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Did you know that third parties are spying on you through your internet connection? A great VPN service can secure your connection through its powerful features, and that’s StrongVPN. It is a powerful VPN service equipped with WireGuard protocol; a protocol that can enable users to experience advantageous VPN speed, security, and performance. If you’re anxious about your privacy, protect yourself with the strongest VPN in the market. You will never regret it.

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Planet VPN, previously known as RUSVPN, is a leading provider of VPN services, offering fast, reliable, and secure connections. They offer custom VPN packages for different needs - from personal use to business solutions. Their service includes unlimited bandwidth and traffic with no speed limits or throttling anywhere in the world. In addition, all plans come with robust encryption standards that protect your data on public Wi-Fi networks too!

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Strong VPN is a good and trustable VPN service with a lot of features, but it's not the best one and it has some cons too. Strong VPN provides a good number of features, including: browser extension, OpenVPN encryption, kill switch, protection against leaks, mobile application, iOS compatibility, VPN sharing functions, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, Firefox VPN, phone support, 24/7 customer support, unlimited streaming access, access to torrenting sites, US VPN, Kodi VPN, IP address logs policy, access to streaming services, Android compatibility. However, there are some drawbacks: it does not offer double encryption or live chat support; it has a strict no-logs policy but keeps some logs (cookie logs); it is based in the US which is not ideal for privacy; it does not have a free trial period; it is missing some common features such as UK VPN and Russian VPN.

In their reviews, users have mentioned that Strong VPN has a lot of long-time users, provides fantastic service, has great support, and is good value for money. However, some users have also reported that there have been compatibility issues, customer service is bad, and there have been connection and login problems.

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StrongVPN is a company that will beat other top VPN services in the market due to their years of experience in the business. It has been featured in popular websites such as the New York Times, PCWorld, TechRadar, and more. StrongVPN offers 12 simultaneous connections than the conventional five simultaneous connections that other VPN service offers. It is also the fastest VPN service with no speed limits; that’s why StrongVPN has earned it’s well-deserved 12,000+ positive customer reviews. StrongVPN does not believe in the security that other VPN services promise with free accounts. That’s why they do not offer it; however, they offer the cheapest VPN service package with an incredible discount and 30-day money-back guarantee for their customers and a 7-day trial for strong DNS accounts.

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StrongDNS is primarily responsible for unblocking geo-restricted media content. There are regions or countries that some streaming sites limit their access to that’s when Strong DNS comes in handy.

There are two kinds of VPN types to choose from: Remote Access/Personal VPN and Business/Commercial VPN (Site-to-Site). As for Remote Access, it is only meant to suit your satisfaction only. Personal VPNs are only meant for accessing geo-restricted content from other countries such as streaming sites or websites. The Commercial VPN is primarily meant for businesses or teams. With a Business VPN, you can create a network through which your team members will be sharing files throughout, securely, preventing any third party access. It will be up for you to decide on what your VPN use is meant for.

You can access it in all your devices, Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android.

1. You can use 12 connections at once.

2. It has the best options for server connections.

3. Uncontested privacy with Wireguard.

4. It ensures the fastest VPN service speed because it has no speed caps.

5. You get 24/7 Customer Quality Support.

Wireguard is a simple yet leading protocol in the industry when it comes to speed and data encryption. It is simple to set up and brings your internet connection experience to a whole new level. You will enjoy the uncontested internet speed without lags and monitoring from third parties now through StrongVPN with its WireGuard protection.

Currently, WireGuard is supported in Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. However, you must take note that you need to have the latest update on your app.

A proxy secures the traffic through the internet browser through the proxy server settings. Meanwhile, a VPN encrypts all of your traffic towards the VPN server and replaces your Internet Service Provider.

Unfortunately, most popular streaming devices like Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Wii, and more cannot be set up with StrongVPN due to their lack of internal support. To resolve that, connect them to the VPN router—to obtain a VPN connection instantly through that router. Through it, you can access geo-blocked streaming sites and protect every device connected to it from snoopers.

StrongDNS does not increase bandwidth usage. Do take note that this might make you increase your video or audio content streaming usage, making you take advantage of it and disregard your data consumption.

StrongvPN supports a few, common payment methods which users can choose from to pay for their subscription:

1. Visa

2. MasterCard

3. American Express

4. Discover

5. Paypal

6. Alipay