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Test whether you are subjecting your device information to Website or App surveillance using a WebRTC Leak Test! WebRTC Leak Test is a desktop software that analyzes network packets in order to find connection leakages and the IP address leaks. Sign up for free trial today!

Frequently Asked Questions on WebRTC Leak Test

What is the significance of the webRTC leak test to internet users?

The importance of the webRTC leak test browser plugin to the internet users is that it provides a proxy for monitoring how vulnerable those who are behind the firewalls, also the router where you connect to access the internet acts as an access point, and it provides a wireless public link between devices in your home like computers, tablets or smartphones with others on the wider internet; but by being connected wirelessly, these routers are open to security risks like hacking.

How long does the webRTC leak test run?

Unfortunately, the webRTC leak test does not run for an exact amount of time. This is due to several factors that are out of our control, such as your ISP (Internet Service Provider), how much web traffic there is on the world wide web at any point in time, and a myriad of other factors that make standardization impossible.

Is the unique token also recorded in the webRTC leak test?

The test does not collect any information that can be used to identify you. It only assigns a randomly generated string of letters and numbers called a token to each connection.

 I am testing for browser leaks; how can I know if my computer is leaking or my router is leaking?

To test for browser leaks, you need to monitor your computer's Internet connection and see if any requests are made to the same domain. One way is by checking for logs and messages in the system or application logs that reference a particular URL.

Won't it show that my IP address is being leaked if I use webRTC leak test?

The test will show that your IP address is leaking if it bypasses your VPN or proxy. WebRTC leak tests are not concerned with the possibility of a remote service discovering information about you from, for example, packet capture.

Does webRTC rely on javascript?

Yes. WebRTC has several javascript APIs. WebRTC is a proprietary technology that enables browsers with Real-time Communications capabilities via javascript APIs for browser-to-browser communication, browser push notifications, and communications API without the need to install any plugins or software. 

Is the webRTC leak test an extension or an application?

The WebRTC leak test is an online checker tool in the form of a browser extension that helps protect your privacy by checking whether your computer can be intercepted through websites or online services, and it also checks for other potential threats.

What are the advantages of the webRTC leak test?

The advantage of the webRTC leak test is that you can monitor if the digital information is leaked and avoid the hackers from entering and uploading data that would be lost forever without having backup precautions set up beforehand. Another advantage is that by implementing the WebRTC leak test into your site's code, you will protect any communication from bots that might lead to sharing sensitive information as well as those who have slow connections.

What are the disadvantages of the webRTC leak test?

The only disadvantage of the webRTC leak test is that it might not detect all forms of leaks. In P2P, other providers can be connected to you outside of the browser, potentially bypassing our test and some others. WiFi access points may also leverage STUN for connectivity to third-party servers when you are using their networks which would introduce DNS or TCP/IP packets with IP addresses unknown into the stream. Some webRTC leak test may detect DNS leaks, but it depends on the browser extension you're using.

Is my browsing safe if I use the webRTC leak test?

Yes, since this is one of the most accurate and up-to-date tests, which you can use to check if you have an IP leak.

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