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Apowersoft provides a watermark remover software for either photos or videos— available as a free online service, a free download or paid software. The online version works for both PC and Mac operating systems. After creating and verifying an Apowersoft account, you can access the software from any device.

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Easy to create videos

Really appreciated by its users

Free version is great

Easy to use

Very intuitive

Lots of long time users

Worth the price

Takes forever to load

Well documented

Keeps me up to date

Does exactly what it says

Works perfectly

Better than the rest

Great tool for the task

Awesome photo editor

No ads

Saved lots of time


Very useful

Editor is fantastic


Will use it again

First impression is great

Easy to install

Trial version is great

Great staff

Search feature

Has everything you need

Great for designers and engineers

Great for creative people

Appealing design

Difficult to understand

User friendly

Loads fast

Highly recommended

Make appointments easily

Results are awesome

Gives you options

Has helped many users

Good value for money