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Otter is a voice recording software service that uses AI to convert audio to a transcript in rich text format. With Otter’s free and paid subscription plans, you can quickly produce meeting notes in real-time and edit and share them with your group. All you need to do is download the free app or the browser extension and create an account, and you can start using the service immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Otter voice recording software?

Otter is a transcription service that uses AI natural language processing. It allows you to record audio from interviews, meetings and more. Otter transcribes the recording into rich text, which you can edit and add notes to later on. The service also features voice recognition tools and an expandable vocabulary.

Can I use Otter voice recording software for free?

Yes. Otter’s Basic package includes automated voice-to-text software and a limited custom vocabulary. This free package limits playback speed options and exportable file types. With this plan, you can transcribe up to three audio files. Monthly limits include 600 transcription minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes per transcription.

How do I get started using Otter voice recording software?

Step 1: Create an Otter account and verify your email.

Step 2: Download the mobile app or browser extension and start recording.

Step 3: Explore Otter’s features and learn how to use the software effectively.

Step 4: Customize the vocabulary with relevant names, jargon and acronyms to increase transcription accuracy.

Step 5: Integrate your Otter account with other collaborative meeting and calendar apps and services.

Does Otter require a monthly subscription?

All Otter accounts require a subscription. There are four plan options— Basic, Pro, Business and Enterprise. The Basic plan is free, but an account is required. The Pro and Business plans range from $13 to $30 per month with a discount if paid annually. The Enterprise package requires a sales call and has a minimum requirement of 100 users.

Why should I choose Otter voice recording software?


Otter offers plans for all budgets and usage needs. Even with the free plan, you can edit transcripts easily and retain access to all recorded audio files. Paid plans offer larger custom vocabularies to increase transcription accuracy and provide more monthly transcription minutes. The business plan provides an Otter assistant to streamline your online meeting schedule.


With its voice recognition feature, Otter can identify the speakers in the audio file. The software allows for easy editing and sharing of the AI-generated transcription and offers customization features so you can personalize your meeting notes and add images or highlights. Otter also has a custom vocabulary feature that allows you to add names and jargon to improve transcription.


Extend your use of the Otter software by connecting with other apps and services. Otter seamlessly connects with common meeting platforms and online calendars. A complete list is available on the Otter website.

What makes Otter unique from other voice recording software?

Otter uses AI automation rather than human transcription, so the software is fast and learns as it performs. The software features powerful editing tools and emphasizes collaboration with group access. Otter’s resulting transcription is fully searchable and editable.

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