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TuxlerVPN helps users bypass geo-blocks and censorship while also protecting them against hackers on public wifi networks. There are no bandwidth limits or speed throttles so, your connection will be fast at all times!

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tuxlerVPN is a Website Unblocker and it is one of the easiest ways to unblock websites and regain access to the content you love. Whether at school, work, at home, or traveling abroad, you can watch TV shows and films on your favorite streaming services and browse privately using a website unblocker. It is easy to use and helps you securely access all the websites you want in just a few clicks. tuxlerVPN offers a wide range of features that are very common among other similar services. These features include: VPN for Web Browsers, 24/7 Support, Lifetime Subscription, Fastest VPN, Chrome Extension, Unlimited Speed, Live Chat Support, Email Support, Free Proxy, Secure Protocols, Privacy Protection, Unlimited Data Transfer, Windows Desktop Software, VPN for Windows, Unlimited Device Access, Free Trial. However, there are also some downsides to using tuxlerVPN. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it does not offer any unique features that would set it apart from its competitors. Additionally, it is missing some common features that are offered by other services, such as: Anonymous IP Address, Worldwide Servers, Unlimited VPN, Service Optimization, Knowledgebase, Strong Encryption, How-To Guides.

In their reviews, users have mentioned that tuxlerVPN is great because it offers filters, is highly recommended, has a great free version, and is better than the rest. However, some users have also said that it has slow performance, issues with the premium version, and a disappointing free version. In addition, others say that it is a good value for money and offer a fast and fantastic service.

Frequently Asked Questions

TuxlerVPN was developed to be one of the fastest VPNs on the market to date. In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface, with as much customizability through options as possible, for different types of users to feel like they can watch their programs while connected. TuxlerVPN's proprietary 256-bit AES encryption algorithm combined with its blazing speed guarantees that you will be protected from hackers and home governments. The combination provides a high level of network security by blending military strength encryption methods with lightning-fast data transfer means for up-time availability. You can work on your assignments or watch TV without lag time!

TuxlerVPN is a VPN provider with high-speed servers and an award-winning company. TuxlerVPN was created to simplify and improve the tedious task of using traditional VPNs. TuxlerVPN's intuitive interface allows for ease of use, which extends to its features as well. For example, each alternative location has been optimized by internet speeds and download rates so that users have quick surfing speeds—even when they're on the go. With how limited bandwidth can be on cellular data plans, this service cuts down wasted minutes feeling lost in cyberspace because a loading bar is finally loaded up, or your other tabs are taking forever to load their contents too! You can also try it out now for free!

TuxlerVPN's software architecture is a Software-as-a-Service offering consisting of an API, mobile apps (SaaS), and the last being open-sourced. The SaaS provides users with access to internal task management tools through its API and Android and iOS application programming interfaces that allow for easy integration with Personal Kanban, CRM, ERP systems, or any other custom restful APIs your company may be leveraging.

Yes, you can sign up for free in TuxlerVPN and test out the service before buying it. They offer a seven-day trial period valid for one hour of connection per day. You can also register multiple devices with one account. All connections are encrypted and cannot be monitored or logged by third parties. The data is secured on their network by SSL encryption (HTTPS) via 256-bit AES encryption so that it remains private to only your device and TuxlerVPN. Keep in mind that any kind of streaming video on the internet without a bandwidth fast enough to keep up will result in buffering, lag, audio cut-off, or other errors with affected video quality depending on connection speed.

TuxlerVPN offers live chat support via email or telephone. There are two ways that you can contact the support team by email or by telephone You can also review TuxlerVPN's Help Section here:

TuxlerVPN does not leak IP, but it does keep you secure while you browse and download. It’s an excellent choice if your Internet security or personal information needs privacy protection while browsing the web and when you access any private internet resources such as your email accounts (e.g., Gmail) or online banking applications (e.g., WebBank). TuxlerVPN routes all of these actions securely--even on public Wi-Fi networks--by encrypting your communications to other computers and websites before transmission so that no one can eavesdrop on your traffic data.

TuxlerVPN will use military-grade AES-256 encryption, 2048-bit RSA key security, and inactivity timeouts for data protection. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is a symmetric-key cipher that can encrypt (and decrypt) data, and it's one of the fastest and most widely-used block ciphers available today.

Increased privacy, increased speed, and anonymity. TuxlerVPN is a private service with no logs, does not keep any traffic or usage histories, and encrypts your data using only military-grade encryption protocols available on the market. You also get fast speeds when using TuxlerVPN because they have managed to reduce latency for video due to their built-in technology choices and increased bandwidth allowance of up to 20GB/month (no limit).

No, there is no need to have a different account on the TuxlerVPN service for each device. You can simply activate the VPN at your leisure with the single account that the company provides you with.

No, TuxlerVPN does not store logs of your VPN use to make sure it stays private. Metrics like how much bandwidth is used by the VPN over time and where traffic comes from are aggregated and retained for an hour to identify problems with the VPN service or server connections. TuxlerVPN will never share this data with any third party without your permission.