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Looking for a one-stop, fix-all watermark removing software? With WatermarkRemover, you can easily customize your videos and photos to eliminate unwanted images and text. They offer a user-friendly program to help you create the best visuals!


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Remove Watermark from Image

Remove Watermark from Video

Remove Static Overlays

Remove Transparent Watermarks

Remove Embedded Subtitles

Remove Text Watermarks

Remove Blended Logos

Remove Signatures

Manually Select Watermark

Batch Processing

Multiple Input and Output Formats

Maintain Original File Format

Unlimited Use

Drag and Drop Interface


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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use WatermarkRemover’s online watermark remover?

WatermarkRemover makes it simple to remove unnecessary elements from your files. After navigating to their website, you can directly upload both image and video files to complete the editing process entirely online. Once you’ve imported your desired task, all you need to do is select the unwanted image, remove it and download the finalized file.

How do I remove watermarks from Videos?

The process of removing imagery from your video files couldn’t be simpler when using WatermarkRemover. On their website, select the “Video Watermark” tab. When loaded, there will be an option to import your video file. All you need to do is choose your intended footage, upload it and edit. You can then download the file for personal use.

Can I add watermarks using WatermarkRemover online?

Unfortunately, you cannot add your own watermarks to images or videos using WatermarkRemover. They currently only offer watermark removing software.

Do I need a subscription to WatermarkRemover?

You will not need to make any purchase before using any of WatermarkRemover’s products. Their services are available entirely for free directly on their website. You can choose from either their video or photo watermark removing applications without having to pay or install anything.

Does WatermarkRemover have batch removing features?

With either one of WatermarkRemover’s programs, you can easily remove multiple watermarks from files. They make it quick and easy to do so. Moreover, you can upload photos of different file varieties and still perform the same batch removal features. Great for when you have a lot of images to edit at once! The process is exactly the same for single and bulk jobs, so you don’t need to figure out any additional steps.

Is WatermarkRemover Online safe and legitimate?

According to users online, reviews of WatermarkRemover are mixed. Some claim that the site is very hit or miss— images will occasionally fail to process or site glitches can occur. However, others like the quick and straight-forward process that only takes a few steps. Regardless, the program itself is both safe to use and from a valid source. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if the watermark remover is a worthwhile product.

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