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AVG is a top-class service provider ideal for home users and businesses looking for website unblockers online. AVG Secure VPN effectively works on hiding your identity. It is great for anyone looking for a quality VPN experience with its fast speed and diverse server selections.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes AVG different?

You can confidently navigate the connected world with AVG Secure VPN and stream without interruption with its best website unblocker allowing access to a wide range of contents across the world. Get AVG Secure VPN top-class internet security and privacy solutions. AVG optimizes the benefits of a VPN website unblocker. Stream up to 10 devices while staying anonymous. The ultimate website unblocker imposes military-grade encryption, secures Wi-fi connection, maximizes connection speed, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. And you can try out AVG’s free VPN website unblocker to test its capability to combat block sites now.

What makes AVG secure VPN different?

AVG secure VPN is a different kind of VPN because it combines the power of a fast, secure, and reliable network with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. AVG secure VPN is a robust, easy-to-use VPN service that lets you maintain privacy and anonymity as you surf the web. It does this by encrypting all your browsing traffic with military-grade encryption, so it's unreadable to any hacker or snooper. A private tunnel that keeps your internet data away from the prying eyes of outsiders while securing public Wi-Fi hotspots and stops malware threats before they infect your machine, AVG secure VPN is a secure line of defense for anyone who wants to enter the digital world without hesitation.

What is AVG secure VPN?

AVG secure VPN is a service that encrypts your browsing and protects your privacy online. They do this by providing you with a private Internet access point on their network. Once connected, any information coming from or going out to the internet (from any program) is encrypted - which prevents prying eyes or eavesdropping from seeing your connection details during web-browsing sessions. In addition, AVG Secure VPN will give you broader access to all of your favorite websites and can boost speeds when using streaming services.

How does AVG secure VPN encrypt my network?

AVG Secure VPN encrypts your network by substituting your information (user name, password, credit card number) with long strings of random letters and numbers sent to the server. It scrambles the data and compresses it through an algorithm. As a result, traffic cannot be read or stolen while the system is in action. In addition, the channel is encrypted with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption keys so that communications are safe from eavesdroppers and malware.

How does AVG Secure VPN work?

AVG Secure VPN works by disconnecting the user's Internet connection from their ISP or Carrier, and then all data is routed through AVG Secure VPN. That means all of your web surfing is protected, save for any pages you visit that are not on encrypted HTTPS protocols. This also includes apps using the standard HTTP connection when they're not taking advantage of SSL connections like most sites do when giving out credentials.

Is AVG Secure VPN available on mobile devices?

Yes. AVG Secure VPN is available for iOS and Android devices. AVG Secure VPN for Android offers a powerful combination of protection against malware, online threats, and advanced networking technology that enables you to access the web without limits. AVG Secure VPN for iOS lets you go online privately and securely using an encrypted WiFi connection whenever you're out or on the go.

How does AVG secure VPN protect the browsing traffic?

AVG secure VPN protects your internet connection by swapping out unprotected bytes of data with protected ones in a way that moves your data privately to its destination and ensures that it cannot be intercepted or reconstructed along the way. This is what they call tunneling. Another important thing about this process is that it can't be reversed, which means nobody, not even the company, can access any unencrypted information at any time during the process.

What operating systems does AVG secure VPN support?

AVG secure VPN supports Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac operating systems. AVG provides over 200 million downloads of its software products with tens of millions of active users per month. If you want a product known for its stability, it has one you can install today on your computer. Hence, all the supported platforms are set in motion to keep up with their popularity.

Does AVG secure VPN collect data?

AVG does not collect data. AVG Secure VPN is a no-log VPN service that is open by default and does not log any personal information about its users. AVG Secure VPN collects and logs some statistics about device crashes and outages or when a user can't access servers due to technical reasons. This data is limited in scope and contains only the bare minimum usage metrics required for troubleshooting purposes.

How does AVG secure VPN connect?

AVG Secure VPN establishes a VPN connection endpoint on your device. The server can be quite far away and is not limited in any way to your country or region. Once connected to its VPN gateway, all of the communication between your device and the network will pass through the encrypted tunnel protected by military-grade 256-bit AES encryption so that no one can snoop on what you are doing during the internet browsing sessions.

Does AVG secure VPN work with P2P applications?

Yes, the AVG Secure VPN allows P2P. The AVG Secure VPN app uses the OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec protocols, allowing for file sharing on Internet connections that use these protocols.

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