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Are you looking for voice-overs for your videos, commercials, or audio books? A good voice actor will bring life to your characters, whether it be cartoon, video game, movie, or otherwise. Learn more about voice acting services today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Voice Acting Services

 What is a voice acting demo?

A demo reel is a headshot, business card, and audition reel rolled into one. Demo reels are a good factor that enables most voice acting professionals to land the voice acting job they want. Most companies would ask for them to get the right voice-acting professional. You can also require it to ease up in finding the right candidate.

Is hiring from the voice acting industry competitive?

Yes, it is competitive. Most companies are more inclined to the digital side of advertisement now and they need voices that will entice their customers or stick into the minds of their targeted audience. That’s why you need to be quick and specific on which voice professional you need to hire.

Is voice acting an easy job?

No job in the world is easy. With voice acting, the individual needs to be the character and be focused on the script. They have to match up to your standards as their client or content, and they also need to edit their outputs, such as erasing background noises, breaths, etc.

 Why is undergoing speech classes considered a bonus qualification?

The correct articulation and pronunciation of the words are discussed and taught in speech classes. If you are a company looking for a voice acting professional, they need to sound fluent or a native foreign national in your country. You don’t want your commercial to become a laughingstock or appear unprofessional to the majority.

What is the legal age that most companies require for a voice-over acting job?

There is no legal age and qualifications for someone to do voice acting. Even kids can join this industry, given that they can read, understand instructions, and implement these instructions. What they need is the right equipment on their end that can produce a clear sound and a guardian to help with editing the background noises.

What are the skills that give VO professionals an edge among other candidates?

Many skills give you an edge among the other freelancing voice acting

professionals. Skills such as content writing, proofreading, audio editing, and even video editing are a big bonus. You need to give them a raise if you are asking them to contribute more of their skills to this project.

What tone should you require for voice acting documentaries?

Formal and monotone. Voice acting documentaries are quite challenging because humans put a lot of emotion into their voices. With documentaries, they need to sound as serious as possible to inform the listeners and viewers about the video content and what its subject is all about.

What is the difference between dubbing and voice-overs?

Dubbing and voice acting are almost similar, especially with recording the voice for video content. The thing that makes dubbing a more advanced level than the typical voice-overs is that you have to match the speaker’s mouth on the video. This explains why dubbers are priced relatively higher than usual.

I want to be a voice actor, how to start voice acting?

First, you need to have more control over your voice as you go about a few lines. Perfect those lines and provide more bass and life into your voice through modulation. Then you may need effective recording equipment that can cleanly record your audio outputs.

Why is it essential for quality audio recording equipment to be used?

The quality of the audio output depends on the setting and your recording equipment. If you do not have any of the equipment, you cannot expect to produce a clean output. The purpose of quality audio recording materials is to automatically cancel all the bad sounds such as dogs barking, appliances, or the sound of the equipment.

What is good recording equipment composed of?

Good recording equipment is mostly composed of quality, branded recording equipment. For starters, the basic ones are made up of a condenser mic, audio interface, audio software, a computer, headphones, xlr cable wires, pop filter, windscreen, and a mic holder. Lastly, you will need to insulate the entire room to avoid echoes and noise.

Why is it necessary for voice actors to ask their previous clients permission in using audio files as a reference?

Being contracted to them, they are sworn to keep their data private. By submitting their audio outputs to their other clients, the rights now go to those clients. They need to ask them for rights to share it or use it as a portfolio; to inform them that another organization may get a hold of the raw audio output as a reference for application.

How do upcoming VO artists get into voice acting?

To get into voice acting, they begin with the basics, a voice acting audition. They need to go through this stage to get screened if they already qualify as a good voice acting artist and proceed to the next stage. If they can’t get accepted, this means they should acquire more voice acting lessons for their portfolio and a better background.

How much is the average voice acting salary?

On average, the monthly salary for voice actors is $6,358. That is quite a sum of money, and that is just the average. The monthly salary depends solely on the number of projects you took and how much they are. In another case, their salary also depends on the rate set by you, as their client.

If I want to be a voice actor, are there voice acting jobs near me?

If you live in a location where there are radio stations or even tv stations, you can find a voice acting job. Inquire from these places, and you might land your first-ever voice acting career. If you can’t find any of them, you can look for them online since many companies consider posting jobs online nowadays due to the broader audience scope

What video game voice acting jobs?

Video game voice acting jobs are a tough catch. Although many games are being widely developed worldwide, you can’t seem to find them easily. These video game voice acting job posts can be found through online freelancing websites.

Where to find animated voice acting jobs?

To find the location where you can get into anime voice acting jobs or cartoon voice acting jobs, go to the nearest animation studios. You may also send an inquiry to your favorite animation studio’s email.

What are voice acting casting calls?

These are auditions where every voice acting professional or non-professional is called to apply, to voice over a particular character. It may be from a game or an animated tv series or film. If you pass in these casting calls, it is guaranteed that you have a character role you need to voiceover.

What if there are grammatical errors in the script, is it possible to change it?

This all depends on the client. If your client is ok with you proofreading their content, then you can modify it. If the client has not said anything, you may leave a comment before you make any modifications or directly inquire if you can change it. However, if the client says explicitly no to modifying their output, then you must not change their output.

What is the role of voice acting professionals in audiobooks?

Audiobooks are published books that are being narrated by a voice-over professional. They will narrate everything that is in your book, if you’re the author. Audiobook contents can also be acted out depending on the genre. These audiobooks are useful if people are too busy to read a book but have time to listen to them instead.

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