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Take back your freedom with the world’s fastest, VPN.

Do you feel unsafe over the internet? Become anonymous and hide now with VPN. is the best and fastest VPN service online that guarantees a secure browsing experience. You can reclaim your internet freedom only with the top VPN service!

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A service that offers high levels of security

Desktop version has customized settings

24/7 live chat support and email

Offers unlimited bandwidth

Works flawlessly


User-friendly interface



Application is not free


Crashes after the latest update


Useless and a waste of money


Download and upload speeds are both slow


There are a lot of glitches


Free trial has only 150MB limit

Doesn't connect to servers and freezes constantly



Premium Plan - Monthly

$ 12.95

per month

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Premium Plan - 12 Months

$ 8.32

per month, billed as $99.95 for 12 months

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Premium Plan - 24 Months

$ 4.99

per month, $129.95 billed per 2 years

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All features

Average Speed

58 mbps


Free Trial

Data Cap


Free Plans

  • Ultra-fast Video Streaming

  • 5+ Simultaneous Connections

  • VPN Sharing Functions

  • 50+ mbps Speed

  • Unblocks Censored Content

  • Unblocks Geo-restricted Content

  • Unblocks Blocked Content

  • No Speed Caps

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • P2P Functions Alternatives

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Average Speed


Free Trial

Data Cap

Free Plans

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58 mbps



Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up for a free account?

-Sign up for an account by inputting your email address.

-Next, you will receive an email that will lead you to activate your account as you enter your username and password.

-Once you pressed enter, you will be taken to your dashboard to download the VPN software or set up with a guide. 

What are data requests, and why does report this for transparency?

Many third-parties seek to request your data to use them. does not keep logs and any user data, which means they have nothing to give as well—not that would provide any info about their subscribers. 

Does a VPN slow down internet speed?

In cases where your speed is affected while connected to a VPN, it could be associated with your device’s poor performance or bad routing to their location. The slow internet means that you could be connected to a server that doesn’t work well. 

What are the servers of VPN?


- Vienna, Austria

- Brussels, Belgium

- Sofia, Bulgaria

- Prague, Czech Republic

- Copenhagen, Denmark

- Helsinki, Finland

- Paris, France

- Frankfurt, Germany

- Athens, Greece

- Budapest, Hungary

- Reykjavik, Iceland

- Dublin, Ireland

- Milan, Italy

- Rome, Italy

- Siauliai, Lithuania

- Steinsel, Luxembourg

- Amsterdam, Netherlands

- Roosendaal, Netherlands

- Oslo, Norway

- Warsaw, Poland

- Bucharest, Romania

- Belgrade, Serbia

- Bratislava, Slovakia

- Madrid, Spain

- Barcelona, Spain

- Stockholm, Sweden

- Zurich, Switzerland

- Istanbul, Turkey

- Kyiv, Ukraine

- London, United Kingdom

- Manchester, United Kingdom


- São Paulo, Brazil

- Montreal, Canada

- Querétaro, Mexico

- Phoenix, USA

- Washington, USA

- Miami, USA

- Las Vegas, USA

- Secaucus, USA

- New York City, USA

- Salt Lake City, USA

- Los Angeles, USA

- San Francisco, USA

 Asia-Pacific / Other

- Melbourne, Australia

- Sydney, Australia

- Auckland, New Zealand

- Phnom Penh, Cambodia

- Cairo, Egypt

- Hong Kong, Hong Kong

- Chennai, India

- Jakarta, Indonesia

- Tokyo, Japan

- Seoul, Korea

- Marrakesh, Morocco

- Manila, Philippines

- Singapore, Singapore

- Johannesburg, South Africa

- Taipei, Taiwan

- Dubai, UAE - Dubai

- Hanoi, Vietnam

What information does store from the user?

Email addresses are stored during signups. You can remove it through a subscription to a paid plan but are subject to observing the legal page's policy. It’s all great as long as you don’t abuse the service

 Is using a VPN legal?

Yes, it is entirely legal. It is your right to encrypt your internet connection not to leave any traces of your data. Hackers are becoming innovative nowadays and might get your information through your traffic, so having a VPN is a smarter way to avoid all of that.

What payment methods does support? supports the following payment methods:

- Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners Club)

- PayPal

- SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)


- Bank Transfer

Does accept cryptocurrency as payment?

Yes, accepts the following cryptocurrencies:

- Bitcoin

- Ethereum

- Ethereum Classic

- Litecoin, Monero

- Horizen

- Dash

- Ripple

- Zcash

- Dogecoin

- Neo

- Peercoin


- Verge

- Tron

- BitTorrent

Is guaranteed risk-free?

Yes, is a risk-free guarantee for many users interested in subscribing to the premium plans. If you are not pleased with the premium plans' features within 30 days, you can cancel it and get a refund without any problem. If you go beyond the 30 days, you can still cancel your subscription, but you won’t be refunded.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) gives you online anonymity by creating an exclusive network while connected to a public internet connection. It has features that hide your IP address to bring you access to unlimited streaming sites or content coming from geo-restricted locations. Streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and even social networking sites will be accessible through this efficient tool. 

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