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BolehVPN is a VPN service that gives you access to censored content and helps protect your privacy. It offers the best features at the lowest prices. It is easy-to-use, secure, fast speeds for streaming videos, etc., and can be used across multiple devices from one account. To learn more about what BolehVPN offers, please visit the company's website.


Average Speed

9 mbps


Free Trial

1 day

Data Cap


Free Plans

5+ Simultaneous Connections

Unblocks Censored Content

Unblocks Geo-restricted Content

Unblocks Blocked Content

P2P Functions

Access Streaming Services

Access Torrenting Sites

Based in State/s with No Data Retention Laws

Obfuscation Technology

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

Email Support

Strict No-Logs Policy

No Timestamps

No Destinations


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BolehVPN?

BolehVPN is a VPN service that helps people encrypt and protect their data from hackers, phishers, and other cybercriminals. It ensures no logs are kept and will not save any information from customers who stream content or access blocked sites.

What makes BolehVPN different?

BolehVPN does not log the identifiable information of its users. One price gets you access to all the company's VPN service servers. BolehVPN's servers are completely independent of the company's central customer database and do not communicate with each other. It supports and is optimized for P2P, with no bandwidth limitations. It has custom BolehVPN-GUI software (for Windows) to automate the installation and updates of configuration files. Additionally, it chooses specific programs to go through the VPN service while others go through your regular connection.

What kind of VPN is BolehVPN?

BolehVPN is based on OpenVPN, an open-source SSL best VPN service. The company implements a custom GUI for Windows users to facilitate easy installation. It supports different platforms may it be Windows or Unix or Linux, or Mac.

Can I use my VPN account anywhere?

Yes, as long as you're connected to at least one of their servers. Connecting to a vpn service server means you can access websites and content otherwise geo-restricted in your region. However, with BolehVPN, the only place you cannot connect is China. China has stricter internet laws that prohibit VPNs altogether. This is due to an ever-tightening grip on the country's internet access and censorship rules - which are some of the most restrictive in the world.

How many can simultaneously connect to the VPN?

BolehVPN only allows two vpn service connections on a single internet IP address to connect to its servers. However, you can have an L2TP connection at the same time.

What type of networks does BolehVPN support?

BolehVPN's best vpn service supports many types of networks, such as private Wi-Fi connections at apartment buildings or hotels, public Wi-Fi connections (both secured and unsecured), cellular network data service on both mobile phones and computers, etc.

Where are your servers established?

BolehVPN vpn service provides access to its servers in the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, France, and Japan.

Is port forwarding supported on the BolehVPN servers?

Yes, you can do port forwarding on the BolehVPN vpn service servers. It is available on the Fully-Routed Switzerland and Luxembourg servers. BolehVPN has 24/7 customer service, so if you want help setting up port forwarding for a specific game or application, please feel free to contact the company's support team.

Is my data safe when I use BolehVPN?

BolehVPN's top vpn services is safe. The company provides a secure VPN connection by encrypting every bit of data that passes between its servers. BolehVPN uses the OpenVPN protocol when performing SSL to relay your traffic safely over the internet. At no time does the company store any of your information on central databases, which could act as points for breach. BolehVPN also offers you double-layer encryption through AES-256 bits and RSA-2048 bits, giving you one of the most secure connections found in today's VPN industry.

Does BolehVPN keep logs of my data usage and activity on their services?

No, BolehVPN's best vpn service does not keep logs of your data usage or activity. It is a company that has emphasized the anonymity and security of users in their privacy policy from the very beginning. BolehVPN never asks what you do with your time while using their services. The company believes in privacy without discrimination. What's more, it does not monitor your accounts for any reason, and the company does not keep logs of your activity as many other VPN providers do!

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