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AVG is a top-class service provider ideal for home users and businesses looking for website unblockers online. AVG Secure VPN effectively works on hiding your identity. It is great for anyone looking for a quality VPN experience with its fast speed and diverse server selections.

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Positive reviews


Negative reviews

Reviews insights

Really appreciated by its users

Works perfectly

Peace of mind

Good value for money

Connection issues

Does exactly what it says

Compatibility issues

Disappointing free version

Keeps my phone safe

Lots of long time users

Easy to use

Great tool for the task

No issues experienced

Easy to install

Better than the rest

First impression is great

Slow performance

Search feature

Works across multiple devices

You have to pay extra

Free version is great

Has everything you need

Pleased with experience

Premium version issues

Fantastic service

Don't waste your time

Worth the price

Doesn't work on my phone


Problems with app store listing

Mobile app is bad

Saved lots of time

Laggy performance

Great support

Doesn't work

Customer service is bad

Money transfer issues

Subscription is cancelled

Very useful

Only minor quirks

Will use it again

Getting errors

Keeps me up to date

Highly recommended

Cannot cancel subscription

Doesn't slow down your device

Runs in the background

Arrived early

Update issues

Great for creative people

Easy to work with

Annoying ads

Login problems

Results are awesome

Refund issues

Account setup is hard

Doesn't work on android

Well documented

Great staff

Does not have to pay to use

User friendly

Difficult to understand

No ads

There are better alternatives

Don't mind negative reviews

Premium version is not worth it

Collaboration is easy

No way to contact support

Money back guarantee

Unexpected charges

Doesn't work on iphone

Great for designers and engineers

Suspected scam

Customer service is great

Trial version is great

App permission problems

Technical issues

Drains my battery

Bad accessibility

Email templates are great

Unsupported features

Too expensive

Data loss

Loads fast

Bad user experience

Great premium version

Customer support is unresponsive

Account is locked

Integration is easy

Bad desktop version

Latest update is not great

Fake accounts

Problems with launching

Gives you options

Gives you all you need

Provides instant access



Fine print

Crashes reported

Could recover all data

Data protection concerns


Great web version

Not recommended

Hard to navigate

Easy to understand

Delivery problems

Seamless user experience

Waiting time

Frustrating experience

Great on the go

Great resource

Learning curve is gentle

Great for tracking progress

Easy to create videos

Improves productivity

Disappointing features

Takes forever to open

Beautiful interface

Great filters

Complete package

Delivered as promised

Issues with verification

Backups my data

Fake reviews

Stability issues

Customer service is responsive

Can't speak with real person

Very confusing

Great for small business

Instructions are clear

Great desktop version

Takes forever to load

Life changing

Great for editing

Very intuitive

Really fun

Great image quality

Appealing design

Impressive features

Many image options

Great pricing


Essential tool

Not user friendly

Make appointments easily

Easy to schedule meetings

Support for various platforms

Limited functionality

Great for transferring data

Easy to navigate

Hidden costs

Has helped many users

Learning curve steep

Great sound quality

Great for creating social media posts

Editor is fantastic


Feature is rich

Very accessible

Makes promoting easy

Nothing to dislike

Takes forever to get approved

Customization options

Awesome photo editor

Life saver

Many templates to choose from

Great for writing on the go

Third party integrations


Many advanced features