Best Voting Software in June 2022

The voting process is one of the most important parts of democracy. Voting software helps make sure that every vote counts. It’s easy to use and can be accessed by anyone with a computer or smartphone, so it doesn’t matter where you are when you cast your vote. Sign up today and start casting votes!

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Voter-Verified Audit Trail

Password Protection

Election Manager

Mass Emailing

SSL Encryption


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Election Runner

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464 reviews

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35 reviews

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11 reviews

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13 reviews


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a voting software?

Voting software is software that is usually used in organizations where people need to vote on a certain topic. This software enables people to see choices, vote for their pick, and help people vote online. Online voting software will make it easier for people to vote and identify the number of people who vote.

Why do you need voting software?

Voting system software helps to get the information of the members' views that can make the voting process more accessible and systematic. A voting system is a valuable tool to conduct an organization election. Voting software helps keep voting easy for voters and candidates, along with helping maintain the accuracy and efficiency of votes.

What are the core features of the voting software?
Voter-Verified Audit Trail

A voter-verified audit trail (VVAT) is a paper ballot that allows voters to verify proper casting of votes, detect errors and fraud, and provide auditing means to the electronic results. With the deployment of electronic voting worldwide, there are attempts to incorporate the Voter-Verified Audit Trail feature to ensure accurate final counting.

Password Protection

One of the essential features of the voting system is password protection. This feature prevents incidences of everyday users voting twice. One needs to set up a password to cast their vote. The system generates this code that is only visible to the user for a certain period to avoid repetitions in vote casting. This feature is helpful in preventing fraud in voting systems.

Election Manager

Election manager features allow users to control the way they vote by choosing to vote on topics they want to vote on and abstain from the other topics. Election manager features come in handy for members who vote on multiple topics in the same group and wish to see the per topic result. This voting software feature is an add-on module for an additional price.

Mass Emailing

Mass emailing is an essential feature in voting software. It is used to send vote and contest emails. In this feature, the admin can easily send vote or contest emails to the voters by just filling in the email address of the voters. The mass Emailing feature in voting software allows you to send emails to your customers quickly and easily.

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption in voting software means the transfer of data votes or actions of the voters is done through a secure channel. The data is encrypted (scrambled) when it leaves the computer and is decrypted (unscrambled) when it reaches the destination. Encryption is a technique of making the data unreadable to any person or device that is not authorized to read it.

What are the types of voting software?
Proxy Voting Software

Proxy voting software facilitates combined voting for management and shareholder meetings by allowing the investors to vote their shares using the Internet. Proxy voting software systems are designed to make the voting process as easy as possible. All that is required is a computer and the Internet. Users can install the software on a desktop computer or laptop.

Electronic Voting Software

Electronic voting software is a computer system and software designed to allow voters to cast their vote, verify that their vote was cast correctly, and indicate when a vote has been recorded. The votes are then stored in a computer database. Such systems may also provide a means for tabulating the votes recorded.

Automatic Voting Software

Automatic voting software is used to vote automatically in any election. Skilled programmers design the software for the election and any other position requiring elections. The software is programmed to collect the votes on the election date and automatically count the votes. The automatic voting software’s nature makes counting votes smoother and easier.

Poll Voting Software

Voting poll software is software that automates the process of conducting voting or surveys. Such software helps to ask and count the opinions of the people with ease. There are many online voting poll software available, but you must select the right one that can capture the voters' responses.

Text Voting Software

Text voting software is a handy tool that helps to organize polls, surveys, and elections. This software is an excellent tool for evaluating performances and acquiring feedback from customers. Its user-friendly system makes it easy for anyone to vote. Users have to cast their votes by sending text messages via mobile devices.

Image Voting Software

Image voting software comes in handy when taking votes over images to choose the best option on the list. Image voting softwares uses an algorithm to calculate the votes with the customer's responsibility as the basis. One can use this flexible software in any industry, such as web-based industries, to provide options for customers to filter through and choose.

Who needs the voting software?

Political campaigns use secure online voting software to help them maximize their number of votes. One advantage of voting software is that it saves time as it is quick and easy to use. The estimated time spent by the voters to cast successful votes is 3 minutes. Another advantage is that voting software is safer from fraud as the system used is for a single user at a time.

General Public

Voting website software helps to conduct elections in a quicker, more straightforward, and more intelligent way. It reduces the effort that is required, and it somehow simplifies the entire process of election. Voting website softwares help reduce fraud incidences and makes for a smoother, faster election process.

What are the steps in choosing the best voting software?
Step 1:

Select the most accurate voting software.

Step 2:

Ensure that the voting software is secure, complete with password authorization to prevent rigging.

Step 3:

Check for its features and make sure the voting software has the features you're after.

Step 4:

The voting software must be user-friendly enough that even untrained personnel can use it accurately.

Where can I find voting software for free?

About a few sites are offering free voting softwares. You should check out one of the following sites and see if it fits your needs. Most voting software sites offer an easy-to-use interface and plenty of great tutorials. It's a great starting point for any online voting service. Make sure to read reviews before downloading, purchasing, or installing free voting softwares.

Are there any voting software that are open-source?

Yes, there are open-source voting software tools available. These software are not as user-friendly as proprietary tools, but they are good enough to run elections. Tutorials are plentiful online should you encounter confusion using them. If you want to try using open source voting software, then you can find selections online for open source voting software.

Which free download election voting software should I use?

There is a wide array of great choices available for free download election voting software online. Election voting software helps keep and manage elections to ensure accuracy and fraud-free voting. Users prefer voting software for various reasons ranging from simple voting to political as these are free and affordable.

How does electronic voting software work?

Electronic voting software for free works in both online and offline mode. In offline mode, the software is installed on a computer and is used by the people to practice their right to vote without any third-party interference. The software does not require any configuration and is easy to use. It is secured, reliable, efficient, and has a user-friendly interface.

What to consider when it comes to voting software freeware?

Users must consider their options, the requirements for the voting software freeware, how voting software freeware can ensure that the election process is right and honest, and if voting software freeware can meet your objectives. Understanding the features, pros, and cons, and other aspects of voting software freeware is significant before deciding.

How to download voting software?

Firstly, you need to locate the software download link and then press the download button. Software is downloaded with the help of a software download manager. One can also look for and download software with the help of the software download section. With the help of the software download section, the software download is done with great ease.

Is there any free voting software for schools?

Yes, there is a couple of free voting software for schools. Users can select a variety of voting methods and create a poll with many questions. Each person can vote once, or you can set a quota per person. For a more visual-oriented poll, users can add photos to each question to allow voters to picture their options.

What is e-voting software?

E-voting software is used for electronic voting machines and the electronic voting websites that are now available for people to use when they want to vote online. E-voting software helps make voting quicker and more secure. An electronic voting machine records votes electronically, usually to make voting faster and more accurate.

Does voter software secure the confidentiality of the votes?

Yes, the software automatically uses encryption for vote transmission. Any operation on the votes must first undergo authorization through passwords. This safety procedure prevents unauthorized access and tampering. Voter application software prohibits vote alteration after entering, reassuring users of its security once the voting is done.

What are the limitations of voting software?

Voting software depends on the computer. If there is a virus or hacker attack, the election might be corrupted. Even if the data is adequately secured, the votes are stored in a safe environment. Should power outages occur or hackers take down the system, the election could be corrupted.

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