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If you're an artist or creator, then you know how important it is to protect your work. Unfortunately, adding a watermark can sometimes take away from the beauty of the piece. With EasePaint Watermark Remover, you can quickly and easily get rid of any unwanted markings without harming your image, ensuring that your work is displayed in its full glory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you remove watermarks using EasePaint Watermark Expert?


Once you’ve installed a video counterpart program, open it and click on “Video Watermark Remover” to open the video you want to edit. To remove the watermark, click “Segment Trim” and draw where the watermark appears. Click “Add” and pick a segment timeline.

To remove the watermark, click “Apply” after you have added the new segment trim and wait for it to process. You should see a pop-up that says “Open Path.” Click this and you’ll find the edited video file on your computer.


First of all, make sure you have EasePaint Watermark Remover installed on your computer and open the program. Click “Add Images” and choose the image you would like to edit, then click on “Custom Selection” on the main toolbar. You can also choose Square Selection if that’s the shape of the watermark. Be sure to check the “White watermark” box at this point.

Select the area you need to erase, then click on the “Start Erase” button. The “Open Path” button will appear in a pop-up and you can click on it to find the photo you edited.

How to use the batch feature of EasePaint Video Watermark Remover?

Similar to removing watermarks individually, click “Custom Erasing” or “Rectangular Selection” from the toolbar and highlight the area that the watermark is located on. Click “Batch Erase” and the software will ask you to set a reference position for all the images— this needs to be in the same location across all the images in a batch removal.

Click “Yes” once you’ve selected an area and the software will do the work for you, and will then open a pop-up leading you to the file path of your newly watermark-free photos.

What is the difference between an online and offline watermark remover?

Many online watermark removers are free and very useful in an emergency, but the quality of results can’t always be guaranteed. There is also a risk to privacy, and the process may be vulnerable to connection issues.

Offline watermark removers often have a better reputation. There’s no security risks, and you can batch convert files of any type effortlessly.

Is EasePaint Video Watermark Expert free and safe?

EasePaint Watermark Remover is safe to use and has no known security issues. It’s free for your first five uses, but after that you may need to buy a license. This includes the bonus feature of being able to batch convert instead of editing one file at a time.

Do I need to buy EasePaint Video Watermark Expert to use?

No, you don’t need to buy it. Your first five uses are completely free, but you may consider purchasing a license after that as the extra features certainly make it worth it. These include batch convert, free lifetime upgrades and technical support.

Is there a lifetime membership to any EasePaint products?

There is indeed an option to add lifetime membership. To access this offer, you first need to purchase a monthly or annual license.

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