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VPN Shazam ranks 9 with 16 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Beautiful interface, Will use it again, Delivery is fast' as the most positive attributes of VPN Shazam. On the other hand, they point out 'Customer support is unresponsive' as not living up to their expectations.

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Quiet horrible support I bought a VPN with dedicated IP from them after working with it, for sometime most of its server had problem connecting over udp/tcp and connection drops quite frequently which made me frustrated but this is good part of the story, I Opened a ticket and asked for a refund, its been 3 days and they did not answered to any of my tickets which makes me feel that I got scammed.

Good dedicated IP VPN I have tried VPNShazam dedicated IP VPN and it is really good and clean IP. I got German Dedicated IP as i needed a static IP to work with my application. The nice thing about VPNShazam is they give full access for the dynamic IP network when you order dedicated IP. Overall, i love them so far.

I love it.... very good service with reliable price.

Cloud wall has been inseparable, even there is no traffic limit, INS to find my male god confession, this VPN has helped a lot.

VPN friend recommended to me, personal feeling is very good.

VPN good use, add praise

VPN is used to cry, the interface looks comfortable, no advertisement is very good, INS find my male god confession, this VPN has helped a lot.

The wall VPN is really practical, without a fancy interface

Wingy is a very good product and technology. Im trying to use this VPN.

VPN doesnt know how to express it, thats all right. Will continue to pay attention and find problems will be timely feedback.