Best Voice Changers in June 2022

Want to sound like a different person? Voice changer is a fun application that offers various effects that will let you sound like a different person. It's useful for videos, live streaming, or simply just for fun! Try an app today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a voice changer?

Using force on your voice to change it can damage your vocal cords. Luckily, voice changers can help you so that you don’t have to put that much effort into your vocal cords. A voice changer is an application or software that modifies a speaker’s voice through a combination of distortion effects. Protect your voice from damage through a voice changer now!

Why do you need a voice changer?

A voice changer app is globally used nowadays by voiceover artists as part of their work. They use these to protect their voice box and avoid permanent damage. Get to know more about all the reasons how anyone can benefit from a voice changer app.

Protect Your Voice from Permanent Damage

Everyone knows how important the voice is for voiceover artists, reporters, and even singers since they quickly feel the strain on their throat once they apply pressure on their voices to sound different. Their voice acts as their investment—they use it to earn money. So, with a voice changer around, they can protect their voices from permanent damage and do more work.

Useful for Going Anonymous

Do you want to spy or scare somebody without getting caught? A real-time voice changer can give you the “anonymous” feels, and it’s perfectly paired up with a robot voice changer. It’s the commonly used mode for many individuals who want to conceal their identity with voice changers.

Earn Higher as a Voice Actor

A higher rate is given to an all-around voiceover artist who can do multiple voices. They simply need to download the voice changer software with modes, such as a male to female voice changer, celebrity voice changer, female voice changer, and many more. If you want to become a more reliable VO actor, a voice changer app is a must-have.

Get More Job Opportunities

Multiple job opportunities are in store for individuals that can do multiple voices. But doing so may, as mentioned above, damage your throat. It would be better to install a voice changer app to help you win more jobs online as a promising voiceover specialist. Moreover, gain a higher salary and more job opportunities once you’re successful in this job.

Protect Your Identity

Many prominent people don’t like people to discover their transactions or daily ongoings. A voice changer is necessary to prevent people from identifying who they are. By using these types of apps, they can keep their privacy intact. Other than that, their activities, purchases, or even contacting customer services will not be identified even when wire-tapped.

Avoid Telemarketers

Have you been receiving those persistent sales calls? If so, use a voice changer app to answer them. These telemarketers are consistently pursuing clients who have availed of similar services to sell their products. Changing your identity via voice changer can help you. That way, you can pretend to be somebody else and avoid their attention.

Protect Yourself from Malicious Calls

There are many blackmailers out there that put hope in earning cash from their constant pursuit of their job. If you use these voice changers on such calls, it will confuse them about your identity as they are not confident who the call’s receiver is. These apps are also useful for celebrities who want to avoid aggressive fans and admirers from calling them.

Hide From Fellow Gamers

The gaming world is filled with strangers coming from different backgrounds. Reports and stories have resurfaced about how those with criminal intentions lurk in these areas. Luckily, you can integrate voice changer software into social apps that operate while gaming to protect yourself.

Have a Voice Answering Machine

Are you too busy to answer your calls? Answer like a secretary and record your voice to automatically place calls you don’t can’t attend to through your voicemail. That way, people who are calling you would not bother you since they will think you are far too busy at the moment.

Use It for Entertainment

Prank calls are now a popular subject in most video content. You can use a voice changer to prank someone you may or may not know. Other than that, you may also use these comical voice modes through a live voice changer to entertain your listeners during radio broadcasts. Adding flavor to your broadcasts through a voice changer will keep your listeners hooked.

What are the core features of a voice changer?
Free Trial Version

Do you want a glimpse of the full features of the best voice changer for free? Then try their demos or trial versions and access the full version of voice changer software for a number of days, free! With this, you can check if the software’s features will suit your needs without having to break your bank!

Multiple Voice Options

With the set distortions provided by the software, listen to the different options or voice features. You can do this by recording your voice through a real-time voice changer online. Select among which characters or modes you can choose from and listen to it instantly.

Vocal Effects Library

Do you want to sound like an ethereal being? Then head towards the vocal effects library and add effects to your voice aside from the voices you’ve implemented. Make the necessary adjustments to the functions features. They will give you a better outcome when you mix them via multitrack.

Integrable Voice Changer App Functions

Conceal your identity in social apps connected with games or online dating when you integrate the voice changer app into them. Use this app if you’re careful about talking with somebody online or if you want to avoid identity theft and other related malicious activities. That way, there is no point where these individuals can gain access to your information or data.

Optional Background Sounds

Do you want to make your prank calls effective? Use a voice changer! With this app, you can add some background sounds to make your calls convincing. Plus, you may use these background sounds for a more professional output for your voice recording projects. Examples of these sounds included are nature sounds, city sounds, festivities, and more.

Multiple Device Compatibility

The voice changer software can function on multiple operating systems. Whether you have the updated operating systems or even older models, this app can run smoothly. The reason behind that is most voice changer software usually builds an operating system that runs smoothly on all devices.

Timely Updates of New Character Voices and Modes

Experience more entertainment with the newly added voices of celebrities or characters in voice changer apps. Record more prank recordings or use them in your new outputs. With this, you can add more skills or even voice options on your profile to gain more chances of winning voice acting jobs.

Import Audio Files

Are you into singing? Then sing like your favourite singers by importing audio files or instrumentals to your outputs in your voice changer. If you want additional entertainment, use different celebrity voices, and act like them. This would be fun to forward to your family members and friends.

Multiple Language Support

For an app that aims at global market reach, it is capable of supporting multiple languages. If the language is not in English or in a language that you understand, you can check the settings and change the language. Software that has a broader target market will always introduce a multi-lingual support system.

Online FAQs and Tutorials

These services will have a knowledge base that can guide you with how the software is supposedly operated. Besides that, tutorials are also available in case written instructions are hard to understand. That way, you can learn how to use the software’s benefits to your advantage.

Discounted Prices

Even digital products, like voice changer software, have discounted prices, too! If you believe the price is way too much for your pockets, you can use these discounts offered by your service provider! Stick to your budget with these discounted prices, and let your voice changer be a smarter investment if you’re a voiceover specialist on a tight budget.

Reliable Customer Support

Phone, email, and live chat support—voice changers are also composed of these critical features to assist users. So, in case you are having some trouble with the voice changer app or software, reach out to the website and contact them. They’ll surely do their best to assist you with your concerns!

Free Upgrades

You don’t need to pay extra money to upgrade your software or app. All you need is to follow their instructions on updating it, and you get this immediately. The only thing you need to do is have extra space on your device to avoid any malfunction.

What are the types of a voice changer?
Desktop-Based Voice Changer

A desktop-based voice changer helps most VO artists achieve the most realistic voice recording output. It has more comprehensive adjustment tools and features that most professionals working in studios use. This desktop-based type is the right voice changer for PCs.

Online Voice Changer

An online voice changer is the best option for people who only need a voice changer for temporary purposes, like entertainment. With an online voice changer, you only need the internet and a trusted website offering multiple features to use it!

Who needs a voice changer?
Voiceover Artists

These people are professional individuals who earn a living through their voice. The capital for their solo voice acting business is their vocal cords. If they don’t use a voice changer app to modulate their voice into different characters, this will ruin their voice box. If continuously done and ignored, it could incur permanent damage.

Audio Editing Professionals

This may either be the sound engineer or the VO specialists. As for the latter, if they are also into audio editing, they can use the voice changer app and apply edits onto their pre-recorded voices to send to intended clients. If these individuals have more skills, they also earn higher pay.


Business intercoms and voicemails would need these voice changer apps. If your secretary didn’t come in for work, you can simply use your voice and make it seem like your secretary answers in your stead. The voice changer app is handy for receiving calls from persistent clients.


Children are mostly found only to have an attention span of a couple of minutes. Thus it can be quite stressful how you can keep them hooked. And, most parents know of this struggle. With a voice changer app, they can keep their children interested by using various voices while teaching them. Do this every day, and they will always have something to look forward to!


Do you want to make a cover of popular songs like their original singer? These voice changer apps can make you use that celebrity’s voice and sing any song using their voices. You only need to choose the celebrity mode and their voice to make yourself sound like them. If you want to sing originally, the additional features of these voice changing apps will be useful to you.

Prominent People

For people who are known, they would prefer to conceal their identity in making transactions or inquiries. Since the media mostly feasts on these topics, they need to keep themselves private using a voice changer app. That way, these people don’t gain unwanted attention and are given access to your personal life.


Podcasters are people who do a series of informative talks over a voice recording. They need to use voice changer apps to pretend that other people are talking in specific lines or are being interviewed. It keeps the momentum of the podcast entertaining, and the listeners hooked.

Audiobook Narrators

For stories with two or three different character POVs, they need a voice changer app to speak like the character. That way, people listening to the audiobook can imagine what the story character sounds and even looks like. Moreover, having this option will give you a chance to get a higher rate.

Radio Disc Jockeys

These people go live over a radio program and need to entertain their listeners for an hour or two hours long. That’s why they need sound effects and even hilarious character voices to keep them hooked. That way, their listeners would love to keep listening to their subjects due to their delivery quality.

What are the steps on how to use a voice changer?
Step 1: Learn your purpose of using the voice changer software

You need to know what you need the app for. VO specialists mostly use premium software, while the online voice changer app is for entertainment. It is essential to look ahead to whether you can use the software for professional purposes. Plus, this can help you narrow down your choices as well.

Step 2: Study the voice changer software and its functions

Like a professional audio editor, this software has basic to complicated functions. You need to study it through tutorial guides, the help button in the app, or by seeking the website’s support. Once you have learned it, proceed to step number 6, where you will begin using your software.

Step 3: Grant the app access to your device

If you are using a microphone, grant your software access to your USB type microphone. However, if you are using the cardioid microphone with an XLR cable connector, you will need an audio interface installed on your computer.

Step 4: Install the audio interface’s software to your computer

To connect your cardioid microphone with an XLR cable to your computer, you need an audio interface with a USB plug. Install the software for your audio interface, so you can begin using it. Follow the guide or instructions as written and ensure that it has connected successfully by doing a trial record.

Step 5: Record your voice, edit, and adjust

Begin recording your script. After that, change it to the voice that you prefer, male, female, robot, or celebrity. Once you have selected, make the necessary adjustments and remove the background noises. Replay your recorded voice and make sure it turns up as you expected.

Step 6: Export the file and save it to your device

When you are done reviewing your voice record, export the file. Select the file button and click “Save As” to the file that the client instructed. Place it in the assigned folder and hit “Save.” Once you have the file ready, send it to your client and begin earning higher rates.

Can you download the voice changer software for free?

The answer is yes, you can. Most paid voice changer software will give their visitors a glimpse of what they can expect out of these applications. They always offer users a free version of the software. Moreover, they can even save it. However, features will also be limited like the other free software in the market.

What are the pros and cons of using free vs. paid voice changers?

If your only purpose for using a voice changer for entertainment purposes, a free voice changer is perfect. For any season, you can spook and surprise your friends, family, and especially your kids. Plus, it’s free of charge and easy to use. However, these voice changers have limited features, which makes them not suitable for professional use. If you need a voice changer for professional use, use a paid voice changer software. For instance, you’re a voiceover artist. Voiceover specialists often need to do multiple voices to get higher rates. So, they make use of this one to protect their voices. Besides that, paid voice changer software often has extensive features, unlike free ones. But, they’re often complicated to use and can be quite expensive.

Are voice changers illegal?

The legality of voice changer apps depends on the situation. If you are simply using it on yourself for professional work or even entertainment purposes, it’s perfectly legal. However, if you are blackmailing or sending malicious threats to someone else, then that’s when it becomes legal.

Can voice changers be integrated with VoIP systems?

They can be integrated into VoIP systems, depending on which voice changer brand you downloaded. If it’s part of their feature where it can be integrated into VoIP systems, yes, it can be integrated. Take a look at their features and see if they can incorporate them into your VoIP systems should you need this feature.

What factor is targeted in voice changer apps?

The targeted factor in voice changer apps is the pitch of your voice. They either decrease or increase your voice’s pitch into octaves higher or lower than your original pitch. These apps do an impressive job in concealing your voice, even from people who know your voice all too well.

Does voice changer software for PCs carry a virus?

It all depends on which voice changer software or app you downloaded. If it’s from a trusted provider, then worrying about it carrying a virus is not necessary. However, if you bought or installed one that isn’t popularly known, then there could be a potential threat there.

Why should one buy a premium voice changer app?

As mentioned, a premium voice changer app or software has all the professional tools you need. For both audio editing and voice changing of your pre-recorded audio, you can adjust it via the premium tools and produce a high-quality output. Moreover, you are also given a commercial license once you buy them.

Is there a money-back guarantee on a voice changer app?

Yes and no. The money-back-guarantee is dependent on the refund policy for the voice changer app’s website. If you want a voice changer software or app that guarantees refunds, verify if they have a money-back guarantee policy beforehand. You need to ensure that you are not purchasing from a service that has none.

Are there any voice changing devices?

Yes, some devices can automatically change your voice. However, they come at a special price and are hard to find. It’s often used for entertainment purposes; that’s why stocks are always sold out in most stores nearby.

Are voice changer apps online easy to use?

Yes, they are. The online voice changer has a straightforward interface. You only need to record your voice. Then, you can select which effect you want to implement. After that, you can listen to your recorded audio immediately.

What can I find in the best voice changer software?

The best voice changers are composed of tools that are also being used in professional audio editing software. That’s why many voice acting specialists will benefit from it as they can produce high-quality audio. However, note that with the excellent quality given, they can quote a higher professional fee.

Can you record using a voice changer via a microphone?

Yes, you can. What you need to do is to grant the website or software access to your microphone. Then, you can speak through your microphone, and the outcome will immediately be the voice effect. However, do note that cardioid microphones need an audio interface to be installed into a PC before using.

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