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Lessen the chances of you being hacked with Kaspersky’s high-quality VPN services. Your data and files are guaranteed to be safe with the company’s reliable and fast-acting servers. Your website security begins with entrusting Kaspersky to take care of your online protection solutions.


Average Speed

30 mbps


Free Trial

30 days

Data Cap


Free Plans

5+ Simultaneous Connections

VPN Sharing Functions

Unblocks Geo-restricted Content

Unblocks Blocked Content

Access Streaming Services

Access Torrenting Sites

128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

24/7 Customer Support

Phone Support

Live Chat Support

Email Support

Accessible to 100+ Countries

Strict No-Logs Policy

Some Logs Policy


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Kaspersky different?

Worried about hackers and being tracked? Kaspersky is one of the best VPN service providers that protects your video calls, chats, and bank details using military-grade encryption. Be rest assured that your IP address will not be traced. You will not be tracked even by your internet service provider (ISP). Avoid risks of being recorded online with their top-rated VPN service with a strict zero-logs policy. In addition to your guaranteed security, you also get to connect to various servers globally and be exposed to multiple entertainments. Because your trust is valuable to Kaspersky, they established topmost standards of data privacy for your safety and privacy.

Does Kaspersky offer free VPN service trials?

Yes, Kaspersky offers free VPN service trials to let you experience their top-rated services. A 30-day trial will start upon registering. This way, you would know how protected your information will be when using Kaspersky.

My previous Kaspersky license has not expired yet. Can I renew now and still have my remaining days?

Yes, you can. When you renew Kaspersky’s top-rated VPN services, they add your remaining days from the previous one to your current license. You will not have any problems as long as you don’t change the number of devices you use. If you do, your new license will only be activated once your old one expires.

I use multiple devices. Which ones are covered by Kaspersky?

They cover almost all devices. You can buy one license for multiple devices; this is the cheapest VPN service deal you could get. Listed below are the ones that are recognized once you avail their services

1. PC Windows

2. MAC

3. Android Mobiles

4. iOS Devices

Can I disable the auto-renewal of my license?

Yes, you can disable your auto-renewal. Upon purchasing, your license comes with auto-renewal, which is the fastest and easiest way to renew your VPN services. But, if you don’t like this feature, you can disable it on your account depending on where you bought your license. These are the different ways to cancel auto-renewal.

1. Purchased via Kaspersky website: Use the Digital River provider services and cancel your auto-renewal.

2. Purchased via Kaspersky retail partner (excluding Digital River): Contact the retail partner directly, and they will be the ones to help you disable your auto-renewal.

3. Purchased via My Kaspersky: Cancel your auto-renewal on your My Kaspersky account.

How can I change my payment details?

You can contact their retail partner, Digital River if you wish to change your payment details. Kaspersky doesn't control the payment methods directly. If you don’t use the card registered anymore or changed your ISP/email listed during purchase, update Digital River.

How will I know if the Kaspersky lab I purchased is genuine?

You will know when the Kaspersky Lab you purchased is genuine if they are digitally signed. The sign will confirm the integrity of the downloaded file from their website. You can check the digital signature on the download installer’s properties. It is valid when it is indicated “This digital signature is OK” along with a timestamp upon checking your Digital Signature Information. The timestamp indicates the time it was signed. If it is invalid, the installer you purchased has been altered and should not be consumed.

If my confirmation link expires, how can I activate my account?

Go to your My Kaspersky account, and on the upper corner of the page, find the “Resend verification email” option and click it. You will receive a notification on your email address containing a link. Click on it, and your account will be activated.

I did not receive an activation code after purchasing a Kaspersky application. What will I do?

Your activation code must be delivered to your email an hour after you purchase an application. Check first if the email was not automatically transferred to the “Spam” or “Junk” folder of your email. If you can’t find any, contact Kaspersky technical support right away. However, if you purchased your Kaspersky application from a different retail partner, you will have to contact them directly instead of the Kaspersky support team.

How can I remove a Kaspersky application?

Kaspersky receives excellent VPN service reviews from its clients. However, you have the option to remove your Kaspersky application anytime if you are not satisfied with their services. If you are using Windows, go to your control panel and select Programs and Features. Click your Kaspersky application and choose “Uninstall/Change.” Enter the password if you have one and click continue. Click next on the succeeding pages until you see a “Remove” tab. After clicking “remove,” you will be asked to reboot your computer. If you are using macOS, follow the procedures that are indicated on your specific application. The same goes for apps for Android and iOS.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can request a refund. You will need to contact Kaspersky’s support team for the refund request. If you purchased it from a retail partner, you should contact their respective support team. Prepare your full name, date of purchase, the email address you used, and order number from your confirmation email.

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