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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes LimeVPN different?

LimeVPN's success has come from a combination of excellent, reasonably priced service and an understanding that your client software should reflect how the user expects their technology to behave. They believe in providing users with fast speeds and reliable connections. They've released mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, so you can connect on the go or when you're out and about without having to deal with those ever-so-annoying buffering icons while watching Netflix on your phone.

What is LimeVPN?

LimeVPN is a virtual private network created to give people a chance to feel safe and secure. LimeVPN offers all the protection, security, anonymity, and freedom that you can expect from a VPN. It’s also one of the world's fastest-growing VPNs, with secure servers located across North America, Europe, and Asia. Protect yourself from WiFi spies at home or school, and surf anonymously online. With LimeVPN, you can bypass censorship readily available at work while traveling or waiting for a flight, access your favorite sites from anywhere in the world—all without sacrificing speed!

How to set up LimeVPN?

To set up your LimeVPN app, please follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open the LimeVPN application from your device.

Step 2:

Enter a username and password (these will be remembered for you).

Step 3:

Choose your desired resolution (unless you want to choose on the go later).

Step 4:

Choose the country or city you would like to connect to.

Step 5:

Once all those steps have been completed, click connect. You're now ready to use LimeVPN! To switch countries or cities while connected using this connection configuration, click Connection Settings and select another place from the list that is available in the account.

Does LimeVPN keep logs?

LimeVPN does not keep any logs of its user data, and they resent ever doing so. One would assume that ISPs log all of a user's activity across the Web whenever it runs through their servers. If this information is mandated by law to be kept for a while, it will be complied with, but only up to the extent required by law. LimeVPN believes strongly in anonymity & freedom on the internet rather than mass surveillance, so they won't go out of their way to force or capture any personal data from their users.

What are the benefits of using LimeVPN?

By using LimeVPN, the user can get the same IP address each time they use the LimeVPN service. This allows for more stable connections and greater ease in setting up live chats on services like Ventrilo or IRC. For those operating in sensitive industries such as banking, or doctors needing protection against malpractice suits, this will help keep their identity a secret when working remotely. The benefits of using LimeVPN would be to disguise your identity online and protect yourself from hackers and government surveillance.

How does LimeVPN work?

LimeVPN secures your internet connection with an encrypted and fast network that allows you to overcome censorship, geo-blocking restrictions, solving the country restriction in video streaming sites, ensuring cybersecurity by encrypting all your traffic system. It also provides many other cool features like free service live customer support. LimeVPN masks Internet IP addresses with one of its servers for encryption purposes. It can change your IP to the country of your choice, which will solve the restriction caused by government or ISP limitations. They have more than 30 high-speed VPN servers around the North American continent, Europe, and Asia region provisioned for less laggy speed than Turbo VPN, as well as no bandwidth limitation whatsoever at any time.

What phones/devices are supported by LimeVPN?

LimeVPN supports any Android device from 2012 forward, the iPhone 4S and later, and Windows Phone/Mobile. LimeVPN actively tests its software on many devices ranging from mid-range to low-end smartphones with success rates over 95%.

How does LimeVPN help to enhance your security and privacy?

LimeVPN is a VPN proxy extension for Google Chrome that encrypts the data sent and received by your browser. The HTTPS tunnel prevents your ISP/the government from seeing the content you transmit, provides anonymity, and makes it difficult for hackers to hijack or sniff traffic over a public WiFi connection. LimeVPN proxies site requests through multiple servers in various countries to help evade geo-blocking. This helps customers choose where their IP address visible on-site is registered from and allows all of a customer's internet usage to go through one single connection (vs. having 6+ connections if using other browsers).

Does LimeVPN collect any personal data from its users?

No, LimeVPN does not collect or share any personal data of its users. It tracks what is sent and received from its servers in an anonymized form. This helps them keep up-to-date on the load times of each server and how much it's used at a given moment to ensure that it can keep the sites available for everyone. But these logs are not tied back to individual user sessions or IP addresses, so there is no way that LimeVPN would be able to tell who you are.

What protocols does LimeVPN support?

LimeVPN supports OpenVPN™, PPTP, and L2TP VPN protocols. It also offers the latest in encryption technologies, including AES-256 bit encryption and RSA-2048 bit certificates.

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