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Smart DNS Proxy’s website unblocker online will enable you to access your favorite content while keeping your information secure. They are a brand of B1 Secure sp. z o.o., which is a company that has been delivering security and encryption services since 1995. Start using Smart DNS Proxy’s website unblocker online free trial and experience robust web protection!

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Wow! old customer of unblock-us (now strongDNS) and sick of various channels not working. Tried smartdnsproxy and I must say I’m impressed so far.

they even cant unblock netflix usa so only one region to choose for netflix usa which doesnt work to unlock usa netflix content even correct setup smartdns, thats kinda...comedy isnt it?

This is a brilliant and effective service. It doesn't slow you down at all, and the service is fantastic. Not only do they do their very best to fix your issues, but they will unblock specific sites for you if you ask them. it's really cheap too.

I'm super impressed. I've been hunting for a decent service that would allow me to access all my international content with one setup, now I have it. Thank you!!!!!!! I've tried Unotelly, Unlocator, Express VPN and Unblock US all of them had an issue with at least one of the services I needed, I was at my wit's end and searched late last night in a last ditch effort to find something that works, and voila, here we are today.

I am hesitant to write this 5 star review because if this service suddenly stops working from its popularity I would understand. I am a former Unlocator customer, but I can unblock more with this service and its cheaper. Great product so long as it continues to work! Update: been over 2 weeks with no problems to report. Great service!

Works perfectly every time. Able to unblock with ease between countries. No issues with BBC. Thank you.

I love the service. The only problem I have is that you have to setup static routing on your router in order to unblock Netflix on my set top box.

Works in unblocking almost any usa media streaming sites here in the philippines. Btw is there in anyway I can request to unblock another streaming site/app? Its which streams pinoy shows but you need to be in the usa to watch it. It has clients for roku, android etc. Thanks

Doesn't always work with apps like Hotstar. The DNS server is permanently moved but somehow the device still recognizes altered settings and blocks content. Usually requires restarting the device/app to unblock content.

It does what it promises! I'm into my second year using them. The DNS region unlocker works great, and is the only service that I know of that lets me access American Netflix. I haven't used the VPN service very much yet but aside from some servers being a bit slow (Not SDNSP's fault I'm sure), it's decent. The only gripe I have is in the past, I have requested specific sites to be added to the unblock list such as the Roku Channel. I've asked using the chat feature, then I get told to e-mail the request in. Then I never hear from them! I haven't bothered trying again for awhile.