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SysTools UnBlocker is a website unblocker that bypasses internet filters and allows you to browse your favorite websites from anywhere. It does this by providing an encrypted connection between the user and any blocked site, making the content available for viewing. This software uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network), making it impossible for network providers to track what you do online. You can use SysTools UnBlocker on all major platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, etc.




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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SysTools UnBlocker?

SysTools Unblocker Software will remove any pesky access restrictions that exist on your system through its website unblocker and then allow you to have full unrestricted access to your entire system, giving you complete control over what you want when you want! SystemTools UnBlocker is an application that enables you to bypass certain restrictions on your computers, such as requests for valid activation keys or logins. Bypassing these types of restrictions often doesn't impact the integrity or functionality of the software. Instead, it mainly keeps nagging you to insert the latest key or log, which can be annoying when all they ask for is a serial number. In contrast, when using this program's features, it typically won't run at all unless you enter a valid code—so this way, people know they're getting "the real thing" every time.

What makes SysTools UnBlocker different?

SysTools UnBlocker provides a lot of features and is capable of doing many different things such as website unblocker for school, home, and office use. It offers many features in one software application, such as unblock websites, proxy apps, download accelerator. It provides a wide range of benefits for both novice and advanced users alike. Whether you are looking for protection from spam & malware or looking to browse the internet anonymously all-in-one application, then this is the software program you have been waiting for.

How does SysTools UnBlocker work?

SysTools UnBlocker works by bypassing the firewall of your IT admin using a website unblocker proxy. It provides a browser-based, single URL/domain-level user interface that allows admins to continuously enforce the "No Access" list across all browsers without installing any client software or plug-ins. It helps with malware clean-up and prevention by maintaining strict control over web access. SysTools UnBlocker catches HTTP requests in transparent mode and generates corresponding acceptable responses in front of visitors. It will remove all malicious content from requests such as malware sites, ads, pop-ups, injections, etc., and replace them with safe links targeting legitimate websites.

Can I use other software while SysTools UnBlocker is blocking domains on my PC?

Yes. SysTools UnBlocker is a special stealth-mode program that lets you use your computers while blocking any domains (websites, apps) you specify. You can allow anything at any time by simply toggling the program off or on. Blocked domains will work as if they were unblocked, and you can continue to surf sites as usual except for blocked sites that will not load properly.

Can SysTools UnBlocker bypass the digital content protection of sites like Hulu TV?

SysTools UnBlocker can bypass the digital content protection of sites like Hulu, but it is not guaranteed. The website unblocker app uses a brute force algorithm to guess passwords and passcodes for not officially supported sites. So even if you enter an incorrect password or passcode, SysTools UnBlocker will try many other words (passwords) and passwords until it finds one that works.

Does SysTools UnBlocker work on Mac?

Yes. Whether you are using a Windows or a Mac computer, the SysTools UnBlocker program will work on both operating systems with no issues at all. The proxy website unblockerIt is compatible with all versions of Windows and also works on all newer models of Mac computers too. Meaning that whether your computer is old or new, this nifty little application will offer you many benefits for hours of use to come without any bothersome technical difficulties interrupting your flow. Importantly, it should be noted that some older models of MacBook and MacBook Pro computers may not support Parallels (Para-virtualization) which may result in unsuccessful installation.

How can I remove ads from SysTools UnBlocker?

To remove ads, you will need to switch your plan to the "No Ads'' subscription. You can also install a free ad blocker on your browser if you prefer not to have any ads at all.

How do I know if SysTools UnBlocker is still working?

You should not see any error messages when trying to access a restricted site. You should also be able to download or upload files that are blocked in China and other countries. Lastly, SysTools UnBlocker will continue working until you uninstall it. Simply search Windows for SysTools UnBlocker and then follow the on-screen commands of the installation wizard application to remove it from your PC.

Is SysTools UnBlocker free?

Yes. The app is provided for free to download from the Google Play Store. The premium features it offers are in-app purchases, which unlock after a trial period of 30 days. Alongside the usual suspects—blocking, ad eliminator, and VPN—these premium features include an uptime monitor and task killer and access to previously unavailable content libraries that allow users to bypass bandwidth throttling enforced by ISPs and local equivalents, such as mobile carriers. In short, UnBlocker provides everything you need to unblock sites at lightning speed!

How long does it take for SysTools UnBlocker download?

It depends on your internet connection speed, but the average download time is around 5-15 minutes. The key to ensuring a fast download is having a fast internet connection and some patience. It is recommended to set aside at least 20-30 minutes for the whole process.

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