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Mullvad is a personal VPN service that keeps your internet traffic private and secure. Its technology provides you with the ability to access blocked content while keeping all of your data safe from third parties. With Mullvad, all your online activity is encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to snoop on what you do or sees where you go online--not even the company itself!

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What makes Mullvad VPN different?

Mullvad VPN is very strict about not keeping any data logs. An ISP can know what IP address was used when connecting. However, Mullvad does not keep records of this, and it is virtually impossible to match up the connection log with the user in question.

What is Mullvad VPN?

Mullvad VPN provides internet users with a private, secure connection onto the open internet. It uses shared IP addresses, meaning it does not log which devices are connecting to the internet. In addition, It offers a high level of anonymity and will never connect to the wrong device. Their connections are always private and secure from hackers or malicious entities on the internet.

How can I tell if I'm connected?

Visit to check your connection status quickly, or you can visit Mullvad VPN's website, and it will display the server you are connected to at the top of the website.

What if the connection is broken?

With the Mullvad VPN application, all internet traffic is blocked until the VPN connection is re-established or the user disconnects or quits the app. This built-in safety feature ensures that your traffic is not accidentally leaked outside of the company's secure tunnel.

How do I enable the kill switch?

The app does not have a kill switch setting because the function is built-in and can never be disabled. If your network suddenly stops working or if the tunnel fails for any reason, Mullvad automatically protects your traffic from leaking outside of the VPN tunnel until your connection is re-established.

Can I use Mullvad VPN without the GUI?

Yes, by using the Mullvad command-line interface. The company also provides OpenVPN and WireGuard configuration files for any device that supports them.

How many computers or devices can I use my Mullvad VPN account on?

Mullvad VPN offers up to five simultaneous connections per account, which means you can protect all your devices with one subscription.

Does Mullvad VPN have any data caps or bandwidth limits?

No. Mullvad VPN has no data caps or usage limits on bandwidth. You are free to download and share as much of your data as you want without any restrictions whatsoever.

What OS does Mullvad VPN support?

Mullvad VPN supports Windows 7 and newer, macOS High Sierra (10.13), more recent Linux distributions such as Debian 10+, Ubuntu 18.04+, and the two latest Fedora releases. The company also provides OpenVPN and WireGuard configuration files for any device that supports them.

What license does the Mullvad VPN app have?

Mullvad VPN app is free software, and all the source code is GPL-3 licensed. Read more on the company's open-source page. However, the iOS app, when distributed on the Apple App Store, is licensed under the Apple App Store EULA and not GPL-3.

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