed for that particular theme, you may or may not have customization options. Each theme comes with its data structure, so making changes to it may require you to add custom codes like CSS or PHP. On the other hand, a theme builder is a more recent concept than a wordpress theme. A theme builder lets you replace some or all of the elements of your wordpress themes with your custom designs. From your header to your footer down to your page archive, you can design and edit it all, even without technical coding knowledge.

What is the difference between a wordpress theme builder and a wordpress page builder?

A wordpress theme builder offers theme customization options for different elements of your site. This includes headers, footers, sidebars, colors, fonts, and many more. It lets you edit your website’s look and choose different layout styles you can use across your site. For page builders, it may be a plugin or a component of a theme that lets your structure and design individual pages. You can also use a page builder to populate the content of your posts, like your About Page or Contact Page. Both theme builders and page builders usually have intuitive drag and drop interfaces.

How much do wordpress theme builders cost?

It can vary depending on the duration of your subscription or the feature available for that particular site. Some free wordpress theme builder plugins let you try out the features for a few days. After that, you can choose to upgrade to a plan that’s suited for your wordpress site.

Do I need coding experience to use a wordpress theme builder?

Not necessarily. There are many paid or free drag and drop wordpress theme builders that let you customize every element without the need for coding. However, some builders allow access to the source codes if some experienced developers would like to add in some custom code

Are wordpress theme builders themes or plugins?

Some wordpress theme builders are plugins, while others come in the form of themes that include a theme builder. A theme with a theme builder can serve as an all-in-one solution for your wordpress site. It comes with a fully customizable theme that works perfectly with the builder's functions and elements. If you already have an existing theme, you can install a wordpress theme builder plugin. These plugins let you create unique and creative designs with a third party template structure. WordPress theme builder plugins can work with any theme and can be customized as much as you need.

Can I create a sticky header with a wordpress theme builder?

Most wordpress theme builders allow you to customize your sticky header. A sticky header, or a fixed header, is a smart navigation tool that sets the menu to the top of the screen as you scroll down the page. It’s a great feature that allows users to navigate your site easily.

How do I install a wordpress theme?

On your wordpress admin page, go to "appearance". From there, you will see a "themes button". After clicking on that, you can select the "add new" option and select your preferred theme. You can choose to preview it or install it directly by clicking on the "install" button. You have the option to customize your theme using a theme builder.

What do I do if I keep getting an error when installing my wordpress theme?

One of the most common errors when installing a wordpress theme is the “missing stylesheet” error. It means that you tried to install the wrong file or folder. It’s recommended that you double-check that you’re uploading the installable file. Otherwise, you can contact your theme builder’s customer support team for assistance.

How do I install a wordpress theme builder plugin?

When installing a plugin, all you need to do is go to your wordpress dashboard. Click on the Plugins option and select the add new button. From here, you can use the search bar to locate your preferred wordpress theme builder plugin. If you have a ZIP file for your plugin from a third party, you can also upload it directly.

How do I know if my theme will work with wordpress?

For wordpress theme builders, it’s guaranteed that those are optimized for wordpress and will work with the site. For other themes, most contain a CSS-style file. If you’re unsure, you can right-click on the website you want to examine and click on the view page Source option. From there, you will see the source code to check compatibility.

Will my theme builder work with multilingual plugins?

Some theme builders have an automatic translation feature that allows your elements, fields, and description based on the users’ preference. However, if your wordpress theme builder does not have that, you can always install a separate plugin to translate your posts and pages for your global audience.

Can I update my theme at any time?

Yes. If you need to add updates or make changes to your website’s theme, you can do so. Many wordpress theme builders let you update hundreds of elements at once. You can control precisely where and to which elements your designs should be extended to. You can also edit past templates you’ve created so you can use them again later.

Can I still use wordpress even without a theme?

Technically, every wordpress site needs to have a theme installed and activated to function as intended. You don’t have to use your theme’s design. However, it is still recommended that you customize a theme using a WordPress theme builder to improve your site’s appearance and attract more site visitors to view your content.

How long does it take to launch my wordpress site?

Launching a wordpress site can take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours, depending on what your website contains. If you use a WordPress theme builder to customize your site, you can get many things quickly done since you don’t have to deal with code. You can easily make changes even after you’ve launched your site.

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