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Bypass Geo-Blocking

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69 Mbps

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7 days

Unlimited Bandwidth

Limitless Device Connections

Anonymous IP Address

Free Proxy

Free Smart DNS

Over 100+ Countries

Unblock Geo-Restricted Content

Worldwide Servers

No Logs

Privacy Protection

Secure Protocols

Strong Encryption

Wi-Fi Protection

End-to-End Encryption


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Le VPN different?

Le VPN was designed to give both privacy and freedom. Unlike other VPNs, which governments monitor, sometimes subjecting users to extreme surveillance with high levels of government data retention, the company’s light-hearted approach is monitored only by its caretakers in-house on occasion when it has updates and upgrades. Le VPN is the best because they use your internet data to form a protective shield around you. So, shield yourself from surveillance and hacks while you're online and paying banking transactions securely. And if you happen to be working on important company projects remotely, encrypting your communications through have more than just one layer of protection than anything else available today.

Do I need to be in a country to use Le VPN?

No. Le VPN's data servers are physically located in the country of Panama. Its internet access is global, and it doesn't matter where you are, Le VPN can give you IP addresses from any country in the world. Le VPN works globally by creating a virtual private network (VPN) through an encrypted tunnel to one of its worldwide servers and assigning you a new IP address.

Will I be able to use it on iPhone or android?

Le VPN is a great choice for both Android and iPhone. The Le VPN app updated its iOS app to allow IPsec compatibility so that all functions of the application work well with Apple products. This also extends to granting access to sites that are blocked or censored by your internet provider. For Android, Le VPN offers three different application models - install them on your phone or tablet straight from an online store such as Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore for Android.

What data is stored in Le VPN?

Le VPN doesn't store any of your personal information. Le VPN only stores the user's email address and password for registration purposes to associate the account with a device. The account is deleted if not used after 10 minutes, and all communications are encrypted end-to-end, making it impossible to intercept data at will by either the company or anyone else. Le VPN also doesn’t use third-party advertising networks, which often gather lots of personal information from unaware users to sell relevant adverts, so it will never know what you buy or interest in.

Is Le VPN browser-based or standalone?

Le VPN is a browser-based and standalone service. Le VPN operates on two security levels, namely site masking and IP address spoofing, which are crucial for browsing securely. It masks your device while working alongside the standard protection provided by tools like Tor or TunnelBear to protect you from being tracked or being hacked for your information like passwords, usernames, and personal data while surfing the internet.

Does Le VPN contain a kill switch?

Yes. Le VPN offers a kill switch function to protect its users' web browsing data, an important security measure against IP address leaks or unexpected crashes that may otherwise cause loss of connection and the leakage of your search history or other personal information.

Will I be able to use Le VPN on both my computer and phone?

Yes, you will. Le VPN offers various packages that allow you to connect simultaneously through the Le VPN servers on your desktop and mobile device. You can also share your FTP with friends and family who need to securely access files and documents from anywhere in the world, as well as encrypted instant messaging chats on a variety of messengers.

Where can I find tutorials on how to use Le VPN?

Le VPN's website provides instructions on how to use Le VPN. The FAQ section of the Le VPN site covers these questions in detail and has a search bar at the top of this page for those specific instructions. On that page, you'll find some helpful tutorials covering various aspects of setting up its service, including remote access to your PC or Mac from anywhere in the world.

Which devices does Le VPN work on?

Le VPN will work on any devices connected to the internet (PC, Phone, or tablet). You can use Le VPN with routers, mobile devices, PC browsers, and Chrome add-ons on desktops, Macs, or other non-Android operating systems. Le VPN provides 14 days of free service, including up to two simultaneous connections to a single account.

What is Le VPN?

Le VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), similar to accessing the internet via proxy servers. But instead of hiding the location of the user, it involves changing and rerouting their IP address so that they can access blocked web pages. Le VPN allows you to fake your IP address from being revealed on any one site to gain access but saves your IP history on server logs for identification purposes. In other words, as soon as you log out of Le VPN's service or browse away from a site they were previously changed for, all records will show up again unless you're at another location browsing with different settings.

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