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Do you need a video animation? Video animation is the most cost-effective way to get your message across. Try one now and start telling your story with animated videos!

Frequently Asked Questions on Video Animations

What is the difference between paid and free animation video makers?

An animation video maker free of charge usually serves as a free trial. It can provide you all the features you get for a paid version, but for a limited time only. The open period usually lasts around 30 days before you'll be required to update to a paid version of your video animation maker. Nevertheless, most software offers the same features both for free and paid downloads.

How long does it take to complete an animated video?

Most service providers ask for at least six weeks to finish the project. This timeline can still fluctuate depending on how soon you can give feedback. Since part of the package is the consultation and unlimited revisions, the team needs your insights before rendering the project. Also, the timeline will vary depending on how complex the project is. 

Do I need to meet face to face with the production team regarding the project?

Most service providers will not require you to meet face-to-face. Since they are virtual organizations, they can work remotely with customers. They can send the projects via FTP uploads and seek your feedback through email, phone calls, and web conferences. This process will eliminate the need to go back and forth to your service provider's office.

Are there discounts if I ask one service provider for multiple animated projects?

Multiple projects often use the same assets of the first video output. Thus, you can reuse these assets in the succeeding animated videos. This process can reduce the overall cost of the project. If you're hoping to have multiple animated videos with one service provider, remember to ask for this option to get a discount. 

How long do animated explainer videos last?

Animated explainer videos last around 60 to 120 seconds. Though there is no standard length, this range is enough to engage the viewers and make them finish the whole video. Since people's attention spans are short, they shift to the next material right away, making the 60-120 seconds a reasonable period when explaining ideas, products, or services.

What factors affect the cost of animated videos?

The pricing of video animation depends on the complexity of the project. It also includes service charges for animation, composition, editing, and visual effects. Additional services, like scriptwriting and custom character creation, also have additional costs. 

How do you typically deliver the final animated video?

The final output is usually in full HD (1080p). After you completed the payments, you'll be given full access to the video online with multiple download options. Depending on the service provider, you can ask for different file formats. Just remember to ask your service provider regarding their available formats, so youโ€™ll have your preferred type before rendering. 

What is the best type of video animation for games?

Video game animation is usually best done in 3D. Because you need dynamic movements for your characters, the 3D space is the most suitable option. It will also be easier to model characters via this type of video animation. Thus, the power of 3D video animation to control movements, lights, and textures play a huge role in game development. 

Is it hard to make an animation video?

People who want to know how to add animation to videos should know that the process may be tedious, depending on the project's complexity. To complete one short animated video, you need to undergo several edits and long hours of rendering. You should also be keen on every detail to make sure that all frames are in place.Luckily, online platforms and production houses offer video animation services to give you great animation without breaking a sweat. Just check out services online and have a professionally made video for your project.

What is the best type of video animation for music videos?

Choosing an animation music video depends on the type of music video you're making. If you're doing purely animated content, then you can select any type of video animation. However, if you want to integrate it with live-action videos, then stop-motion and motion graphics video animation are common choices.

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