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If you need to capture ideas on the go, you've got to have QuickVoice. It lets you record audio on your mobile devices and share recordings via email and other platforms. Download and install it on your Mac or PC and capture audio for creating podcasts, voiceovers and more— the possibilities are endless!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is QuickVoice voice recording software?

QuickVoice is a software program designed to help users quickly and easily create voice recordings. It’s ideal for recording audio for meeting presentations, lectures, blogs, social media posts and more. With QuickVoice, you can produce great-sounding audio recordings for different personal and professional needs.

How do I record my voice on QuickVoice voice recording software?

Step 1: Ensure that your built-in mic is working properly. If you’re using an external mic, make sure that it’s properly connected. Run the QuickVoice program on your PC or Mac (or open the app on your iOS or Android device). 

Step 2: Press the Record button at the bottom left corner of the software interface and start speaking.

Step 3: If you need to pause your recording, you can do so by pressing the Pause button on the lower right corner of the interface. Press the Resume button to continue recording, or click Stop if you’re finished recording your voice.

How do I save a voice recording on QuickVoice voice recording software?

To save your voice recording, click the Information icon to the right of the timestamp display. Rename the file and click Save. 

You can also save your voice recordings on the desktop version of QuickVoice on your Mac or PC.

To share the audio file, click the Share icon at the bottom of the interface and choose how you want to share the recording from the given options.

Can I do a voiceover on QuickVoice voice recording software?

Yes. To create a voiceover for a video, you must first record your voiceover with QuickVoice audio recording software. To make sure that your voiceover is in sync with the video, play the video on another device while you are recording the audio.

After saving the audio file, you can import it into your video editing tool and sync the audio with the video.

How do I make my voice sound professional on QuickVoice voice recording software?

QuickVoice has an adjustable recording quality feature that allows you to finetune the quality of your voice recordings. You can adjust the frequency up to 44.1 kHz, which is the sample rate that most consumer music applications use.

Here are some tips to make your voice sound professional on QuickVoice:

Speak into the microphone clearly and at a normal volume.

Project your voice so that it is easily heard.

Pause between sentences to give your listener a chance to digest what you've said.

Avoid filler words such as "um" and "like."

Is QuickVoice voice recording software free to use?

While QuickVoice is free to download for iOS and Android devices, its features are limited. You can buy the full version to enjoy unlimited file sharing.

You can also opt to get QuickVoice PRO, which uses SpinVox speech technology— for more features such as voice to text email capability, ringtone recording function and more.

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