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Make the switch to SwitchVPN and browse the web safely with no limits! SwitchVPN offers the best privacy and security measures that guarantee safe and hassle-free access to everything online. Shielded with the industry’s best encryption, you can get the highest form of protection while getting the maximum speed of internet connection wherever you go.


Average Speed

26.7 mbps


Free Trial

30 days

Data Cap


Free Plans

Ultra-fast Video Streaming

5+ Simultaneous Connections

VPN Sharing Functions

Unblocks Censored Content

Unblocks Geo-restricted Content

Unblocks Blocked Content

No Speed Caps

99.9% Uptime

P2P Functions

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

OpenVPN Encryption

24/7 Customer Support

Live Chat Support

Email Support


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes SwitchVPN different?

SwitchVPN was built on the belief that the internet is meant to be open for everyone, everywhere. It can smoothly run on up to 6 devices that are compatible with most operating systems. On top of this, entertainment is always accessible! No matter where you are, SwitchVPN stops throttling and provides access to any content securely with enhanced speeds. The team behind the company's success developed an impressive VPN tunnel that provides freedom with end-to-end security. SwitchVPN uses P2P networks so you can stay incognito and avoid the risks of being spied on. Privacy enthusiasts will never have to worry—SwitchVPN will give that extra layer of security of masking your identity.

How do I renew my SwitchVPN subscription?

If you would like to have your VPN service monthly to be renewed automatically, go to the “Customer Dashboard” and toggle “Auto-Renewal” to “ON.” Your subscription will now renew automatically on every expiry date. But, auto-renewal will only work if you use PayPal or a credit card as your payment mode.

Does SwitchVPN offer a free VPN service?

SwitchVPN doesn’t offer free services, but they have a 30-day money-back guarantee for their Premium and Family plans. You can cancel anytime within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with the service, and your money will be refunded—no questions asked! SwitchVPN also offers a 3-day trial where you can try the service for $1 for 3 days.

What should I do if websites take long to load after connecting to the VPN?

In case websites aren’t loading after connecting to the VPN, you may fix this issue by selecting another VPN protocol. Open your app, then click on the “Settings” icon. Click on the “Protocol” tab and change it to either L2TP or TCP. Then, reconnect to the VPN (default protocol is UDP). If the problem persists, please contact SwitchVPN’s customer support by emailing them at support@switchvpn.net. You can also contact them through their live chat services on their website.

What payment options are available for SwitchVPN?

You can pay for your subscription through your credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Alipay accounts. Credit cards accepted include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

Does SwitchVPN store logs of my VPN usage?

No. SwitchVPN has a “zero logging” policy. This means that you have the freedom to browse, stream, search, and communicate online without having to worry about any of your activity being tracked and sold to third parties.

Does SwitchVPN offer port forwarding?

Yes, they do! Port forwarding options are offered on SwitchVPN’s Windows and Mac software. This feature can be used to better optimize P2P performance and torrent. It’s usually enabled on default, but you will need to connect to Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, France, or Germany port forwarding-enabled gateways. Once connected, You’ll find the port number on the bottom of the page under ‘Port Forwarded’.

Can I cancel my SwitchVPN subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Simply log in to your account, then click on red "X" next to your subscription. Fill up the rest of the form. Your account is going to be canceled at the end of your billing period.

Does SwitchVPN offer a static/dedicated IP VPN?

Unfortunately, SwitchVPN does not. The VPN, instead, uses a shared IP address. Each gateway has a shared IP address. Any user that connects to a particular gateway will get the same IP address. But according to VPN service reviews, this doesn’t affect the quality of the VPN. It even provides more privacy in comparison to static/dedicated IP.

Does SwitchVPN work in China?

Yes. Chinese users are provided the same VPN service online as any other SwitchVPN user. Chinese users are given anonymous and fast internet access to websites without any restrictions.

How can I get a refund?

If you wish to cancel your SwitchVPN subscription within 30 days after you’ve purchased a plan, you are eligible for a refund. You can request a refund by contacting SwitchVPN’s team through their email, support@switchVPN.net, or through their live chat. Refund requests usually take 1-2 working days to be processed.

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