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If you want to record a meeting, capture a lecture, or leave a voice note for yourself, you can count on Resonate Recordings online voice recorder to give you high-quality audio. Accessible on any browser, this free voice recording tool enables you to record as many audio files as you want quickly and easily.










Free Trial

30 days

Compression Tool

Amplify Tool

Equalizer Tool

Normalizing Tool

Export and Import Tool

Unlimited Recording Duration

Unlimited Audio Storage

Multi-Track Recording

Audio Cleanup

Audio Restoration

Auto-Ducking Ambience Sound

Auto Silence Trimming

Free Sound Effects

Batch Audio Processing


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Resonate Recordings Voice Recording Software?

Resonate Recordings online voice recorder is a free tool that allows you to capture audio and send it to your email. You can use the service to record interviews, podcasts, and more. The online voice recorder helps you complete any task, from vocal recordings for podcasts to music production and everything in between.

Does Resonate Recordings Voice Recording Software provide high-quality voice recordings?

Yes. The online voice recorder provides uncompressed WAV recordings— a great option if you need high-quality recordings for professional or personal use.

What benefits would I get from using the Resonate Recordings Voice Recording Software?
Free and Unlimited Audio Recordings

You can record meetings, lectures, or any other type of audio without signing up or providing your credit card details. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use the tool to make as many recordings as you want. What's more, you don't have to worry about how long each recording is.

Better Quality Recordings

The Resonate Recordings online voice recorder records audio using a sample bitrate of 44.1kHz and a bit depth of 16-bit. As a result, it yields better quality recordings than Zoom, which compresses audio files. Just run it in the background while you make your Zoom call, ask the other participants to do the same, and put together the audio files after the call.

No Downloads Required

With the Resonate Recordings online recorder, you don't need to download any software or plugins; go to the website and start recording.

What other services does Resonate Recordings offer?
Remote Recorder

If you're looking to record a podcast interview, you don't need Zoom or another conferencing platform. Instead, start a recording session on the Resonate Recordings Remote Recorder, invite your interview participants, and click the record button to capture high-quality local audio from all the participants.

Podcast Services

Resonate Recordings offers a wide range of podcast services, from pre-production to marketing, to make sure your podcast starts with a bang and grows successfully.

Video Podcast Services

Get a wider audience for your podcast with Resonate Recordings video podcast services. With the help of Resonate producers and editors, you can create high-quality and engaging videos and reach new listeners.

Enterprise Services

Resonate Recordings helps brands and organizations create, launch and distribute podcasts. These services make it easy for businesses to get their message out there and start engaging with customers and employees in a new way.

How does Resonate Recordings Voice Recording Software work?

The online voice recorder works by capturing audio you feed into your microphone. After recording, you can play the audio file and then send it to your email so you can download it to your computer and edit or use it as you want.

How do I get started on Resonate Recordings Voice Recording Software?

Head to the free online recorder page on the Resonate Recordings website. Follow the instructions on the page to record your audio. You can then send it to your email to download your audio file.

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