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ExpressVPN ranks 10 with 4,028 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Really appreciated by its users, Fast, Works perfectly' as the most positive attributes of ExpressVPN. On the other hand, they point out 'Disappointing free version, Connection issues, Compatibility issues' as not living up to their expectations.

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Hard to register 👍👎

Very efficient good service


others said all of things. so no need to explain more. I wish you fix the last update problems

After numerous communications and attempts to get it to work as advertised, NO luck. This VPN service is definately NOT meant for South Africans who wants access to overseas content - blurred picture and continuous buffering.

Using this on two phones running Android 8 & 9. No issues, great service. Also using on a few Win10 workstations.

Didn't go as i Plan i pick Ph server then it go somewhere else i do not recommend this App

Love this VPN. My IT friend suggested it after I had tried 2 others that were just too difficult to move around in. This is easy peasie!

Useful and reliable