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Along with being a great resource for codec packs for playing and editing media, sources and provides access to a number of incredibly useful media-based apps, from audio editors to DVD writers. They have their own Video Logo Remover software available, should you need to remove a watermark or logo from a video.


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What is CodecPack Video Logo Remover?

Video Logo Remover is a free program available on that enables you to remove watermarks, logos, subtitles or signatures from video completely, enhancing the video file. It’s simple to use and you can easily and conveniently remove text and image logos so that your videos are free from distraction or copyright issues. It even works with transparent or blended logos.

There is no need to download any codecs to use the software, as it already supports a wide variety of video formats, including WMV, MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI, DIVX and many more.

How to download CodecPack Video Logo Remover?

First, navigate to in your web browser. On the right hand side of the page is a scroll box with a number of software categories. Under Video Editing Tools, you should see Video Logo Remover 1.1.1. Click this and you’ll be taken to the main page for the software with a demo image. Below this will be a number of descriptors with information about the version, license and system requirements. The fourth option provides the download link as a Zip file. Simply right-click and save this to your computer and then install it.

Is CodecPack Video Logo Remover free?

Like all of the software available at, Video Logo Remover is indeed free. provides both freeware and open-source software and refuses to host ad-supported software so that you know that what you’re downloading isn’t unnecessarily loaded with bloatware and helps you avoid security issues.

How to use CodecPack Video Logo Remover?

Using CodecPack Video Logo Remover is an easy process. Once you’ve installed it, simply open the software, load the video file you wish to edit and use the rectangular selector and highlight the area where the watermark, logo or text is placed in the frame. Click Set Logo Area, and then Remove Logo and the software will then process your video to remove the watermark.

Are all CodecPack software products safe and legit?

In terms of safety, there have been no known reported issues, but it’s well worth using antivirus or malware detecting software when installing any new programs to your computer, and researching the software or codec pack you wish to download to see if there has been any discussion online.

All of the software and codecs available on are freeware or open-source, so are more than likely legitimate, but it’s always worth doing your own research to be certain.

Are CodecPack products all cracked software?

None of the products available on appear to be cracked. All the available programs on the site are licensed as free to, or are already freeware or open-source available elsewhere on the internet.

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