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Ironsocket protects your data by encrypting it before sending it through their secure servers located worldwide so that nobody can see what you do online except for you!




Bypass Geo-Blocking

Privacy Protection


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7 days

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Device Access

Unlimited Data Transfer

Limitless Device Connections

Unblock Geo-Restricted Content

Worldwide Servers

No Logs

Split Tunneling

Anonymous IP Address

Anonymous Proxy

Service Optimization

Privacy Protection

IP Leak Protection

Secure Protocols


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes IronSocket different?

IronSocket has no bandwidth caps, does not throttle your internet, is free of charge, and is secure. It's the only VPN that doesn't have limitations on your internet speed, runs wirelessly wherever you go with no setup required for mobile devices, and offers both a peer-to-peer network and encryption protection.

What is IronSocket?

IronSocket is a global leader in VPN security with servers in 7 countries. Its secure VPN tunnels keep your web browser traffic encrypted from start to finish so you can browse the Internet with ease, knowing your site visits and search queries are not being monitored or logged by third parties at any point. Protection for data transmitted over the web, online gaming, shopping, and banking, plus IP discovery services help support users on all mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android phones. IronSocket allows for anonymous Internet use through their Secure proxy servers or full encryption with two layers of data protection so that nobody will ever be able to track your activities while surfing the Internet.

How does Ironsocket protect my privacy and anonymity on the internet?

Ironsocket protects your privacy and anonymity on the internet by routing all the data through an encrypted secure tunnel, regardless of which country you are in. Your Internet Service Provider won’t inspect or monitor you while using Ironsocket because all traffic is encrypted from end to end. They won't know what sites you visit or who are contacting as they have no visibility into the full network flow. Your browsing history can't be gathered from the exit nodes because Ironsocket doesn't log any IP collision information about the users. This means that everything a user does while connected to the VPN stays hidden inside the Ironsollower network - from legal authorities and ISPs alike.

What makes the Ironsocket service so secure?

Ironsocket is encrypted with military-grade encryption to ensure that your data will not be compromised in the event of an intrusion. In computer security, a measure of how resistant a system is to unauthorized access by hackers or other malicious parties. Encryption systems should have properties like being computationally hard (so it takes a reasonable amount of time for someone to get what they're looking for) and irreversibly damaging when information gets hacked (to prevent data from getting into the wrong hands). Military-grade encryption ensures that your data will not only remain encrypted throughout its current transmission but also through its digital afterlife before finally being decrypted where you want it.

Can I use IronSocket across multiple devices with the same account?

You can sign in to your IronSocket account on up to three separate devices. Every device you sign in will sync to the local data, so you've always got access to everything fairly quickly despite how many devices are signed in simultaneously. You do need an Internet connection and a stable connection for each device though, for best results, please try using a wired connection if possible. It is also not possible to log into multiple accounts at once.

How much data does the IronSocket VPN account have?

IronSocket VPN accounts currently have a user space of 10 GB. This number may change over time as the account is adapted to suit customer demand. For instance, if you're using an account for your phone's data, this would be exclusive of any other user of your bandwidth that could happen at home or work. All customers are subject to some processing limits depending on their chosen package plan, but these limits do not exist in the same way with peer-to-peer networks.

Does IronSocket VPN keep logs of my online data and activities?

The company is explicit in its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy about the minimal data they collect, including names, email addresses, account usage statistics, and billing information. Since their primary goal seems to be anonymity with a focus on security, you can rest assured that your sensitive online data is not being logged.

Is my data safe with IronSocket VPN?

IronSocket VPN offers a comprehensive service package for all of the most sought-after features in strict accordance with the latest security and privacy demands. Considering the necessities of modern data protection, IronSocket VPN has implemented several unrivaled safety measures that serve to protect your data reliably. All transmissions are encrypted by a 256-bit AES encryption key and use OpenVPN protocol as one of the many available methods to ensure adequate internet security. In addition, IronSocket VPN’s service implements DNS leak protection protocols.

Can I use my DNS servers with IronSocket VPN?

Yes. The IronSocket VPN can be configured with a custom DNS server. This means that the VPN IP address is not your actual IP address but runs in a tunnel through the provider’s servers, making it nearly impossible to detect. You would need to configure your home router or modem so that it would create DNS queries for all devices on your network and then route them through Ironsocket’s DNS server as well (or whichever one you choose).

Can I use an IronSocket VPN on my iPhone?

Yes. iPhone requires OpenVPN protocol to work, and as IronSocket allows you to create a VPN server using Windows, Mac, or Linux computers with an iOS app for connecting securely to your home WiFi network. That means you can use it on your iPhone without any problem. The IronSocket VPN client software supports all major platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux distros, including Ubuntu-based systems (e.g., Kubuntu) so setting up a secure connection in minutes is easy.

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