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Best Virtual Assistants

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Need an extra hand with paperwork, managing your website, and other recurring tasks? Virtual Assistants help increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and let you focus more on running your business. Hire a virtual assistant now to experience the benefits! Get one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Virtual Assistants

What schedule will a virtual assistant follow?

This will all depend on what you and the virtual assistant or company agree on. You can make arrangements to work following your schedule, even when they might be from a different timezone. Their working schedule should be discussed and agreed on before they’re employed by a certain business.

How do I maximize my virtual assistant’s time?

The concern of underutilizing a virtual assistant is common. One of the things you can do to ensure your virtual assistant uses their time productively is to use time-tracking software. You can have your virtual assistant report their progress for the day through it so you can see how they manage their time while doing tasks.

Do virtual assistants work on holidays?

If you hire your virtual assistant from an outsourcing company, it will depend on its policies. Most of the time, they will still be working during the holidays, but there could be some exemptions. If you hire a freelance virtual assistant, you can always talk to them about weekends and holiday work if there’s a need.

Can I have more than one virtual assistant?

Of course. Your need for a virtual assistant will depend on the needs of your company. You can hire both a digital marketing VA and an administrative VA if that’s what you need. There is no limit, as long as you know the costs of doing so and won’t find it a problem to work with multiple virtual assistants.

How to become a virtual assistant?

If you want to become a virtual assistant, one of the most important things is for you to go through the necessary training. Most virtual assistant companies offer training for aspiring virtual assistants, so finding a reputable one to work for will most likely give you the training you need, for free.

How much is a virtual assistant’s salary?

It may depend on where you’re from or who you’re working for. However, there isn’t a standard rate for virtual assistants, and they can charge a certain amount per hour or project. You can set a rate for freelancers, but if you’re asking for help from a virtual assistant company, they most likely have a fixed monthly rate for you.

 How do I know I’m working with a qualified virtual assistant?

When you hire a VA from an outsourcing company, you won’t be assigned someone randomly. There will be a selection process, and you are allowed to virtually meet and personally interview candidates. Ultimately, you will be choosing which candidate matches your company best.

How will I communicate and work with my virtual assistant?

You can use email, phone, or web-based telecommunication applications to reach out to your employee. Screen-sharing, virtual office spaces, and project management tools can also help you delegate tasks to your assistant. These tools and work-specific software can be utilized for seamless communication with your virtual assistant.

Are there virtual assistant jobs for beginners?

Of course! Many are interested in becoming a virtual assistant as a beginner or trying virtual assistant jobs from home, even with no experience. It’s important to research what the industry is about before finding a great company to train with and work for, especially those willing to hire beginners.

Is a virtual assistant job difficult?

At first, of course, it can be quite a challenge to get the hang of becoming a virtual assistant, but once you go through the necessary training and make sure that you keep your skills in check, it will be easier. As with any job, making time and exerting effort to hone your skills will greatly benefit you in the long run.

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