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Record your voice notes, lectures, interviews and other events with Microsoft's Windows Voice Recorder. The default voice recording application for Windows also lets you mark key moments as you record, play and edit your audio.

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Easy to use

Editor is fantastic

Really appreciated by its users

Great for editing

Lots of long time users

Free version is great

Good value for money

Can't speak with real person

Does exactly what it says

Has everything you need

Difficult to understand

Easy to create videos

Bad user experience

Great sound quality

Disappointing free version

Has many genres

Great filters

Very useful

Hidden costs

Will use it again

First impression is great

Doesn't work

App permission problems

Does not have to pay to use

Instructions are clear

Great tool for the task

Works perfectly

Customer support is unresponsive

Great for creative people

User friendly

Loads fast

Latest update is not great

Hard to navigate

Fake accounts

Gives you options


Only minor quirks

Not recommended

Connection issues

Not user friendly

Problems with launching

Works across multiple devices

Great for small business

Getting errors

Easy to install

Doesn't slow down your device

Easy to work with

Keeps my phone safe

Well documented

Money transfer issues

Don't waste your time

Easy to understand

Customer service is responsive

Easy sharing feature

Very intuitive

Waiting time