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Best Video Stabilizers

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Stabilize your shaky footage with a video stabilizer. With a video stabilizer, you can create panoramic videos and stabilize shaky footage in just a few clicks. It’s the perfect app for anyone who wants to take their video skills to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions on Video Stabilizers

How to balance the video stabilizer?

The first thing you're going to need is a counterweight. This must be introduced into your camera rig and positioned to provide an equivalent torque. With these concepts, draw up and sketch your plan of securing it in place with stretch ties or clamping it tightly against your side. Test its stability by walking around with the setup while filming yourself on selfie stick action cam mode.

How to video stabilize between VCR and DVD recorder?

There are free video stabilizer softwares’ that can be inserted between the VCR and DVD recorders, such as the Steadicam Company's stabilization brackets, which allow you to mount your camera on various supports like sliders, tripods, or cranes. You just need to make sure the stabilizer will work for both formats before you buy them.

Which video stabilizer is the best?

The best video stabilizer is the one that suits your needs. It should be portable, smooth, has a way to attach the camera, and has the least shake when filming. Some also come with four video shooting modes and two user interfaces for better compatibility with different camera models. Also, it should have a way to provide feedback if there are any issues with the stabilization.

What do wedding videographers use for video stabilizers?

Wedding videographers use several items, but the most effective digital video stabilizer is the Jib capturing system. The jib is short for a "jib arm,” which means an extendable arm that can hold tremendous weight. Videographers often use this invention to keep steady shots while they're on the go without using grip or heavy equipment. It is also portable and easy to assemble so that you can adjust them quickly in unpredictable environments.

What is the best smartphone video stabilizer with an external mic?

The tripod mount is a great cell phone video stabilizer when combined with an external microphone. You can also attach it to a monopod, selfie stick, or even your shoe. Mic-wise, the best bet for not hearing any arm rubbing sounds (rattles and wind) is an omnidirectional mic that picks up sound from all directions.

Does panning require more stabilization than walking?

Yes, because the camera speed is much slower than walking. When you walk, your body is pushed by gravity and moves smoothly in place; however, when you're running forward or back, as with the motion of a camera on a tripod, it can veer sideways if not stabilized. Panning requires more stabilization because the sudden movements cause unsteady filming, where shots will become jerky when not stabilized.

Do I need a video stabilizer if I am recording on YouTube live?

Yes. The best video stabilizer app will make sure that your shaky hands won't affect the viewership of your next YouTube live stream and can even be used on professional shoots for a smooth transition. Plus, any camera movement you do to get a better shot in live streaming will be greatly decreased without the need to purchase expensive equipment like tripods or Steadicams.

What are the benefits of video stabilizers?

Video stabilizers give the viewer a steadier, more enjoyable movie-watching experience. With video stabilizer software in place, you can enjoy a less-shaky picture and smoother pans. Decreased screen blur means you can pick out details with greater ease or even track fast-moving objects without getting motion sickness.

Do I need to focus on powerful batteries for extended use of the stabilizer?

No. The most common battery that is used is the one-hour battery. The reason for this is because it’s hard to find a power source that will work without being interrupted for longer than an hour, so many filmmakers put this restriction on themselves by using cameras with only one hour of recording time. Filmmakers have a battery dedicated to their camera and another dedicated to their charger that they swap out at each break.

How to add a video stabilizer in the premiere?

To add a video stabilizer in the premiere:

1. Go to “Effect,” then choose “Dynamic Tracking.” This stabilization technique is designed for linear video footage, meaning it won't work if your camera moves horizontally or vertically during recording.


2. Press OK and wait for the process to finish.

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