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Give back and donate hassle-free with Give WP, a donation WordPress plugin optimized for your charitable giving. With customizable donation forms, easy-to-understand donation statistics, and reports, you can transform the way you accept online donations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes GiveWP different?

Manage your donation information easily with powerful donation forms, full-featured reporting, and complete donor management. GiveWP is one of the best free WordPress plugins in 2019 and 2018 and is continuously improving to provide you better services in the following years. You can start now for free and see GiveWP’s many advanced features for yourself. Among the many WordPress plugins reviews, GiveWP has some of the best success stories from many nonprofit organizations, helping them to raise millions of dollars per year.

How to install WordPress plugins?

First, you must install WordPress and not use The easiest way to install WordPress plugins is to use the plugin search. You can pick the plugin that is best for you, such as Give WP. Click the ‘Install Now’ button, and your plugin will now be installed. After the plugin is downloaded, you can click the ‘Activate’ button to start using that plugin on your WordPress site. You can also configure the plugin setting if you want to.

Are WordPress plugins free?

WordPress is free software, and there are thousands of free and paid plugins that you can find in a WordPress plugins directory. Give WP is one of the many free WordPress plugins that you can easily install.

How many WordPress plugins are there?

According to the WordPress plugins list or directory, there are about 50,000 to choose from. You can expand the functionality of your site, so you can customize your WordPress account depending on your needs. You can use as many as you want, but it is recommended to not use too much as it can cause site crashes.

How much does GiveWP cost?

You can use GiveWP for free, with no time limit, and you can easily install it through the WordPress plugins menu. This version has the basic features you can explore to expand your site. If you want more functionality, you can upgrade and purchase Add-ons at any time.

How does the licensing work for add-ons?

Each license that you purchase is good for one year and is automatically renewed each year. You will get automatic updates on your WordPress site. Premium support is also available for all premium add-ons. If you do not want your license to get automatically renewed each year, you can opt-out of auto-renewal in your My Subscriptions tab and disable this function. Your license will automatically expire exactly one year from when you purchased it.

Where do I get support?

For the free GiveWP plugin, you can go to the Give Support Form and inquire there. For those who have premium add-ons, there is dedicated and priority support for you that provides the best technical support possible so you can easily handle any issues you face with GiveWP.

When my donor donates, they get redirected to a blank page; what do I do?

This happens when your “Success Page” is not configured properly. GiveWP automatically creates a Success Page, but you may have unknowingly deleted it in the settings. To fix this, you need to go to your settings, and on the General tab, click on the dropdown “Success Page” button to select a new Success Page.

Can I make anonymous donations?

GiveWP does not support anonymous donations. This is because GiveWP mainly deals with non-profit organizations. Private foundations are required to be able to disclose their donors’ identities for tax purposes. This is why non-profit organizations cannot accept donations that cannot be attributed to a real person.

I just bought a GiveWP add-on. Now, what do I do?

Add-ons allow you to expand the functionality of GiveWP so you can customize your site further. You must first have the GiveWP core plugin installed and activated for your add-ons to work. Each plugin has its own documentation that will let you know how to use and maximize its functionality. If you are still experiencing issues, you can always contact the Customer Support team for help.

What payment methods are accepted?

GiveWP accepts various credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. No need to worry about entering your credit card information since your payment is SSL encrypted. Paypal is also accepted. All of Give WP’s checkout pages are secured by GoDaddy and Sucuri Anti-Virus so you can make safe payments.

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