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Private connections, fast speed, and online freedom are within your hands. IPVanish is a USA VPN service commercially known as the best VPN service due to its ultra-fast and secure web surfing experience. It vanishes any trace of your activities while you’re surfing the web once installed. With such a feature, you can “Vanish” your IP and access geo-blocked content and websites from more than 75 countries!

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Average Speed

52 mbps


Free Trial

Data Cap


Free Plans

Unblocks Blocked Content

1000+ Servers

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

24/7 Customer Support

Live Chat Support

Windows Compatibility

50+ mbps Speed

Ultra-fast Video Streaming

Access Torrenting Sites

Based in State/s with No Data Retention Laws

Cookie Logs Policy

5+ Simultaneous Connections

iOS Compatibility

No Speed Caps


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes IPVanish different?

Started in 2012, this VPN Service has satisfied many of its customers worldwide as it effectively and strictly protects their private data while web surfing. Also, it has the cheapest VPN service fee and enough speed for an 8k video stream. When you compare VPN Services, IP Vanish tops them all due to their robust security features and their ability to assist their customers persistently. The IPVanish team brings their continuous efforts to adequately serve their clients and make sure that they are happily satisfied with their services. Place your trust in the cheapest VPN service online that guarantees data protection!

Does IPVAnish offer a free trial as compared to other top VPN services?

No, they do not offer a free trial. However, the good thing is, they offer their users the cheapest VPN service through discounted plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who is not qualified for the 30-day money-back guarantee?

Users of IPVanish accounts created via the iOS app are not eligible for this offer. They need to contact the Apple store directly.

Does IPVanish get positive VPN service reviews?

IPVanish believes that free VPN services are nonexistent. Services and VPN features cannot be availed securely and fully if there is no payment for them.

What is SugarSync?

SugarSync is a cloud service that primarily provides file storage, backup, and syncing on mobile apps. It secures files through 256 AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and TLS (Transport Layer Security) for a more secure transfer.

Why do IPVanish accounts get stolen?

An IPVanish account does not get stolen because of a breach within IPVanish’s software system as IPVanish is built with robust encryption and protocols to secure every user’s data. The user’s critical information must have been trespassed due to the user accessing websites with malware that retrieves their data.

Why do students need a top VPN service?

Most students rely on a public Wi-Fi connection when doing research. By public Wi-Fi, it means connecting to your college campuses or other location’s WiFi connection where there is a large population. The following can explain why you need them:

1. Your web surfing activity can be tracked.

2. There are websites that your campus would establish firewall protection on.

3. Inability to access websites due to the country’s incompatibility.

Why do we need IPVanish VPN service?

Governments in some countries block content against websites in other countries. The government also keeps track of internet activity on users. To ensure privacy against the government, efficient software among the VPN Services like IPVanish ranked on top for data protection should be used.

How does IPVanish benefit students?

Students need to do a lot of researching and accessing websites that could be restricted in their campus WiFi connection. Hence, with IPVanish around, they can access restricted websites and gain access to a speedier internet connection.

Which countries are forbidden to use IPVanish?
IPVanish is a US-based company that is blocked in specific countries:

1. Burma/Myanmar 2. Cuba 3. Iran 4. North Korea 5. Sudan 6. Syria

What are the ways to prevent accounts from getting stolen?

The use of a longer, unique password is often dubbed as the most effective way to avoid getting your accounts stolen. Another way to prevent stolen accounts is a two-step authentication process, pin provision, or a question only you can access through a phone text, or call.

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