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Your gateway to gaining access to geo-blocked websites made possible with Hidester. Hidester is software that guarantees secure internet access for every user. Putting your trust in them will give you the top VPN service features such as full access to geo-restricted websites, high downloading speeds, and more.

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Average Speed

10.56 mbps


Free Trial

Data Cap


Free Plans

Unblocks Blocked Content

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

24/7 Customer Support

Windows Compatibility

50+ mbps Speed

Unlimited Streaming Access

Ultra-fast Video Streaming

Access Torrenting Sites

Cookie Logs Policy

5+ Simultaneous Connections

iOS Compatibility

No Speed Caps

99.9% Uptime

Automatic Kill Switch


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Last updated on March, 7

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Hidester different?

If you feel like your government is prying through your privacy and controlling your internet access too much, get yourself Hidester--the best VPN service 2019. Many countries set up a firewall to limit their citizen’s web access. If you’re living under that kind of rule, you need one of the top VPN services to back you up, which Hidester guarantees you the fastest VPN service. A VPN service such as Hidester is fast enough to mask your activities. Hidester also offers annual and bi-annual discounts that make it the cheapest VPN service available. Protect yourself with this VPN Service with unlimited traffic volume at very affordable amounts!

Is it possible to use the Hidester VPN service in China?

Yes. Hidester’s support team understands the concerns of citizens of China. That’s why the team has provided this software as a solution for fun and unrestricted access through Hidester’s functions.

How to bypass the censorship in China using it?

China is famous across the globe for having tough internet censorship. This censorship is dubbed “the Great Firewall of China.” That’s why Hidester developed the CamoVPN protocol to counter it. It is a protocol that enables people to get through China's restrictions and other highly firewalled countries such as Iran.

Why is there a need to have tough VPN software such as Hidester?

The internet is a world filled with websites you may have entrusted your data to. By having a powerful VPN like Hidester, you get to mask this information from third-party viewers such as:

1. The corporate whose network you’re connected.

2. State and government who track your activities.

3. Hackers that want your data for malicious uses.

Why does a student need Hidester’s VPN?

Students are often known for getting connected to the internet via Public WiFi for their research and social media purposes. If you say Public WiFi, it doesn't necessarily mean outside the city; it could mean the school campuses. The following are explanations why students should need Hidester as their VPN service:

1. The school or the network's company can access your information and activities.

2. Campuses firewall websites prevent students from accessing other sites they deem unsafe.

3. There's only a limited usage when it comes to school campuses.

4. The speed is slow with the heavy traffic using the network.

How does Hidester protect the identity of its users?

Hidester hides your real IP address and brings out another IP for your anonymity. With this setup, you get an entirely new identity where nobody knows it’s you who is accessing specific sites.

Why is Hidester VPN highly suggested for tourists?

There are many top tourist destinations across the globe. However, that does not guarantee that you have unrestricted access to the websites you could typically access through your home country. Some countries have highly restricted access to particular famous sites, and it will take a robust VPN service to bypass it. That's why you need to equip Hidester as one of your essentials before you travel.

What are the payment methods for Hidester?
Credit Cards

1. Visa

2. MasterCard

3. American Express

4. Discover Network

5. JCB

6. Visa Electron

7. Delta


Crypto coins

1. CoinsPayments

Is the Hidester highly recommended to avoid American government monitoring?

Yes. Changing your region or location is the function of Hidester. If you don’t want your activities to be monitored by the government in your country, you must change the server/location. For example, you can set the VPN server to Montreal, Canada since the American Government has no jurisdiction over that region to be safe.

How to create an anonymous email?

Activate your HidesterVPN, then create an email at a particular email-based website using random names and date of birth then create an account. You may think that you can create this without HidesterVPN and remain anonymous, but no. Some websites have highly strict and traceable features; that is why you need one.

What is the diceware tool in Hidester?

Diceware is a powerful method in creating unbreakable yet easy-to-remember passwords. If you need an unbreakable account password, go to Hidester’s Password Generator and press the regenerate password to get it.

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