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Are you looking for voice-overs for your videos, commercials, or audio books? A good voice actor will bring life to your characters, whether it be cartoon, video game, movie, or otherwise. Learn more about voice acting services today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is voice acting?

You may not realize it, but voice acting is around you—from commercial ads, radios, voicemail, and even your favorite anime. Voice acting is the art of producing voice overs to provide sounds to videos or characters. It gives information to listeners and watchers. With voice acting services, your product will have its unique and marketable sound.

Why do you need voice acting?

What would happen if you watched a video with scenes, and yet there is no narration? You wouldn’t understand much. The following are explanations on why you need voice acting professionally.

Giving Your Brand a Voice

These professionals know the audience you are targeting. They will modulate their voices precisely to make it fit your commercial’s subject. That way, your product or services catches the people’s attention and motivates them to buy more of your products.

To Dub Anime or Cartoons

Many people are fans of animated cartoons, but did they know all of those characters were voiced by these voice-over artists? Yes, they are the people who brought to life your favorite cartoon characters by dubbing their voices. If you have any animated content, you can quickly get them dubbed with their help.

Bring Life to Digital Characters

Most games nowadays have storylines to keep their players engaged. These voice acting professionals will bring life to these characters to keep your video game stories whole, along with the script provided.

Training Material Presentation

Are you doing a video demo in class or a job? These voice acting specialists can help you with voicing over your material with more clarity and a more professional tone than using your own. Moreover, you don’t need to worry anymore about finding professional recording equipment when you have these people do the voice-over instead.

Podcasting Purposes

If you need someone to be the voice of your podcasts and scripts, then consider hiring a voice-over professional for your podcast! There are voice-over professionals that are also into expressing their opinions. You can have them record a podcast and post it on websites where you can monetize from.

Story Narration

Films, documentaries, and bedtime stories need a voice acting professional to voice over the narration. Narrating a story is necessary, so the audience will understand what is going on with your video content, what it is primarily about, and why you made it. That proves the importance of voice acting specialists in voicing over your video content.

TV Commercials

Companies that are on a stricter budget hire VO professionals for their ads.These organizations also do this to bring more attention to their consumers about their products. Moreover, this gets less hassle than having a storyline for your commercials.

Safety Reminders

These need to be clear, accurate, and complete. Most airplanes and ships have these types of announcements to remind their passengers what to do should emergencies arise. Establishments also have these reminders to remind people about their valuables.

Telephone Voice Prompts

If you’ve ever contacted a large corporation then you must have overheard their answering machines. Voice actors are the voices behind those pre-recorded telephone voice prompts you will hear through your phones; taking orders and directing you to customer support upon trigger numbers. You need them instead of having one of your staff answer the phone 24/7.

Translating Your Data

Voice acting professionals also work as translators while giving you their audio input with a script. From German to English or vice versa, these people will produce the content you need, as long as they have the proficiency to do so. Do know that you may have to offer a higher pay for such professionals.

Affordable Than Hiring Celebrities

The Voice acting salary for these specialists is somewhat more affordable than hiring popular movie actors to voice over while acting on commercials. Most of them are from smaller agencies, or they work independently and charge lesser fees. They are not tied to a contract unlike actors and actresses.

Bring High-Quality Audio Outputs

Voice over actors working under voiceover agencies or independently will mostly have their recording equipment. With this professional recording equipment, they can ensure in bringing you high-quality audios that they can employ into their videos or content.

They Meet Deadlines Quickly

Deadlines are tough to follow, especially when you’re contracted to send voice over output within a given time period. With these professionals knowing that this is their primary occupation, they will follow through these deadlines. These voice over specialists will deliver these outputs on time.

Removing Bad Audio Sounds

Voice-over specialists are knowledgeable about audio editing. It’s a requirement for most voice acting jobs for their voice acting specialists to have good necessary editing skills. Most audio output needs to edit out bad sounds such as background noise and low bass. They can take care of all of that for you instead.

Act Emotion Using Their Voices

Voice acting specialists have undergone voice acting classes, and gone through voice acting auditions to qualify for the jobs they have now. Their courses will involve how they can put more emotions and dynamics into their voices to provide a more emotional output.

What are the core features of voice acting?

All of these voice acting professionals are easily accessible through a voice acting website designated for many clients who may need them. If you’re looking to hire an expert in voice acting, there are specific features you need to look forward to for a voice acting organization that has these professionals.

Free Job Posting

Paying to post jobs with no assurance of finding a good candidate seems unfair. And it’s worse if you’re a company looking for a good collaboration with a voice over artist to earn more profit. The right websites that find you professional applicants for voice acting online, do not require you to pay large fees to post jobs.

Quicker Screening Process

Online auditions for voice acting professionals get done quickly. All you need is to place your document or script on the job post. You can watch as multiple talented applicants vying to covet the position you posted. Then, filter and call the potential once in for voice acting casting calls to finalize your actors.

Multiple Languages Available

Great websites or companies with these voice acting specialists offer different languages for your voice over needs. These specialists may have a team member translate the words for the professional or arrange it themselves. It doesn’t matter from whatever nationality, the best voice acting clubs will get your projects done fast.

Risk-Free Payment Guaranteed

As the client, you will have the choice to release your payment for the voice-acting professional. If you are not satisfied with their output, you can tell these specialists to redo their works until satisfactory results are met.

Filter Option

Identify the qualifications you need in your voice acting job post. Place tags that specify if you want a voice-over actor that is an American/British Native, senior/young, male/female, and more. The websites will bring in the applicants that qualify for the requirements you set, so you can choose from them easily.

Fixed Rates

There are agencies for voice over professionals that charge high rates for audio records. These voice acting websites allow you to set the fixed rates, so they couldn’t demand a higher price.In this setup, you still get to stay within your budget while getting the best voice-over candidate to work for you.

Multiple VO Artists Available

Browse through thousands of voice actors: freelancers or studio professionals. There will be thousands of freelancers or studio professionals available for you to pick in these organizations or websites. There will be short audio samples of how they sound, so it’s easier for you to select them.

NDA Contracted Professionals

Good organizations ensure that their voice acting professionals have signed an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement. It speaks of not disclosing any information provided to another party for specific purposes. You are guaranteed that none of your projects are disclosed to another individual or organization.

Voice Acting Lessons

These professionals would like to share their experiences with other aspiring voice-over artists. They will teach you the proper voice acting practice to become a booming voice-acting professional. Moreover, they will also give you valuable voice acting tips to get the right clients in the business.

What are the types of voice acting?

Voice acting is useful in many ways. From TV ads, intercoms, voicemails, and more—they’re all around and widely used across the world. During this digital era, you are definitely going to need their help during your campaigns and content. The following are the different types of services they offer you.


These are the types of services involved with commerce such as selling products and their services. Companies that get them need an interesting hook that will capture the attention of most viewers, while introducing their product.


If you want to present some infomercial or electronic courses, to educate viewers about the topic, educational voice acting services are a fit for this. It will be filled with informational and factual data that will add more knowledge to the listener.


These are interesting content created to entertain its viewers. Dubbing over independent foreign films, movies, interesting online video contents, and anime fall under this type of service.

Who needs voice acting?
Film Makers

What is a film without voice actors? Films would usually have voice actors no matter which area of voice acting it will be. They help narrate your movie to make the audience understand what the film is about. These narratives are needed in most epic fiction films.

Anime/Animated Cartoon Content Creators

Whether it is a short story on online video sharing sites or a film, these voice actors will dub characters. They will read from a provided script and bring to life and the emotion out as they are portraying the characters. Moreover, they will experiment with their voices to make it sound more entertaining.

Marketing Agencies

Your company will need voices for ads, VO professionals can do that. They bring more life into the brand name and advertise any company with their voice. Marketing agencies benefit from these professionals if they need voice-overs for commercials.

TV Channel Networks

There are many foreign video content that many would like to watch. These include movies, tv shows, and even animated series that are popular. To make these content types understandable for their citizens, they will dub it in their national language.

Commercial Establishments

Restaurants, supermarkets, and more, these places will be playing recorded audio via intercom giving safety reminders to people. Announcements that involve reminding people about their belongings and how they should avoid misplacing them fall under this.

Passenger Ships and Airlines

Public transportation such as ships and planes need voice actors. They need to record an audio instruction for people about fastening their seat belts and where life jackets are located, including the emergency exit area. These safety reminders will prevent people from extremely panicking as they are aware of what to do.

Telecommunication Companies

Carrier companies, telecommunications, and more will have a telephone prompt that can receive every customer’s call to direct them to the right solution. They are the voice behind the answering machines or voicemail that instructs you what to do, so you get redirected to the expert who can provide a step-by-step process on what you can do to resolve your current concerns.

Genre-Specific Production Companies

These are companies where audiobooks, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), GPS Navigation, and other relevant production companies fall under. They need voice-over professionals to record their voices while reading their products or materials.

What are steps on finding the right voice acting specialist?
Step 1: Pick a service highly recommended by peers or acquaintances

Acquaintances such as business partners would highly suggest great sources of the voice acting field. From websites to companies and even freelancers, these peers or acquaintances will recommend only the best that they know.

Step 2: Listen to their samples and review their other skills

Each VO artist has a different skill set and personality. It all depends on how they handle their clients and the projects with them. Listen to the audio samples of the many VO artists as featured. Check out their other skills that would be very beneficial to the project.

Step 3: Check if their rates are worth it

These VO artists would always have their experiences and client feedback pasted on their profiles. If you are not too confident about the VO artist, check these sections in their profile to be guaranteed that you are not wasting your money on a novice.

Step 4: Set the terms and provide a contract

Contact your chosen VO specialist and provide the contract. This contract will have the terms through which you’ve set. Once the artist signs, it means they have understood the contract. They also need to understand that any breach will lead to a hold on payments or worse, stopping the contract. Step 5: Settle the payment mode and method

Step 5: Settle the payment mode and method

Remember to make the transaction risk-free. This means you need to state the preferred payment mode before officially starting the project. An example of a risk-free method is by paying the VO artist every time they complete a milestone of your project.

What is a voice acting demo?

A demo reel is a headshot, business card, and audition reel rolled into one. Demo reels are a good factor that enables most voice acting professionals to land the voice acting job they want. Most companies would ask for them to get the right voice-acting professional. You can also require it to ease up in finding the right candidate.

Is hiring from the voice acting industry competitive?

Yes, it is competitive. Most companies are more inclined onto the digital side of advertisement now and they need voices that will entice their customers or stick into the minds of their targeted audience. That’s why you need to be quick and specific on which voice professional you need to hire.

Is voice acting an easy job?

No job in the world is easy. With voice acting, the individual needs to be the character and be focused on the script. They have to match up to your standards as their client or content, and they also need to edit their outputs, such as erasing background noises, breaths, etc.

Why is undergoing speech classes considered a bonus qualification?

The correct articulation and pronunciation of the words are discussed and taught in speech classes. If you are a company looking for a voice acting professional, they need to sound fluent or a native foreign national in your country. You don’t want your commercial to become a laughingstock or appear unprofessional to the majority.

What is the legal age that most companies require for a voice-over acting job?

There is no legal age and qualifications for someone to do voice acting. Even kids can join this industry, given that they can read, understand instructions, and implement these instructions. What they need is the right equipment on their end that can produce a clear sound and a guardian to help with editing the background noises.

What are the skills that give VO professionals an edge among other candidates?

Many skills give you an edge among the other freelancing voice acting professionals. Skills such as content writing, proofreading, audio editing, and even video editing is a big bonus. You need to give them a raise if you are asking them to contribute more of their skills for this project.

What tone should you require for voice acting documentaries?

Formal and monotone. Voice acting documentaries are quite challenging because humans put a lot of emotion into their voices. With documentaries, they need to sound as serious as possible to inform the listeners and viewers about the video content and what its subject is all about.

What is the difference between dubbing and voice-overs?

Dubbing and voice acting are almost similar, especially with recording the voice for video content. The thing that makes dubbing a more advanced level than the typical voice-overs is that you have to match the speaker’s mouth on the video. This explains why dubbers are priced relatively higher than usual.

How do I start voice acting?

First, you need to have more control over your voice as you go about a few lines. Perfect those lines and provide more bass and life into your voice through modulation. Then you may need effective recording equipment that can cleanly record your audio outputs.

Why is it essential for quality audio recording equipment to be used?

The quality of the audio output depends on the setting and your recording equipment. If you do not have any of the equipment, you cannot expect to produce a clean output. The purpose of quality audio recording materials is to automatically cancel all the bad sounds such as dogs barking, appliances, or the sound of the equipment.

What is good recording equipment composed of?

Good recording equipment is mostly composed of quality, branded recording equipment. For starters, the basic ones are made up of a condenser mic, audio interface, audio software, a computer, headphones, xlr cable wires, pop filter, windscreen, and a mic holder. Lastly, you will need to insulate the entire room to avoid echos and noise.

Why is it necessary for voice actors to ask their previous clients permission in using audio files as a reference?

Being contracted to them, they are sworn to keep their data private. By submitting their audio outputs to their other clients, the rights now go to those clients. They need to ask them for rights to share it or use it as a portfolio; to inform them that another organization may get a hold of the raw audio output as a reference for application.

How do upcoming VO artists get into voice acting?

To get into voice acting, they begin with the basics, a voice acting audition. They need to go through this stage to get screened if they already qualify as a good voice acting artist and proceed to the next stage. If they can’t get accepted, this means they should acquire more voice acting lessons for their portfolio and a better background.

How much is the average voice acting salary?

On average, the monthly salary for voice actors is $6,358. That is quite a sum of money, and that is just the average. The monthly salary depends solely on the number of projects you took and how much they are. In another case, their salary also depends on the rate set by you, as their client.

If I want to be a voice actor, are there voice acting jobs near me?

If you live in a location where there are radio stations or even tv stations, you can find a voice acting job. Inquire from these places, and you might land your first-ever voice acting career. If you can’t find any of them, you can look for them online since many companies consider posting jobs online nowadays due to the broader audience scope.

What are video game voice acting jobs?

Video game voice acting jobs are a tough catch. Although many games are being widely developed worldwide, you can’t seem to find them easily. These video game voice acting job posts can be found through online freelancing websites.

Where to find animated voice acting jobs?

To find the location where you can get into anime voice acting jobs or cartoon voice acting jobs, go to the nearest animation studios. You may also send an inquiry to your favorite animation studio’s email.

What are voice acting casting calls?

These are auditions where every voice acting professional or non-professional is called to apply, to voice over a particular character. It may be from a game or an animated tv series or film. If you pass in these casting calls, it is guaranteed that you have a character role you need to voiceover.

What if there are grammatical errors in the script, is it possible to change it?

This all depends on the client. If your client is ok with you proofreading their content, then you can modify it. If the client has not said anything, you may leave a comment before you make any modifications or directly inquire if you can change it. However, if the client says explicitly no to modifying their output, then you must not change their output.

What is the role of voice acting professionals in audiobooks?

Audiobooks are published books that are being narrated by a voice-over professional. They will narrate everything that is in your book, if you’re the author. Audiobook contents can also be acted out depending on the genre. These audiobooks are useful if people are too busy to read a book but have time to listen to them instead.

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