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You'll never need another VPN with our fast servers spanning six continents. NordVPN offers more than five thousand servers in sixty countries around the globe, ensuring that they always have one close enough wherever people might want it—no matter how much time of day or night it is!




Bypass Geo-Blocking

Privacy Protection


115 Mbps

Free Trial

30 days

Uninterrupted Streaming

Worldwide Servers

No Logs

No Ads

No Data Leaks

Split Tunneling

Anonymous IP Address

Dedicated IP

Free Proxy

Service Optimization

Privacy Protection

IP Leak Protection

Secure Protocols

Strong Encryption


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes NordVPN different?

NordVPN is dedicated to the privacy of its users. In addition to providing a secure and encrypted connection, they also offer servers in Panama. For those looking for an offshore jurisdiction that offers stronger privacy laws, this may be their best option, as they ensure that no logs are kept on the user's activities. NordVPN combines all the services people use today into a single package - with none of the limitations or tradeoffs they’d typically experience when signing up for each individually.

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a VPN service that has been providing secure online connections since 2012. With NordVPN, you can bypass the geo-blocking restrictions of many streaming services, such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer, thereby unlocking a wealth of information from around the world. Plus, your browsing data will go through one new encrypted connection when you are on public Wi-Fi or unsecured networks.

How does NordVPN work?

When you use NordVPN, it stops data from being readable to internet service providers and other third parties, so your connection is encrypted. It works by channeling all internet traffic through its private servers, which are very hard for a network administrator to locate. Also, the design of NordVPN servers ensures that its service in real-time will block any outsider trying to get information because they have implemented an active kill switch in all of its apps.

How many devices does NordVPN support?

NordVPN supports up to six devices on a single subscription, which they call "Lifetime Subscription". NordVPN encrypts and routes all your traffic through their private servers. This way, you can browse securely and anonymously while still getting the unfiltered power of the internet (just with added security). You can use a device at home all day then hop on your phone in the morning when you're out and about. They don't keep any logs at all, so it's one of the most secure VPNs available, as well as one of the fastest we've yet come across, too—perfect for streaming.

How do I know if NordVPN is working?

NordVPN filters your internet data to prevent sensitive information from being leaked, leaving you and your private data safe. Every time you connect with NordVPN, their servers encrypt all inbound and outbound data between you and the internet through a secure tunnel using AES-256 bit encryption. This is the most advanced encryption technology to date that ensures maximum safety of users’ confidential information. You can verify that NordVPN is working by testing your speed at before and after connecting. This seamlessly integrates into your device’s network controls alongside other active connectivity options, such as EMTEL WiFi or Mobile Data Packages so there will be no change in performance whatsoever.

How secure is NordVPN?

NordVPN is one of the most secure VPNs on the market and has an outstanding reputation for providing security for its customers. They offer 256-bit encryption, military-grade security protocols, a strict 'no log' policy, and apps that work seamlessly on any device. NordVPN takes privacy very seriously, maintaining a strict "No Log" policy to ensure customer anonymity when online. They also have an excellent kill switch feature to disable your internet connection if there's no WiFi available. Not to mention it has 3079 servers in 57 different countries across the globe.

How to connect to different servers in NordVPN?
Step 1:

Open the NordVPN Manager, and choose Connect on its left-side pane.

Step 2:

Select a server you want to connect from the list or type in a server address manually at the 'Server Address/Port Number' field.

Step 3:

Press Connect button to start connecting with this server or hit the ESC key to cancel and turn back to your original state without changing anything.

Step 4:

When connected successfully, the small green icon appears next to an active connection beside the "Connected" column on top of the list on the screen that says "You are now connected". Then click Disconnect when you don't need it anymore to break your internet connection with that specific server.

How to connect to the optimal server is NordVPN?

To connect to the optimal server on the NordVPN app, click "Settings" then hit "Advanced Settings". This will take you into a more advanced settings menu. From there, you want to scroll down and hit the button labeled "Quick Connect mode." Next, go back up to where it says "Server Labels," find your city/region from that list, and choose one of their servers. Hit Apply when done. Then head over to ping test ( and check your latency for each of their servers - whichever has the lowest latency will be your best bet since it is closest to your current location.

How does NordVPN kill switch work?

NordVPN's Kill Switch works by connecting to the VPN through a shared IP and disconnecting your internet, disconnecting you from the server. When your connection is disrupted, NordVPN will cut off all incoming and outgoing connections so no data can be exchanged. In other words, when there is connectivity loss (cut or interruption), the app default action for traffic will be to briefly stop sending and receiving traffic to prevent any sensitive information from passing in cleartext. The kill switch feature then detects this behavior as hostile Internet activity on your device—as though someone was intentionally trying to spy on you in that instance—and terminates its outgoing connections for about five seconds before re-releasing them with encryption enabled.

What is NordVPN double VPN?

It’s a VPN service that routes your traffic through two separately encrypted tunnels and is served by two servers. NordVPN double VPN secures your data from eavesdropping, tunneling you into secret passwords and steals their identity or tracks what you do online when connected to public Wifi networks. NordVPN also blocks all trackers so advertisers can't spy on you. In other words, it prevents third parties from gathering information about your surfing habits without your knowledge. The data NordVPN saves passes through the VPN server system securely, killing any malware that may be hiding in another person's device.

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