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Tired of restrictions? SmartDNS is all you need. SmartDNS Proxy is a VPN service that allows you to unblock geo-restricted content and grant you unlimited bandwidth and speed. No more slowing down while you're connected to the internet. With SmartDNS Proxy, you can unblock websites, gain the fastest internet speed, and keep your data protected.

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Average Speed

28.6 mbps


Free Trial

14 days

Data Cap


Free Plans

Ultra-fast Video Streaming

5+ Simultaneous Connections

VPN Sharing Functions

50+ mbps Speed

Unblocks Censored Content

Unblocks Geo-restricted Content

Unblocks Blocked Content

No Speed Caps

P2P Functions

Access Streaming Services

Access Torrenting Sites

Based in State/s with No Data Retention Laws

Kill Switch

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Last updated on March, 7

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Frequently Asked Questions

Truely is based on AI algorithms that are getting smarter every day.
What makes SmartDNS different?

For over seven years, SmartDNS Proxy continuously brings its advantages through more than 1 million customers from around the globe. With all of your internet traffic getting encrypted to their global network, they can mask your IP Address. When you compare other VPN Services with SmartDNS, you can say that it offers a faster and better browsing experience under their network. SmartDNS can protect your privacy from the government, Internet Service Provider, and other prying eyes. Moreover, you can enjoy its features that combat the best VPN Service for free through the 14-day trial. Try its advantages now and experience going incognito mode totally.

Is it possible to access popular streaming services?

Yes. If you want to know which of the streaming services you can gain access to the following; Netflix (, Pandora (, Hulu (, ABC (, NBC (, A&E TV (, CBS (, (, Sony Crackle (, Amazon Prime, Beats Music (, US Open (, iHeart Radio (, CWTV (, Sony Music Unlimited, SyFy HD (, (, MTV (, VH1 (, HBO GO (, HBO NOW (, NFL Game Pass (, NFL Now (, PBS (, NHL GameCenter (, beIN CONNECT ES, FOX News (, beIN Sports Connect (, BeIN Sports Connect (, NBC Sports Live Extra, MSNBC (, Fox (, USA NOW AppleTV, Bloomberg TV (, TNT Drama (, History (, Animal Planet (, Nickelodeon (, PBS Kids (, Bravo (, AOL On (, MGO (, and more!

Can SmartDNS Proxy slip past through “The Great Firewall of China”?

Yes. With SmartDNS Proxy’s all-in-one features and strong protocols used there is no doubt, you can slip past through the firewall set up for the internet in their country. China temporarily disables the use of social media websites. If you have SmartDNS Proxy and it’s unblocking geo-restricted content features, you are sure to gain access to the censorship.

Which payment methods are accepted?

The payment methods accepted by SmartDNS PRoxy are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. If you have neither the credit cards as mentioned, PayPal is an easier alternative that you can link your card to and use as payment.

How many languages does SmartDNS proxy’s website support?

There are four: English, Turkish, Polish, and Spanish are the languages that their website supports. They are major languages that most of the customers prefer. You can also use a translator on your browser (through extension) to translate text if your preferred language is not available.

What makes SmartDNS better than a VPN Service for streaming?

The technology of SmartDNS allows you to stream faster by rerouting parts of your traffic through its server.

Compatibility with Devices

With a VPN, only one tunnel between the device and blocked content is allowed. A SmartDNS is compatible with any of your gadgets: Smart TV, mobile devices, and computers.

Easy to Install

With SmartDNS’s simple interface, setting things up is easy.


VPN services offer amounts that are quite pricey. A SmartDNS Proxy costs less in terms of subscription.

How to make SmartDNS Proxy work?

To use it, change your DNS IP Address in your device. Then, pick through the addresses for SmartDNS Proxy. Changing it will enable your browsing activities to go through SmartDNS Proxy’s secure network.

What is PPTP?

Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. It provides 128-bit encryption and operates on almost all devices: PC or mobile. This protocol is simple to set up and it allows you to connect securely from a remote location.

What is L2TP?

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. It provides 256-bit encryption. L2TP brings fast speed and operates on almost every device. You will not have any trouble looking for a specific device where the L2TP protocol works with this.

What are IKEv1 and IKEv2?

Internet Key Exchange 1 and Internet Key Exchange 2. IKEv1 is a protocol used for older devices that do not support IKEv2. As for IKEv2, it acts as a substitute to L2TP in case it doesn’t work.

What is SSTP?

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol. It provides basic traffic checking and encryption. SSTP is simple to set up and is usable through Windows operating systems.

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