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Make high-quality online voice recordings for personal greetings, songs, voiceovers, meeting notes, and more with Voice Spice. Voice spice makes it possible to capture and share voice clips, send personalized voice messages and even play the voice tag game without downloading an app.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Voice Spice Voice Recording Software?

Voice Spice is an online tool that cuts out all the complexity of most voice recording services and focuses directly on the services you need in a simplified platform that’s easy to use and navigate.

The online recorder also offers a text-to-speech feature that converts written text into audio. This feature helps create audio files for presentations, online courses, or any other project that requires spoken words.

How do I use Voice Spice Voice Recording Software?

Here is how you can record audio right away:

1. Head to the Voice Spice website and configure the voice settings. You can choose from six default voice types: Normal, Hell Demon, Space Squirrel, Robot, Man, or Woman.

2. You can also adjust the range of the voice output by dragging the slider.

3. click Record to start recording, and click Stop when you finish.

4. Preview the voice clip. Click the retry icon to record again, or click Save if you're satisfied with the recording.

5. Click the corresponding button to share the recording on Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail. You can also copy and share the link with friends.

Here are the steps to using the text-to-speech feature:

1. Click the Text-to-Speech Button.

2. Enter the text in the box provided and click Create Message.

3. Preview the audio recording, save and send.

How do I download voice recordings from Voice Spice voice recording software?

Voice Spice does not allow users to download their audio clips, as all recordings are saved in Voice Spice servers. You can, however, share links to your saved recordings, which can stay on the server for up to 90 days.

Does Voice Spice voice recording software suppress noise?

The quality of Voice Spice recordings relies on the quality of your microphone. If you want high-quality audio files, you'll need to invest in a good noise-canceling mic. Steer clear of webcam microphones, which tend to produce scratchy recordings.

Does Voice Spice have a high-quality voice recorder?

Voice Spice aims to capture raw audio files that users can share on most major online platforms. The service allows users to produce decent audio recordings for basic use. However, if you need higher-quality recordings, you must invest in a premium voice recorder with advanced features.

Is Voice Spice voice recording software worth using?

Yes. Voice Spice allows you to share audio with no additional software or tools. If you're looking for a no-nonsense way to send personalized messages or voice clips to friends, family, clients or colleagues, you won't go wrong with Voice Spice.

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