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Did you know that third parties are spying on you through your internet connection? A great VPN service can secure your connection through its powerful features, and that’s StrongVPN. It is a powerful VPN service equipped with WireGuard protocol; a protocol that can enable users to experience advantageous VPN speed, security, and performance. If you’re anxious about your privacy, protect yourself with the strongest VPN in the market. You will never regret it.

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Boracvpn Spotvpn

need Apps and reseller penal my whasatpp +971558565894

Eric Skaff

This company hacked in and downloaded my website content and emails. I have their IP address as proof. They continue to ignore communication, as I was hoping to clear this up before the police are notified.

Gon Z

When I got my VPN Account with them it was kind of slow, then I try wittopia and the same it was even worst, found [link removed] and so far so good good VPN speed and service.

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Aug 17, 2009

Ron Chew

When choosing a VPN I need to hit very specific criteria: 1. Reliability 2. Secure 3. Customer Service 4. Price This service hits them all. The customer service is responsive, quick and available round the clock. The speeds are optimal, which gives me more than enough bandwidth to do what I need to do. Unlimited bandwidth can't hurt as well! They run regular promotions and have referral credit, which I am grateful for. I have been their loyal customer for more than 2 years and will still be for the foreseeable future.

Wei Xu

its been more than decade the PRC government is blocking all the free world online social media, been trying more than 100 VPN and unblocking tools , but the best one is absolutely Strongvpn, with their San Fransisco server, it works excellent for me in China

Wei Sin Tan

if you are looking for a vpn service, i can only recommend strongvpn as the service is fast and reliable.

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Feb 10, 2013

Sergio Lubezky

As with any high tech company, the marketing and sales pitch is always good. But not many live up to the expectations they created. This is not the case with Strong VPN. Their customer service level is par to none... they are there, always, to help shall a problem arise. In my case, all the problems I´ve had had been on my end, not theirs, and they still have been polite and helpfull in resolving all of them. The speed is great, and in a nutshell, their service works exactly as they say it would work. You cant go wrong with them!

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Feb 13, 2013

Moha Ali Malek

Strong VPN provides you the best vpn accounts Fastest Most stable Easy setup Unbelievable moneyback Best support team 7/24 online Just test it...

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Feb 13, 2013

Ronnie Muhadi

best deal vpn with a lot options vpn server to accesing my favorites movie on US netflix

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Feb 13, 2013

M Stevens

Really pleased with special pptp package, throughput is great. Will be renewing again when the time comes.

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Feb 14, 2013