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Do you need help in running your WordPress websites? iThemes is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and securely manage your sites. It has the essential tools your WordPress sites needed. With iThemes, you can manage your website with premium plugins found in one bundle.

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Google Analytics

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Third Party Integration

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WordPress Backup

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes iThemes different?

Themes is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that offers features designed to take your WordPress site further. It automatically backs up your entire WordPress installation, so you have a copy of all the websites’ files. Plus, you can restore your entire website, including your themes, content, widgets, plugins, etc. iThemes has been known as one of the best WordPress plugins of 2019, which offers security plugins with over 30+ ways to secure your site. They can provide an extra layer of protection for your website, which prevents your WordPress from being hacked. Try all of their plugins to help you run and manage your WordPress websites smoothly.

Do iThemes have additional fees for their products?

Yes, some products may have additional fees. One of the best WordPress plugins, iThemes, gives unlimited access to Plugin Suite members for their existing and new plugins updates. Other service-oriented products may have additional annual costs based on your storage and site management needs.

What happens after my membership year is up?

If you are a member of iThemes and install WordPress plugins, your one-year subscription includes all product updates and support. It contains immediate access to all versions and features released during the whole year. After the one-year mark, you can keep the plugins, but you no longer have updates and support.

Will my subscription renew at a full price?

Known as one of the best WordPress plugins of 2018, iThemes will automatically renew your subscription at a full price. Unless you purchase during a promotion at a discounted price, you will pay the regular price. You will get reminders of your payment before your renewal date.

What kind of support is offered with a purchased plugin?

If you read WordPress plugins reviews, you’ll know that iThemes provide a good support system for your products. With a purchased plugin, you can have access to their premium support from iThemes help desk. They are staffed with full-time moderators to help answer your questions and provide assistance for your plugins.

Where do I download my products?

There is a long list of WordPress plugins for you to choose from; iThemes is considered one of the best choices of plugins. You can download their products from the iThemes Member Panel. From the member panel, you can view your subscription information and access the help desk.

How do I manage my licenses?

You can manage your licenses and view the list of your licensed websites from the iThemes member panel. In this panel, you can activate and deactivate your licenses. It is also recommended to use iThemes Sync to manage multiple licenses from one dashboard only. You can manage the updates and more all in one place.

What is iThemes’ upgrade policy?

Known as one of the best WordPress plugins of 2019, iThemes has an upgrade policy that you can apply for purchases within the last 3 months. You can upgrade to a combo package for the price difference in the original purchase. These upgrades are only available if your original purchase is included in the combo package.

Can a WordPress security plugin like iThemes stop all attacks on my site?

No, iThemes security can’t completely stop all attacks on your website. It is designed to help improve the security of your WordPress installation against common attack methods. However, it can’t prevent all possible attacks. iThemes Security works to fix common security issues on your WordPress site.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription. A WordPress plugin with contact forms like iThemes lets you cancel your subscription before your renewal date. You can email their customer sales support through so they can assist you in closing your account.

Can I use coupons on my renewal?

No, you can’t use coupons on renewing your subscription. Known as one of the best WordPress plugins, iThemes allows coupons to be used only on a new subscription purchase. If you have other questions on your renewal date or account, you can contact them here

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