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Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the leading VPN services that offer secure and encrypted VPN tunnels. They offer a VPN service online that adds an extra layer of protection and security to people using the internet. PIA has more than 12,000 servers across 74 countries. Since their inception, they’ve been one of the best VPN services since 2018.

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Average Speed

81 mbps


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2 months

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Unblocks Blocked Content

1000+ Servers

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256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

24/7 Customer Support

Live Chat Support

Windows Compatibility

50+ mbps Speed

128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

Unlimited Streaming Access

Access Torrenting Sites

Based in State/s with No Data Retention Laws

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5+ Simultaneous Connections


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Last updated on March, 7

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes PIA different?

Internet privacy and security is PIA’s top priority. That’s why they create secure channels for everyone needing a VPN. Through PIA’s encryption, hackers will not track sensitive information coming from your device. Besides that, PIA gives you ultimate protection by collecting and storing any logs on their system. There have been no detected leaks for PIA since 2010, which makes their VPN users safe from spying government agencies. With PIA, you can unblock blocked websites in the United States, United Kingdom, Romania, Germany, and France, to name a few.

What payment methods does PIA accept?

You can pay PIA using your credit card, PayPal, Amazon, or you can pay through Google Play and Apple/iTunes when using PIA’s app. Choose these payment channels if you want recurring payment options. For one-time purchases, PIA also accepts cryptocurrency payments, like Bitcoin and Ripple. PIA also accepts payments from other payment channels, like CashU, Okpay, and Paygarden (supported US gift cards).

How can I fix the “the VPN service is not available. Exiting.” error?

Even the fastest VPN services encounter problems. When you can’t connect to the VPN, check if you’re connected to the internet. If the problem persists, your firewall may be blocking the VPN connection. Adjust your firewall in this case. However, if the VPN is not working after exhausting all solutions above, contact PIA’s support for assistance.

How can I pay with bitcoin?

You first need to download a bitcoin wallet extension on your system. Paying with bitcoin is easy; you just need to click ‘“Pay with Bitcoin.” If you have a mobile wallet app, you can use PIA’s QR code and scan it using your phone. The generated invoice will be good for 15 minutes only, so you should pay the amount before it expires.

How do I know if a VPN provider is trustworthy?

First, look at the encryption methods used. VPN services ranked by review sites typically state the best encryption methods used by service providers. So far, PIA is well-respected in terms of privacy because there have been no privacy leaks attributed to them.

Can I change my payment methods?

Yes. You can switch payment methods at the “Client Control Panel” under “My Account.” When changing, wait for the confirmation message. If you cannot switch payment methods, contact PIA technical support.

What is the legal status of VPN services?

VPN services are not illegal, per se. However, courts of law worldwide will enforce that unlawful activity committed on the internet will remain regardless of VPN usage. Thus, you can still use the best VPN services to access websites not available in your country. Just don’t do something illegal like downloading torrents.

Are there bulk purchase options?

Yes, PIA has bulk purchase options, unlike some top VPN service providers. When you purchase in bulk, the prices are still the same, but the bulk VPN buyer will have control over the license keys. After purchase, the license keys will appear on your “Control Panel,” and you can hand them out to specific individuals privately.

Can I cancel my subscription after payment?

Yes, you may cancel your subscription. If you cancel a yearly plan, canceling this will not trigger the recurring payment feature, and you can enjoy the remaining months. Meaning, you still log in to the “Control Panel” and use the VPN until it expires.

Are VPNs purchased in my country can’t be used in other countries?

No. You can use your VPN even if you’re abroad. But, some countries blocked access to the PIA website. If you can’t access the PIA site in a specific country, there will be no other way for you to connect to the website even if you contact PIA support.

Can I enable auto-renewals again, even if I previously disabled it?

Yes, you may. Recent updates on credit card systems, Amazon, and PayPal enabled PIA to reinstate auto-renewal to accounts. Account plans from one month to two years can now enjoy reinstatement of auto-renewals.

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