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Zalmos is a powerful web proxy that helps you surf the internet anonymously and get around blocked websites, regardless of where you are in the world. It can be used to access sites like YouTube or Facebook, which your school may have blocked, work, or government. With Zalmos Web Proxy, you won't need any third-party software, so it has no ads, and it doesn't require installation on your machine. In addition, Zalmos makes sure that each site loads fast for a better browsing experience with its super-high-speed servers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Zalmos different?

Zalmos makes it easy to watch your favorite content in any location as long as you have an Internet connection. With the proxy website unblockerserver, you can change your IP address and enjoy a different browsing experience. The issue with streaming video is that sometimes there are geographical restrictions on what you can see based on whether or not the service is available in that country. Streaming through a proxy will allow you to be able to unblock sites like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more from anywhere around the worl.

What is Zalmos?

Zalmos is a website unblocker proxy that has been designed to filter out any unwanted content so that you can access a web browsing experience free of annoyance. The balance in speed and quality (bandwidth) means that this service could be the perfect answer for anybody with a hectic lifestyle. Sometimes due to overuse or nationwide/political reasons, some websites get blocked by your country's government. Zalmos is an anonymous web portal where people worldwide can access these censored sites without any risk of being banned by their ISP (Internet Service Provider).

How to use Zalmos?

Just go to, and type the URL you want in the search bar. The website unblocker will take your request, fetch it, and return it to you on its server before sending it along to the destination server. Within seconds you get a matching site that has been specifically filtered so as not to include any annoying ads and various trackers. This makes for a quick process that has minimal impact on page loading times.

Are there any advertisements like AdBlock on Zalmos?

Zalmos does not allow advertisers on their website unblocker app. There are no advertisements, and there is no need to manually block anything because the site offers every streaming service without any advertisements, malware, or viruses that you can imagine. In short, everything from movies to TV series, documentaries, and music videos are all provided in high quality.

Is Zalmos compatible with Chrome?

Zalmos is compatible with Chrome. Zalmos is a proxy service that returns a censored version of the site to users. In short, sites are routed through servers in places like Ireland, Panama, or Russia before they reach you. If a site has geographical restrictions or blocks, it will work just fine for you because Zalmos transforms the content and sends it back to your device at home.

What does Zalmos do?

Zalmos is a free website unblocker that allows its users to surf the web. Zalmos can be used to bypass restrictions of firewalls, filters, and other things. It works by routing traffic from the user's browser through several anonymous servers before returning to the intended website or application. As this chain of proxies can go on for many hops, it is very difficult for nodes in the network to find out where a particular request came from and where it returned as Zalmos address does not show up in logs which may contain valuable information like how many times it is requested or what pages someone browsed while here.

Are Zalmos web proxies anonymous?

Zalmos is an anonymous web proxy that can be used to bypass internet filtering. They are open-source and available for everyone. You may use them anonymously from anywhere in the world as they support all popular internet browsers. Zalmos can be used for getting free-air TV channels, listening to the radio, or viewing videos that you would not usually get at home or work. It helps by providing a secure browsing session over SSL with 128-bit encryption - meaning you will stay hidden when watching your favorite streams on various sites.

Does Zalmos offer anonymous browsing?

Zalmos offers anonymous browsing by providing the service through proxies. To use Zalmos, there is no need for personal information or registrations because this free proxy site can be accessed immediately through its servers while providing you complete privacy. All you need for basic browsing are a few clicks on the Zalmos web interface, which are made anonymously and anonymously so that nobody could track your input and IP address, and geo-location data when using it.

Is Zalmos free?

Zalmos is free and doesn't require any software or personal info. Zalmos doesn't store your IP address, ISP domain name, email address, username, password, meaning there's nothing that can be traced back to you. Your personal information on the site is all hidden for your safety.

What sites can I visit through Zalmos?

Zalmos is a browser-based proxy, and anyone with internet access can use it to bypass censors, filters, and firewalls that may be in place at their institution. Unlike other online proxies, support for streaming media is not limited by some future technology. Stream all of the live TV channels you want from your PC alongside regular videos on YouTube.

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