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TuxlerVPN helps users bypass geo-blocks and censorship while also protecting them against hackers on public wifi networks. There are no bandwidth limits or speed throttles so, your connection will be fast at all times!

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Reviews insights

Great filters

Really appreciated by its users


Highly recommended

Fantastic service

Free version is great

Good value for money

Better than the rest

Loads fast

Easy to use

Great premium version

Works perfectly

Will use it again

Very useful

Disappointing free version

Great tool for the task

Has everything you need

Slow performance

Lots of long time users

Easy to navigate

First impression is great

Great support

Gives you options

Only minor quirks

Could recover all data

Peace of mind

Search feature

Premium version issues

Easy to install

Complete package

Integration is easy

Well documented

Doesn't work

Life changing

Great web version

Great pricing

Customer service is great

Easy to work with

Results are awesome

Great sound quality


Suspected scam

Worth the price

Great image quality

Does exactly what it says

Has many genres

Connection issues

Pleased with experience

Trial version is great

No way to contact support

Doesn't slow down your device

Easy sharing feature

Latest update is not great

Account setup is hard

Cannot cancel subscription

Fake reviews

Great staff


Login problems

Great for designers and engineers

Great for creative people

Fake accounts

Bad desktop version

Great on the go

Saved lots of time

Very accessible

Don't waste your time

Essential tool

Problems with app store listing

Takes forever to load

Difficult to understand

Fine print

Great desktop version

Waiting time

Limited functionality

Customer support is unresponsive

Customization options

Many image options


User friendly

Great for small business

Problems with launching

Disappointing features

Takes forever to open

Life saver

Easy to understand

Keeps me up to date

Many advanced features

Works across multiple devices

App permission problems

Compatibility issues

You have to pay extra

Technical issues

Can't speak with real person

Provides instant access

Not recommended

Easy to create videos

There are better alternatives

Account is locked

Editor is fantastic