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The Philips voice recorder app is the perfect tool for professionals and students. You can record, edit and organize your thoughts and ideas, track meetings and lectures, or simply take notes. The Philips voice recorder app allows you to access your recordings any time and makes sharing and collaboration easy.


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What is Philips voice recording software?

The Philips voice recorder is a free mobile app for recording, editing and sharing your recordings. You can send files for transcription or use them to collaborate on projects.

The Philips voice recorder app is available on Android and iOS. It also seamlessly integrates with Philips SpeechExec Workflow; you can be productive on the move.

Why should I choose Philips voice recording software?

The Philips voice recorder app is free and comes packed with features.

Efficient Design

The onscreen widget lets you record with one touch. You can also scan a barcode from a display to link client data to recordings.

Enhanced Productivity

You can add tags such as author name, category and recording type and use the priority-setting option to send alerts about an urgent recording that needs to be processed.

Limitless Mobility

Turn on the car mode while driving and record safely without looking down at your phone. All recordings are encrypted with SSL technology, ensuring maximum security.

Remote Device Management

IT administrators can configure, manage and update the app across multiple mobile devices.

How do I use Philips voice recording software?

Step 1: Install and open the app. Tap the microphone icon to begin recording.

Step 2: Tap the pause icon to stop recording.

Step 3: Press the play button to playback your recording, the back (<<) button to rewind and the forward (>>) button to skip forward.

Step 4: Tap the plus button to start a new recording.

Other functions of the app:

• Press the edit icon to edit and add tags to your recording.

• Tap the image button to add a photo.

• Go to the Recordings tab, and select a finished file to edit your clip.

• Press the share icon to bring up sharing options.

• Tap the Settings tab to change file settings, passwords and more.

Is Philips voice recording software good for beginners?

Philips voice recorder app is extremely beginner-friendly. You can record, edit and share at the tap of a button. The app is intuitive and provides onscreen guides to help you navigate the app. The interface is user-friendly and does not require any technical expertise.

Beginners can also customize the buttons on the app and record in a snap.

Does Philips voice recording software guarantee high-quality voice recordings?

The Philips voice recorder app offers professional quality recording and editing tools. It not only records in high-quality but also gives you advanced editing features for inserting, overwriting, and cropping specific sequences.

Does Philips voice recording software have noise reduction?

The Philips voice recorder app does not have any noise reduction features. You can reduce the noise in your recordings by recording in a quiet space and investing in a noise-canceling microphone.

How do I contact Philips if I have concerns with the voice recording software?

You can use the Help section within the app or visit the product page on the Philips website to contact customer support. You can also download user manuals or watch video tutorials to learn how to use the app.

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