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Troubling and complex plugins shouldn’t slow you down. Fortunately, WP Rocket makes your WordPress load faster in just a few clicks. WP Rocket is a caching and performance optimization WordPress plugin. With it’s simple and developer-friendly customizations, you can create effective and efficient WordPress sites in no time.


Google Analytics

Click Tracking

Third Party Integration

Multi-Site Support

One Management Dashboard

Google Analytics

E-commerce Tracking

Third Party Integration

Social Media Integration

GDPR Cookie Consent

Cookie Notice Plugin

Ginger- EU Cookie Law

Multiple Pixel Support

Single Site Subscription

Unlimited Site Subscription

Third-Party Fonts

Multiple Payment Gateway

Theme Bundles

Plugin Bundles


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes WP Rocket different?

With over 1,333,000 websites optimized by WP Rocket, it’s everyone’s choice to minify HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files. It’s also one of the best WordPress plugins in 2019 because of its extremely complete yet beginner-friendly features. Get WP Rocket today and boost guest visits through fast WordPress sites!

Does WP Rocket offer a free trial?

No, WP Rocket does not currently offer a free trial version. However, they have a 14-day refund policy. Should you wish to cancel your subscription plans, do it within the 14-day refund policy. They will return your payments, with no questions asked.

Can I upgrade my subscription license?

Yes, you can upgrade your WP Rocket subscription license. Pay only the difference between your current license and the plan you want to upgrade to. You can upgrade through the WordPress site or from the WP Rocket website.

Can I stop a site from using my subscription license?

Yes, you can stop a site from using your WP subscription license. The only way to do this is to delete the WP Rocket plugin from the site. For more help, contact the WP Rocket support team and send them a ticket inquiry.

Can WP Rocket work on mobile devices?

Yes, WP Rocket can work on mobile devices. One of WP Rocket’s features is Mobile Detection. WP Rocket can detect if your visitors are accessing your WordPress sites through their mobile devices. Thus, WP Rocket will provide your guests with mobile-friendly features with one click.

Can I use WP Rocket to build my eCommerce site?

Yes, you can use WP Rocket to develop your eCommerce site. Since it is compatible with WordPress eCommerce plugins, it automatically excludes “View Cart” and “Checkout” pages. Therefore, you can speed up the checkout process through Cart Widgets.

Does WP Rocket support any WordPress API plugins?

Yes, WP Rocket supports WordPress API plugins, specifically the WordPress Heartbeat API. Autosave revisions and allow notifications on WordPress to show in your admin dashboards through the WordPress Heartbeat API plugin. This provides real-time data transfer and syncing between servers and browsers.

Do WP Rocket’s subscription plans come with tutorials?

Yes, WP Rocket’s subscription plans come with tutorials. You can access WordPress plugins tutorials, tips, and tricks on their website anytime. Get started and search on how to install WordPress plugins. Also, click on their ‘Tips & Tutorials’ for more queries and clarifications.

Can I use WP Rocket to create WordPress URL plugins?

Yes, you can create WordPress URL plugins. However, you are limited to redirect or remove the trailing slash on your URLs. When adding or removing a trailing slash, make sure you are guided with the appropriate plugins. For developers, you can insert and use codes to remove trailing slashes on URLs.

How does WP Rocket’s WordPress Plugin on database optimization work?

You can optimize your WordPress database through open-source administrators. It does all the work for you. All you need to do is take note of what clutters to delete and what bulks to keep. Consider deleting old plugins, spam comments, and unused tags.

When can I use WP Rocket’s WordPress plugins for free?

WP Rocket doesn’t currently have a free trial version. But through their Referral Program, you can be rewarded using WP Rocket in 2 months for free! Take note of the conditions that need to be followed. Check out their Referral Program here: https://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/1306-referral-program.

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