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Video Animations

Last updated on January, 14

Effectively promote your brand with eye-catching and professional video animations! Video animation services will help you out in conceptualizing and producing the best video content for you. Find an expert now and start telling your story.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Video Animations

What is a video animation?

Do you have a story or a message to tell? Why not use animation to share it? With video animation, you can have a new approach to storytelling. Video animation uses sequential static images and drawings to produce motion. It creates explainer videos, animated logos, ads, etc. With its limitless possibilities, video animation can bring any idea to life.

Why do you need a video animation?

Video animation is trendy, but also a useful tool to get your message across. Because of the creative freedom it gives, more businesses prefer to have animated content. But these are not the only benefits you'll get from getting video animation. Read below to find out why more people are joining the animation bandwagon.

Gives New Context to Your Ideas

No matter what kind of message you have, video animation can put new context to that. You can put creative twists to even the simplest messages. Whether you want a simple storytelling approach or an intergalactic theme, you can do that with video animation. Your team will suggest unique techniques you can use to get your message across.

Brings Any Idea to Life

Unlike usual productions, video animation lets you bend the laws of nature. Whatever idea you want to put into the screen is possible. No matter how complex or out of this world, your concept is, video animation can make that happen. Just inform your animation team what kind of idea you have so that they can make a storyboard for you.

Strikes The Right Tone

Animation videos can help you hit the right tone. When you hire actors to deliver your message, the thought might get muddled because of the portrayal. With video animation, you can make the delivery as neutral as possible, or choose what kind of emotional tone will be used. It will help you cover even the most difficult topics effectively.

Easy Presentation of Abstract Ideas

Video animation can also help you capture abstract ideas. If you can't capture the concept through a camera, then animation is the best way to go. You can present global logistics, microprocessor workings, or even abstract ideas like cryptocurrencies without constraints. You can even use special effects to create materials for hard-to-present ideas.

Easy Video Production

Shooting live-action videos is no easy feat. You have check locations, hire actors, rent equipment, etc. It can be a long and daunting process. Luckily, animation video production does not require you any of that. You can even create amazing videos using online software if you want to do the animation yourself.

Helps You Stand Out from Competition

Video animation allows you to stand out from the competition. Since videos are widely used now, especially in social media, it can be hard to stand out from the pack. Animated videos can help create compelling and creative videos that can make the audience see you as an innovative and futuristic company or individual.

Boosts Conversion Rates

Whether you’ll learn how to make an animation video or hire a production team to do it for you, you increase your potential for sales conversion. Animated videos are not only engaging, but they also encourage customers to make actual purchases. Experts suggest that including them on your landing page can help increase your conversion rate to 80%.

Better Customer Engagement

Video animation can present your ideas and promote your products excitingly and engagingly. It can help you make attention-grabbing content that will surely keep your customers watching. By appealing to customers' interests, video animation can effectively deliver your ad copy and encourage the customers to make a purchase.

Improves Search Engine Ranking

Google loves animated videos, which makes video animation an effective way to improve your search engine rankings. Video animation and a good media mix can show the search engine that you have great media content. As more customers demand your content, then your search engine ranking will become higher.

Helps Clients Understand Your Product

If a customer doesn't understand your product, then they will not make a purchase. Video animations explain your products to customers effectively. You can ask your service provider to create an animated video to show how customers will benefit from using your product. You can also request to break down essential aspects for a simpler explanation.

Saves You Time and Money

Video animations don't age quickly. They remain fresh-looking no matter how many years pass. Thus, it will save you money because you don't have to update your content frequently. Also, since animated videos can express your message in minutes versus hours in live-action, the commissioning will cost less.

Upgrades Your Visual Content

If you're trying to present infographics, video animation can help you deliver your data effectively. Since too much information can cause fatigue among viewers, video animation helps you make data pleasing in the eyes and less-cluttered. It gives a guided tour of the content, so you can control the viewer's pace and highlight specific points.

Create Appealing Content

Video animation can create psychologically-appealing content. Since most people grew up watching cartoons, they are quickly captivated when they see animated content. Moving images that are fun and colorful appeals to the human brain. Thus, it will be easier to engage with the viewers and get your message across using video animation.

What are the core features of a video animation?

From being solely children's animation, video animation has evolved to become effective forms of visual communication. By combining traditional and innovative features, it overcomes live-action constraints in creating digital output. Here are a few features that make video animation the much-needed update we need for storytelling.

Easy to Update

Updating your content can be challenging, especially for live-action videos. You can't just re-shoot the same actors in the same setting easily. Luckily, you don't have this problem with video animation. Your service provider can update your content just by adding or removing parts. You can also make big changes without worrying about the usual production setbacks.

Custom Arts

Most service providers create custom art for your video animation needs. You can ask for custom made characters and settings to translate what you have in mind correctly. These custom made artworks give a professional look to your video because the viewers will not see generic visuals in your video.

Budget-friendly Options

Some businesses get intimidated by animated videos because they think that the production process will be expensive. On the contrary, video animation is way more affordable versus live-action since you're eliminating several production aspects. If you're tight on the budget, you can even get free video animation software and do the work yourself.

Wide Range of Voice Over Artists

Most animated videos have video voice-overs. Service providers have a wide range of versatile voice-over artists you can choose from. You can select whatever delivery style or accent you want to match your video perfectly. You can even request your service provider for a specific voice tone or message delivery.

Scriptwriting Services

If you want an original video animation, the scriptwriting feature got you. Most service providers have scriptwriting services that create an original screenplay to tell your brand story. Just let your service provider know what kind of message or theme you want so that they can make a storyline for you. With an original story, your animated content will surely be a hit.

Information Confidentiality

The information confidentiality feature protects whatever idea or information you relay with the service provider. Since your thoughts are essential, the information confidentiality feature requires your service provider not to disclose any information about the project. You can even ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you want to.

Unlimited Revisions

Another notable feature is the endless revisions. The service provider will send you a copy of the animated video for your feedback. Based on that feedback, they will make modifications until you're fully satisfied with the output. This feature lets you be on top of the creation process as you incorporate your insights in the final product.

Dedicated Project Managers

Most service providers have dedicated project managers at your service. You don't have to be in the dark regarding your video's progress because you'll stay updated every step of the way. They can also be reached 24/7 via live chat support in case you have concerns. These project managers also make sure that all deadlines are met for your utmost satisfaction.

Multiple Language Capabilities

It doesn't matter who your audience is. Most service providers have multiple language capabilities. Since they understand that audiences require different languages, they can create customized videos for you. This feature helps you make targeted materials that will surely be understood by your target viewers.

What are the types of a video animation?

Whatever type of message or project you have in mind, video animation can create engaging content for that. With the different types of video animation you can choose from, there's undoubtedly one that can capture your target audience. Here are a few types of video animation you can use to spice up your story-telling process.

Traditional Video Animation

Traditional video animation is also called cel animation or hand-drawn animation. It is the classic type wherein the animators draw the characters frame by frame. Traditional video animation can be entirely analog or digital. Though there are more advanced forms of video animation, some people still prefer to go traditional.

3D Video Animation

3D video animation or CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is the most popular type of video animation. It is common in movies, television shows, and video game animation. The animator uses a puppet or character rig to show lifelike movements. This type of video animation also helps you build more appealing and realistic characters.

2D Vector-Based Video Animation

2D vector-based video animation combines traditional and 3D elements. It uses hand drawings to create the characters like in the traditional type while uses the character rigs to animate them. The process of combining the features of the two video animation types may be blurry at first, but with new technologies, the mix and match became more seamless.

Stop-Motion Video Animation

Stop-motion video animation manipulates real-world objects. It is the process of moving items slightly and photographing them one frame at a time. When the photos are shown in sequence, they create an illusion of movement. This type of video animation uses a real set. The characters here can be clay sculptures, puppets, action figures, or cut-outs.

Motion Graphics Video Animation

Motion graphics video animation creates interesting and dynamic movements for logos, illustrations, and texts. This type of animation can be in 2D and 3D. You can find them in commercials, sporting events, news, and different TV productions. The technique of keyframing is used here to ensure that elements have smooth motion in-between frames.

Who needs a video animation?

Online Sellers

Most online sellers use social media to promote their products and services. You can use even short whiteboard animated videos to discuss your products and how it can help your customers. It will not only help you with engagement but also with promotion. You'll surely be a stand-out among the competition because customers will see you as trendy and innovative.

Business Owners

Business owners need video animation to spice up their marketing. You can have 2D animation and motion graphics for short commercials to flash in your stores or share via social media. Service providers offer affordable rates for 2D videos, so you can have a trendy commercial to promote your business. If people love your content, it might even go viral.


As a freelancer, you need something to catch the attention of potential clients. Why not create an animated video that will sum up your services. You can put it on your website or freelancing platform page to attract customers. They'll surely appreciate the creativity and see you as a stand-out among other freelancers out there.

E-commerce Business Owners

E-commerce business owners need video animation to promote their products and services on their website. Don't let all that website space go to waste. Photos and texts may be essential in building content, but a video can kick things up a notch. You can use promotional videos that automatically play when customers open the website to get them engaged.

Media Students

Media students need video animation. Since animation is a regular part of a media curriculum, you must learn how to make animation videos. Learning the basics will help you broaden your career options after graduation. There are even animation video makers online and video animation software free of charge you can use to hone your video animation skills.


The competition for bloggers is tight in the online world. Great content is essential, but people need more spice to stick to your webpage. By getting video animation, you can add moving and engaging content on your website to keep people entertained. You can get traditional or 2D vector-based video animations to create explainer videos for your content.


If you're a vlogger, then you know how important visuals are in your videos. Why don't you level up your content and add some animation? It can help you explain some important points and keep your viewers amused. Also, animated videos can help you improve your search engine rankings, which means more content viewers and subscribers.

Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers need engaging content to get their messages across. Instead of the usual powerpoints, why don't you use video animation to create short clips? It will not only spare you from telling the same stories repeatedly, but the visuals will also help the audience relate to you and understand your message more.

What are the steps in choosing video animation services?

Step 1: Know your audience

The first step is to know your audience. Know their age and preferences to determine the best type. If your target audience is kids, you can consider 3D animations to wow them. However, if you just want simple explainer videos for adult customers, then combining traditional and motion graphics animation is a reasonable choice.

Step 2: Check your budget

The next step is to check your budget. You have to know how much you can afford to shed out on the project. By knowing your budget range, you'll identify which type of video animation you can get and which service providers can cater to you.

Step 3: Look for reputable service providers

After knowing your budget range, look for reputable service providers who specialize in video animation. There are online platforms you can check out that offer these services. Though production houses also do animations, you should consider service providers who have proven video animation expertise instead.

Step 4: Check prices and services

Once you shortlisted service providers, check and compare their prices and services. They usually post some of their works on the website. You can use these materials as references on which service provider can give you the output you want. The standard rates are also posted on their website for easy checking.

Step 5: Ask friends or peers’ recommendations

It is also helpful to ask for recommendations from peers. They can give you firsthand insights on the services. Plus, you can gauge whether the service provider lives up to the expectations of previous customers. It will also help you determine what type of customer service they provide.

Step 6: Discuss your plans with the service provider

After choosing a service provider, you can now discuss your ideas and plans with the team. They will then give you possible options that fit your preferences and budget. You can also request additional services like scriptwriting if you don't have a concrete concept yet.

Step 7: Sign the agreement

The last step is to sign the agreement. Remember to check the inclusions of the service package. You should also make sure that the output/s indicated in the contract is consistent with what you agreed on with the service provider.

What is the difference between paid and free animation video makers?

An animation video maker free of charge usually serves as a free trial. It can provide you all the features you get for a paid version, but for a limited time only. The open period usually lasts around 30 days before you'll be required to update to a paid version of your video animation maker. Nevertheless, most software offers the same features both for free and paid downloads.

How long does it take to complete an animated video?

Most service providers ask for at least six weeks to finish the project. This timeline can still fluctuate depending on how soon you can give feedback. Since part of the package is the consultation and unlimited revisions, the team needs your insights before rendering the project. Also, the timeline will vary depending on how complex the project is.

Do I need to meet face to face with the production team regarding the project?

Most service providers will not require you to meet face-to-face. Since they are virtual organizations, they can work remotely with customers. They can send the projects via FTP uploads and seek your feedback through email, phone calls, and web conferences. This process will eliminate the need to go back and forth to your service provider's office.

Are there discounts if I ask one service provider for multiple animated projects?

Multiple projects often use the same assets of the first video output. Thus, you can reuse these assets in the succeeding animated videos. This process can reduce the overall cost of the project. If you're hoping to have multiple animated videos with one service provider, remember to ask for this option to get a discount.

How long do animated explainer videos last?

Animated explainer videos last around 60 to 120 seconds. Though there is no standard length, this range is enough to engage the viewers and make them finish the whole video. Since people's attention spans are short, they shift to the next material right away, making the 60-120 seconds a reasonable period when explaining ideas, products, or services.

What factors affect the cost of animated videos?

The pricing of video animation depends on the complexity of the project. It also includes service charges for animation, composition, editing, and visual effects. Additional services, like scriptwriting and custom character creation, also have additional costs.

How do you typically deliver the final animated video?

The final output is usually in full HD (1080p). After you complete the payments, you'll be given full access to the video online with multiple download options. Depending on the service provider, you can ask for different file formats. Just remember to ask your service provider regarding their available formats, so you’ll have your preferred type before rendering.

What is the best type of video animation for games?

Video game animation is usually best done in 3D. Because you need dynamic movements for your characters, the 3D space is the most suitable option. It will also be easier to model characters via this type of video animation. Thus, the power of 3D video animation to control movements, lights, and textures play a huge role in game development.

Is it hard to make an animation video?

People who want to know how to add animation to videos should know that the process may be tedious, depending on the project's complexity. To complete one short animated video, you need to undergo several edits and long hours of rendering. You should also be keen on every detail to make sure that all frames are in place. Luckily, online platforms and production houses offer video animation services to give you great animation without breaking a sweat. Just check out services online and have a professionally made video for your project.

What is the best type of video animation for music videos?

Choosing an animation music video depends on the type of music video you're making. If you're doing purely animated content, then you can select any type of video animation. However, if you want to integrate it with live-action videos, then stop-motion and motion graphics video animation are common choices.

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