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From small businesses and large corporations to anyone who wants to protect themselves while surfing the web, TorGuard is the best VPN service for fast and reliable security. TorGuard is a top VPN service provider that promises affordable, fast, and secure internet access that assures your safety and protection against hackers.


Average Speed

2 mbps


Free Trial

2 days

Data Cap


Free Plans

Unblocks Blocked Content

1000+ Servers

Free Trial Period

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

24/7 Customer Support

Live Chat Support

Windows Compatibility

50+ mbps Speed

128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

Unlimited Streaming Access

Ultra-fast Video Streaming

Access Torrenting Sites

5+ Simultaneous Connections

iOS Compatibility


Overall ranking


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes TorGuard different?

Having TorGuard on your device is like having a personal bodyguard that protects you from third parties that try to steal your information. With a dedication to providing the highest quality of safety and security, TorGuard puts you in stealth mode and keeps zero logs. As a VPN service focused on delivering private and hassle-free browsing, you can surf the net freely without the fear of losing personal information. Besides VPN services, TorGuard has a wide range of features that make it one of the best VPN services. With a grand number of 3,000+ servers across 50+ countries, it lives up to its claims of being the fastest VPN service. Although its speed is what makes it a top-tier service, a built-in ad blocker, user-friendly interface, and affordable price are what make it a popular well-rounded VPN provider.

Why should I choose TorGuard over other top VPN services?

TorGuard does its best to do everything possible to protect your privacy no matter what. They offer quality support, and it’s easy to use, considering all the services that they offer. Besides the high quality, speed, and promised security, when you compare VPN services, TorGuard offers the best value for the unique and wide variety features that they have to offer.

What are the best features of the TorGuard VPN service?

According to VPN service reviews, TorGuards reliability is one of the highest among VPN services. There are barely any technical issues or installation problems encountered by users. The VPN is privacy-friendly, and its top security features can give you the freedom to customize your browsing experience. Another great feature is that it offers impressive torrenting support in comparison to other providers.

Does TorGuard offer a free VPN service?

Yes. Besides the free 7-day trial with a money-back guarantee, TorGuard offers a 30-day free trial plan if you’re switching VPNs. This plan includes encrypted mail and file storage, secured file sharing and video streaming, support on all OS and devices, and so much more. The numerous features alone are among the reasons it's one of the best free VPN services you can get in the market.

What is a VPN service?

A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to connect securely to other networks while browsing. These are mainly used to access restricted content across regions, protect browsing activity from third-parties, and provide security for your device against malware.

How fast is TorGuard?

Although TorGuard bandwidth and speed aren't limited or throttled in any way, all servers feature gigabite+ port speeds. It's expected that TorGuard can work around 5mbps to 100Mbps, depending on connection speed, server loading, encryption strength, and many other factors. The company recommends that you connect through their TG Client "Tunneltype" OpenConnect + UDP. In turn, this avoids throttling and gives you the highest possible speed available for you without any problems.

Can I change my dedicated IP?

Yes, you can, but the company charges $4.00 for every IP change. If you wish to change it, contact the support desk and explain why you want to change it and the new location. Once everything settles, an invoice will be sent to inform you that your IP has been changed.

Would TorGuard ever share my info with a third-party?

TorGuard doesn't share any information unless they've obtained proper representation within a legal jurisdiction. The only time the company will be forced to hand over data is in an official court-ordered ruling.

How do I know that my TorGuard proxy and VPN service are working?

Just connect to the VPN server and visit to check your current IP address. For torrents, TorGuard's free Check My Torrent IP Tool is a torrent tracker available that lets you download a torrent file for your client. The torrent will not download or complete any data or complete and remain active in your queue. From there, you'll see your torrent IP through your client torrent.

Can you use both VPN and proxy services to increase security?

Yes, you can. HTTP/HTTPS proxies will work with a VPN. Although it still might work out fine, using both socks5 and VPN might slow things down and cause issues.

Does TorGuard support port forwarding?

Yes. The port forwarding is limited to ports above 2048 and through OpenVPN only. To open a port, log in to your client area dashboard then to your service. Go to the menu option and select “Management Actions,” then “Request Port Forward” to your VPN service. It will be processed immediately, and you'll receive an email with activation details and instructions on how to use it in the TorGuard client. Login to your client area dashboard and then go to “Management Actions” then “Port Management” in the menu to manage your ports.

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